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We went to madina Mall in Riyadh for purchasing some grocery item, after completion of purchase we exit from madina mall, near exit one person standing and informing us to give my contact number for lucky draw purpose . We thought this is madina mall super market person and give our contact number . Next day we got call from country club riyadh office saying we got selected for attending and opening ceremony function, also they told we will get some gift ham-bur if we will visit their office with family . We went with our family, initially they explained about their product of life time free member ship fee for country club as well as free fitness membership in the fitness center . Whatever they explained not mentioned in their contract . Contract totally beneficial to the country club company side and there is no refund of in the cancellation of membership
or plot purchase .
we paid 3500 SAR, next day itself we cancel our plot purchase plan but country club not refunding money to us, Whenever approaching in their Riyadh office they are telling refund not allowed, you can get any other services .

This is not the genuine way of running business . Please arrange for refund

Jan 16, 2018
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  • Mo
      Mar 21, 2018

    Dear All,
    I am also a victim of Country Vacation / Country Club and have been cheated on the same / similar way as stated above by Brother Shabeer and others.

    I did my best to settled down everything in a peaceful way without any dispute. But yesterday i have been threatened by the country vacation/Country Club and humiliated.
    I can say that they are the organized looter and a gang of most dishonest people who have wrapped the cloths of professionalism and playing people with their emotions by giving false promises ( what i can say is that they are showing paradise on palm). I am following them since 4 Years continuously to with the intention to get everything settled (My hard earned money which i have paid i.e. 26, 000 SAR) .But now i want country club to indemnify all my losses / damages of 4 years (emotional losses, economical and financial losses, health losses etc) apart from my original amount and i am in consultation with the Lawyers and will do whatever in my capacity without any time limit.

    Below is my Last email to country Club dated on 21-03-2018:

    Dear Sirs,

    As per your commitment, i have again came to your office and you had promised me to arrange meeting with your Dubai Team. Unfortunately no one was their and i simply return back with empty handed as usual.

    Sorry to say that, the tiny amount and the EMI which you have talked yesterday is not at all acceptable to me by any way. As you people have threatened me to do whatever i want and asked me to approach legally and humiliated me in your office.
    With due respect, i will do my level best to indemnify all my original amount i.e. 26000 SAR along with the losses and damages of 4 years through the criminal prosecution / legal way and i have full confidence in Jurisdiction that i will get justice for sure. I will spare no time and put all my efforts to ensure my rights and no matter how long it it going to take

    Sir, Country Vacation / Country Club is witness of my patience as i have been cornered and ignored every time whenever i try to approach with the intention to settle my dues in a peaceful atmosphere without any dispute. But yesterday Country Vacation / Country Club has ever initiate any step to solve my issue instead ruin my humility and shown their true face. It is Crystal clear from the actions and behavior of Country Vacation / Country Club.

    As you said that your team from Dubai is going to be in your office today again after 11:30am, kindly let me know an hour before, so as i can leave from my office and join this meeting to get clarification and have a last chance before any dispute.

    Wishing for the best and peace for all...
    After they received my hard earned money. They never ever called me even at a single time. I am the one who always visiting them, keep calling them. This can be proved by their call logs (call records). They claimed to keep me updated with the sms and emails after receiving my money. Again, i would urge them to show me a single sms before December 2017 which they claimed for.
    Their are bunch of fraudulent and cheating and playing with the emotions and dreams of the common man and snatching their hard earned money in a professional way.
    Their is no benefits i.e. even a single Paisa and their is no ROI on the amount which they have looted from me. Even i ever drink a glass of water from Country Vacation / Country Club.
    If i could have invested that amount somewhere, i could have at least some ROI. But here with Country vacation/country club in-spite of benefits i have lost so many things i.e. health, finance, emotions etc..

    I would request the people in this blog ( those who are victims) to contact me and share their experience to seek legal consultation and drag them down to the court through criminal prosecution. I a am ready even to spent money to teach them lesson with the true intention to save the dignity, money, time and efforts of my other fellow citizens from their fraudulent / cheating.

