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Countrywide / SCAMS

1 AZ, United States

I have been faced with financial hardship and fell behind on my house payments. On January 1, 2009 I received a certified letter from Countrywide stating that they understood that I was going through a difficult time and with the HOPE team they were going to refinance my home, making me current on my back payments as well as lower my monthly payment from 1580 to 1240. The letter stated that I needed to have it signed and notarized and to return it in the pre certified envelope enclosed by Jan 27, 2009. Effective Feb 1, 2009 I would restart on a clean slate. I did as instructed. Sent the letter of on Jan 15, 2009. Feb 11, 2009 I was informed that my home was going into foreclosure. When I spoke with the representative at countrywide I was told that they never received my signed letter. The envelope that was provided only had one address on it in the sender section and the return to sender section which was COUNTRYWIDE. So how in the world did that letter just disappear? I informed the representative that the letter was returned. She informed me that because they have no record of it I no longer qualified for the HOPE team modification. HOW CONVIENENT! So now, they are not willing to work with me at all. They want me to pay back all the late payments at once. 6500.00 or my house will go into foreclosure. I asked them to help me. I was instructed to get a second job to make my payments.

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