Costco Wholesale Corporation / selling 4 defective and damaged michelin tires: pilot sport a/s +3

Costco Wholesale Corporation
P. O. Box 34622
United States - 98124

Title: Selling 4 defective and damaged Michelin Tires: Pilot Sport A/S 3+ ( 235/45ZR17 97Y XL BSW and misrepresentation of goods and services to Costco customers.

On March 22, 2017, at about 1:46 p.riveria. Fresno, California, Store # 657 Costco Tires Center Manager Louie Rivera who this complaint is against knowingly sold me 4 defective and damaged Michelin tires. After being telephoned at home I went to retrieve my vehicles and noticed thatthe 4th rear tires had a thickened gummy grey ash on the front side of the tire.I furthered examined the other 3 tires installed on the Acura at the same time and they all had the same gray gummy grey ash. I went back inside and Costco Technician Mateo went with me to where the Acura was parked. He examined all 4 tires and said he tried to wash the substance off with Windex and brake fluid but it would not come off and would come back after the washing. Mateo then said he would replace the 4th tire only since it was the worst. I told him all 4 tires were damaged and defective since whatever chemical that was used to make the tire caused the grey substance to rise to the surface of all 4 tires. I requested all 4 tires be removed and replaced because they were damaged goods and defective.
It was then employee Mateo stated me that the Manager Rivera had done this to another Costco female customer who also wanted the new grey Michelin tires that was gummy with ash removed and asked the tires be replaced right after being installed. He said Riveria refused to do it. Mateo stated to me that he was tired of being confronted by Costco customers who complained about the grey ash gummy tires.I asked to speak to Store Tire Manager Louie Rivera. I told him I refused to accept or drive the tires for safety reasons and laid my car keys and original receipt on the front desk inside the Costco Tire center.
Many customers saw and heard what was said and they didn't understand why this was happening to me. One was a California Santa Fe Railroad Police officer and the other was a California retired Correctional Officer with his wife. Mateo stated to me that he told Rivera on several occasions recently that the damaged tires should have never been accepted upon delivery and that the grey substance ash tires should have been sent back . I asked where the new tires for my car were at. While he went to to speak to Rivera i went and saw 4 new Michelin tires that didn't have the grey ash substance. In fact all the remaining tires didn't have the gummy grey ash on them. Rivera sold me the only defectives tires in the bunch. It was a conscious decision. There were 20 new tires of my tires that were not defective or damaged. Rivera refused to meet or speak with me. I picked 4 new tires out to show Mateo and have them installed.
I signed the new tires with Mateo's ink pen on the white sticker with my initials so the tires wouldn't be switched. I went to the door leading to the tire installation and opened it to listen and see to Mateo wheel the non damaged Michelin tires to be installed. I saw and heard Mateo confronting Rivera his manager in the work area about the defective tires stating to Rivera " I told you these tires should not have been sold" I told you to send them back. You shouldn't have accepted them at delivery". I heard and saw Rivera tell Mateo the i could only have one of the new tires since all of them were made in January of take the other 3 back to the tire area. Mateo refused and installed the tires. I was at Costco tire center for about 2 hour and Rivera never spoke to me even though he saw me in the waiting area for customers.
The other customer witnessed this event and two were law enforcement and shook their heads saying i was right for refusing the tire. I am a 30 year retired Federal law Enforcement Officer and have never received this kind of treatment as a consumer or as a person. I told this to Mateo and another tire center employee who thanked me for my service to my country.
Note: I looked at the Pilot demo tire on the Tire rack and it was not defective and did not have the ash grey gummy substance that would not wash off. I had to go back a 3rd time to the Costco Tire Center to get my original receipt since it was not with the Costco Tire Purchase and record file. Thats when I saw a total of three different receipts with different information on it.
Mateo informed me that the tires had to be returned now.
Fresno Costco Tire center Manager Rivera should be removed and terminated for selling defective tires to public that he knew was damaged and defective for the safety of the consumer.

Costco Wholesale Corporation

Mar 09, 2017

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