Couchsurfing International / unauthorized credit card charges


To acheive a booking on CouchSurfing, a half completed profile is needed. To do so, you can confirm your adress, ID and so on...
Or, you can confirm your idendity by giving your credit card details.
Plus, they are saying it is a free application. They never mention any charges when filling up the card details. Afterwards, you notice that you just get charged 86$AU. It is actually my bank who sent me a text to make me notice this weird transaction. After what, I have been called by a fraud officer to explain the situation. He answered me to submit a complaint against CouchSurfing. If they refuse to pay me back, therefore I will have proof and the bank will be able to initiate proceedings.

Looking forward to hearing back from you;


Stanislas LEURENT

Nov 06, 2018

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