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Country Wide Home Loans / Fraud and scam

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I have been in a workout status off and on since Nov.2008. I first contacted Country Wide In Sept and again in Oct. 2008 to let them know it was looking like I wasn't going to be able to make my payment. They advised me then that for any kind of modification you needed to be at least 90days behind. I called again in Nov.2008 and learned about the Renention Program and entered a work out status.

I faxed everything I was asked, pay stubs, hardship letter and was told I would know something in Dec.2008 well on the 17th of Dec. I got a voicemail left on my phone from Country Wide wanting to know if I had received a fed ex package and please return their call right away. Well I called repeatedly and spoke with several different people and no one had a clue about what I was talking about!!!

So on Jan.22 2009 I was told I was never entered into a workout program and because I had already had a modification that fixed my ARM from 10% and climbing even higher back down to a 8.9% for the five years. That I might not qualify and they would have to start back all over and refer me back to the department so once again I entered another workout status faxed another hardship letter and 2months worth of stubs!!!

On Feb.9th 2009 I found out my debt to ratio was to high and didn't qualify HELLO IS THIS NOT WHY I'M CALLING TRYING TO GET SOME HELP SO I DON'T LOSE MY HOME!!! I thought this program was designed to help homeowners struggling to make ends meet? Well after talking to several different people again because you never get the same person or the same answers. I explained to this man who was actually very kind and listened and didn't give me the run around!

I told him I was trying to save my home and would do what I had to do but couldn't afford the arrears now since they had advise me not to make any payments and that because of my work slowing down I was in a situation where it was hard to even pay the simplist bills and I had gave my truck back so I no longer had that payment, I budgeted my grocery bill, spoke with credit counseling service and that I'd even be willing to rent a room out in my home for $100.00 weekly.

So with all that being down and I rented the room out I enter another work out status, faxed more pay stubs, hardship letter, room rental agreement. I received a phone call that another hardship letter was needed so right away I faxed it and asked then if anything else was needed and was told no they had everything else on file. Well the next week I was working outta cellular range and didn't get any of my calls not to mention I was suppose to find out that same week if I was accepted or not so 2 days before I got a voicemail from Country Wide well that evening when I called it was too late they canceled my workout because they said they never received my financial information.

I was furious!! I was told though that there was a note left on my account that it could be reopened because they only made two attempts to contact me and oh and by the way they never once tried my wife's phone which was on file as well. So I was told to call back the next day well the first person I talked to told me she couldn't touch my account for 2weeks!

So I hung up called right back got someone else and he said he took all the codes off my account and that he would note everything but it would take at least 24hrs for the codes to come off and call back the next day. Well I did only to learn that now because I chose to rent the 3rd room out in my home to help with my debt that now my debt to ratio was positive and they felt that I could afford my mortgage and did not qualify for a modification and I could go on a repayment plan well when asking what my payments would be I found out I didn't qualify for this either because it brought my payments up to 300.00 extra a month because they could only spread it out on a 6-9month period and I was only positive by 100.00 a month.

I asked what I was suppose to do and she told me to just start making my payments again and when I asked about foreclosing on my home if I started back making my payments on time now that I had the income from the 3rd bedroom I was told that foreclosure procedures could still take place. I was very upset and didn't under stand how my case could change like that over a 2week period I had just applied for the workout case and now I don't qualify and they only made 2 attempts to contact me and never tried a 2nd number that I had on file in case they were unable to reach me I asked to speak with a supervisor and had to wait about 15mins for one to be found and then all she did was basically go over what was already told to me and when I asked about spreading the repayment plan longer she told me it could only be done for 6months and placed me on hold for other 40 mins

so finally getting fed up I hung up after waiting that length of time called back again after about an hour talked to someone else who has now referred me to the HOPE Department and now I am once again faxing pay stubs, hardship letters, room rental agreement, I really feel I am getting riped off they don't care about my hardship or helping me stay in my home I have never dealt with such a ridiculous company and I have a second mortgage through another company which I have talked to the same 2 people about my account and they have worked with me every step of the way I only wish they were my first mortgage as well thank God country wide sold my account to them now only if they would sell my first!!!

I have a feeling how this workout status is going to end as well but I am going to start making payments so that I don't fall farther behind and Pray for a positive outcome I'm not going to let them take my home when they advised me in the beginning to default on my mortgage and now by the way I was told they don't advise you now to default that there helping people before they become late!!! HA HA what a joke why weren't they doing this 7-8 months ago?

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  • Ja
      5th of Feb, 2009
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    Country Wide Home Loans - Unauthorized billing
    Country Wide Home Loans
    United States

    Well this started about a year ago. Called up country wide to get help like it had said on the news!!! Looked hopeful but it was not. Just a lot of running around and a lot of lies.

    They had told us YES we can help fax all paper work. So we did like they said. We were asking to modify our home loan. YES we can do it!!! - we heard it a lot. This loan is going to be dueable. Right up to the last weeks of our foreclosure they (countrywide) asked us to fax over more paperwork so we did.

    One lady calls my husband and tells him they never received the paper work so if you want to keep your house you better send $8, 000 plus dollars to us by Friday (this phone call took place on Tuesday). Also the last couple of months we wanted to send payment and they said wait till we get the loan modified.

    To me and my family we feel we got riped off. Because of the size of the home they wanted it. Also we tried to sell this home in September 2007 and because the builder did not fix the beam in the garage and there was defects in the home and mold (brand new home). We could not sell it.

    Since than we have moved 3 times because of all the foreclosures. Owners are just letting their homes go. I am tired really tired. Is this the American dream because it is falling apart.

    I would like to know how can lenders live with themselves being greedy and lieing all the time even some of the builders that did a lousy job on building homes. I would like to know if there is a class action suit going on.!!

    Like the saying says GOD BLESS AMERICA through all this. We all need it!!

  • Jo
      22nd of Feb, 2009
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