Costco Wholesale Corporation / failing to supply ordered product

Thousand Oaks, CA, United States

Order # [protected]

I ordered a dell computer with windows 7. Costco confirmed but shipped
Windows 10. Over one week costco is jerking me around and finally told
Me today to take a hike and refuses to ship windows 7.

Just telling me to return the product for refund is not the issue here. I am
Not in the habit of buying a product, then spending ages to pack it up
And return it. I buy something, because I want it. Don't you think that
Costco has a moral and legal obligation to supply what was ordered
And confirmed. At one time costco even insisted that I received windows 7.
What a nonsense!. You really know how to piss off a customer.
Again, I am not taking a no for an answer. If necessary write a letter to
The ceo telling him how the customers are treated. No I am not angry
I am furious. Again, when can I get the product, I ordered and you
Confirmed. Other firms like micro center sell this item with windows 7,
So it is available.

J. Meurer

Costco Wholesale Corporation

Feb 6, 2017

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