Costco Wholesale Corporation / harassment by private security officer

Norwalk, CA, United States

at around 5 pm, 4/23/18, monday. as i was leaving parking lot of Norwalk/calif-costco, a black/female security guard stands by my window, calling out to me. i opened door, asking why? she asks me, are you an employee? i ask why? then she asks are you a customer? did you buy something? i ask why?
then she says, this is private property, you can't ride the TRAIN, and park here. i say. i don't take the train. do you have proof? she says i have your lic/plate no. on MY LIST, and you park in the same spot all the time. ( i can park wherever i want. also, costco has cameras ).
i then ask her, why are you single-ing me out? why are you harassing me? what is your name, which she refuses to give me. as a parting shot, she says, i have you on the "Blacklist", you will be towed. i then ask her to move her golfcart, behind my car, as i have to get to work, she takes another 2 to 3 mins., while talking on the walkie-talkie before backing out.
as i head to the parking lot exit by the gas station, she makes a uturn, stops in front of me, taking more video&pics of me..huh?
this is outright harassment. i frequent this costco being the closest to my house, and on the way to work, . i frequent this store every 2 days for a gas fillup. go to the store for grocerry, or the foodcourt. now i have to shop elsewhere, coz i'm afraid to be towed.
i am very confident your good office will rectify this matter ASAP.
yours truly, H. Ruff..

Apr 25, 2018

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