Costco Wholesale Corporation / el centro costco warehouse service

On 11/17/17 I was at the El Centro warehouse because I really needed diapers. the debit/credit services went down. I was waiting a few minutes to see if systems would go up because I overheard employees saying they were working on getting them back and running. As I was waiting an employee approached us and stated that only cash and check were being accepted and I said ok. A minute later the same employee came to us and said if we were not going to pay by cash we had to leave because the warehouse was closing. It was only 8:35. So I pushed the cart to the side while others were watching and going around us to pay. It was beyond embarrassing to have to leave the cart and walk away. I felt as if I was being kicked out from the warehouse, which is unprofessional. I basically wasted an hour and a half shopping for necessities to just be forced to leave the cart and leave the warehouse.

Nov 17, 2017

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