    I can be contacted both via my mobile Number i.e. 00966 [protected] and Email ID: [protected]

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  • Mo
      Mar 21, 2018

    Dear Arasu1234,

    I am also a victim of Country Vacation / country club in Riyadh (as stated above) and have already bared so many losses. With the arbitration of Indian Embassy Riyadh, i am planning to prosecute Country Vacation / Country Club at Indian Criminal Court (IPC). Please share with me your contact details. We both might have approach and put our case at Indian Embassy for necessary action. I made to wait for 4 Years by Country Vacation / Country Club and yet their is no response, no refund (26000 SAR) but faced humiliation and false promises and emotional black mailing.

    I have confidence to get justice with our Great Indian Jurisdiction System. As i have already waited for almost 4 years, i can wait for few more weeks and if their is no Positive response from Country Vacation / Country club, them i am planning to escalate my case and write to Honorable External Affairs Minister Shrimati Sushma Swaraji ji for help and to have a vigilance eye on Country Vacation / Country Club and similar other fraudulent companies in the due benefits of the fellow citizens of our great nation.

    I have full confidence that Honorable External Affairs Minister Shirmati Shushma Swaraj Ji will definitely look in to our matter and do her best to help her ordinary fellow citizens who are abroad (away from home country and family) to give bread and make our children a good citizen of India through good education . She had helped so many fellow citizens.

    I can reached on 00966 [protected] Email : [protected]

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  • Kb
      Mar 23, 2018

    @Mohammed A. Shareef

    Dear Mohammed A Shareef

    I m also a victim of country club vacations above link is my Complaint this is my mobile # 00966 [protected] email [protected] I will share my contract details with you.

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  • Kb
      Mar 23, 2018

    @K Bukhari

    Dear Mohammed A Shareef

    Above link is my complaint this is my mobile # 00966 [protected] email [protected] I had made payment in the month of December 2017 till toady I didn't get membership details . I will share my contract with you.

    Thank you

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  • Mf
      Jun 19, 2019

    Hello Friends!!

    Since I paid for the membership 8000.00 Saudi Riyals on 20th July 2018, I have not benefited what country club as promised. Once I got the membership next day I visited (After writing big mail about why I need to withdraw from this deal as I saw many negative reviews about their service) the office and met Mr.Sameer, (he is the one requested me to come after seeing my complaint email) demanded to refund my hard earning money as I felt I am cheated. He convinced & promised me, family gym facilities will be in Malaz with 4 months (means by November 2018) otherwise, will do the full refund.

    When I recalled the whole process that the way how country club approached me to get into the deal; One day after shopping when I came from NESTO shopping center (Malaz), a guy approached me and gave me a coupon to fill and get two weeks free gym in Malaz, I interested and filled and gave, the next day a phone call from lady voice that I won a prize and invited to come with the FAMILY, we were excited, when we reached to CC office, they directed to the presentation room and told after the presentation, the gift will be given, then the presentation (convince and brain-washed) and sold a package. Gym facilities, local/abroad banquet facilities, travel and accommodation, etc. Firstly I was interested, especially gym for the family + other travel and accommodation plans.

    **After the presentation I did not have money in my pocket. One guy came from CC Sales.. all the way to ATM get the 5000.00 SAR, then he came home to get the balance 3000.00 SAR; means they did not give a single minute to me, re-think or review my decision until I paid fully.

    As of now, they have not provided the membership cards for any members, and when I inquired about local banquet facilities as promised but he changed his version, just small gathering or parties at like PAK house.. but initially(by presentation) it was said, in good hotels. Furthermore, when I asked about accommodation facilities in Turkey, where I visited, Mr.Sameer & sales agent, they did not give proper information.

    I only visited your gym facilities for two months. This is the only benefit I got it. I tried to reach the customer care agents, most of them left your organization. Even I contacted Mr.Sameer (manager)he too left India (Later when I reached via WhatsApp, he said, if I need money.. do not go customer care.. they will not give.. better to approach via Riyadh Indian Embassy.

    I renewed my complaint via mail (19.06.2019) to customer care ([protected] follow up mail to [protected] ), Called customer care.. one Mr. Suman, he said, mail forwarded to Dubai office, will get in two days.. then after I followed up, via call no answer (I call around 20 times), then I visited last night (18.06.2019), I was informed by Sale Guy, customer care team was not available, come next day.. and he promised, he will request to Mr.Sumanth or Customer Care team to call. But still no calls.

    I feel ashamed of myself, how I opted to get into this deal so quickly. But I will fight till end get my money back and we need to protect other innocent people who will fall into their trap.



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