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Wharton, NJ, United States Review updated:

Hello I am writing an incident that I just saw not to long ago. It was about a praying costumer and a employee. The employee was yelling at this man and almost insulted him with his hand. Then he called him a terrible name. He said the n word to the black man. I felt very uncomfortable. I was next on the line and I decided not ordered anything from there anymore. Because I felt like he might say something bad or do something bad to me. I am a asian woman and I have a black husband. So felt insulted and discriminated. This employee was very rude and I didn't want to wait to order a pizza a half an hour. They where not busy and he gave this man a hard time. It was an older man with glasses at the wharton costco here in nj 07885. I over heard his name was matt. I never felt so uncomfortable and I hope costco fires this man. He should not talk to customers or almost hit the man. There should be some of justice involved. Thank you.

Feb 5, 2017
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