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19 days back while returning from shopping mall with family in Riyadh Saudi Arabia
I was approached by a person who claims to work for some tourist club . And ask me to fill the details in a form . I filled the form and return to him . After that next day I received a call from country club they said they are calling from fitness club . Located in Murabba Riyadh Saudi Arabia . They said I have won the free gifts and vacation trip to any tourist attraction in India or to international Malaysia - Thailand . And they invited me with my family to collect the free gifts and vouchers and attend the Presentation about their comepany . I and my family decided to go and see what they have to offer . We saw there was a nice office and well dressed executives we saw also some families who have been called like us . We were taken to a hall and made to sit for a peresentaion by one the Salesman name TAHIR mobile # [protected] . IT was one to one meeting Presentaion same scenario for all other families like us. Line Manager Mr Pankaj mobile # [protected] .They started talking about m/s country club it's office resorts etc. They show us lots of picture and some refrence letter . We were made to sit for 03 hours and Mind wash to accept the offer . Their offer is something like this 1- free accomodation (only) for 4 days for family in any of their hotels / resorts across all over the India for 05 years . 2- A 1500sq ft plot somewhare in Hyderabad will be registered in my name . 3 free insurance coverage for myself and my family . 4- free life time membersship and pay the money I said give me some time I will come tomorrow they didn't give me time to think they started showing contracts see how many people have purchased only few remaining and what's up messages and mind wash to accept the offer. One person came with the contract and ask me to sign he gave me last page not given time to read contract.Before I sign Mr Pankaj took my debit card and took 3000 riyal and Mr Tahir Salesman took 4200 riyal in cash .we came back home after analyzing all these I decided to cancel contract and called to Tahir Salesman within 30 minutes after signing contract .Tahir said I will check with Pankaj and let you know . Next day I went to their office and met pankaj he said I Will try to cancel your contract come after few days . Now after few days they are saying they will not cancel contact and they will not return my money. I dint use any of their services and I dint received any confirmation message that I have become the member of county club. I can be contacted [protected] . Email [protected]

Thank you
K Bukhari


  • Pr
    PRO Salman Apr 27, 2018

    Alsalam Alaikom,

    I hope that you and family doing great!

    This is PRO Salman from Country Club. I personally will be here to help you not only to understand that " You Are A responsible for your action and no one Can Force You to sign or put gun on your head to sign"
    Mr. Customer, By reading your post I found out that you are well-educated person and I am glad to talk to you. As educated person, you are aware of the diffrence between brainwashing and marketing.

    I could write more pages, but I will stop here. If you have not used the services, how come you are upset with Country Club.

    You did not show your name, I would love to talk with you and reslove the misunderstanding.

    My office open for you from 4 p.m to 10:30

    God bless yoh all

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  • Kb
    K Bukhari Apr 28, 2018

    @PRO Salman Alaikum Alsalam

    Dear Mr. Salman
    Thank you for your reply I Willy be happy to meet you .


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  • Pr
    PRO Salman Apr 28, 2018

    @K Bukhari Walakom ALsalam,

    I would love to meet with you MR. Bukhari.

    Please inform me when you are able to stop by and talk.

    This is Office number : 001-5100122 - dial: 7777 for my office.

    Call from 4 p.m to 10:30 p.m

    I am looking forward to see you

    See you soon!

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  • Mo
    Mohammed Mahmood Jan 28, 2020


    r u still working in Country Club, ?

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  • Pr
    PRO Salman Jan 28, 2020

    Mr. Mohammed,

    I am willing to assist you either I work there or not.

    you could provide me with you email or number, I will contact you as soon as possible.

    Wish you all best Mr. Moahmmed.

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