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Delta, BC, Canada
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I love costco! Do most of my shopping there for years. All my family shops at Costco. I needed a desk for my office at home so this time I decided to shop online. Ordered it and the nightmare started.

UPS has such poor reputation and it's a shame that Costco online uses UPS for their delivery services.

Terrible Service! They don't provide a window for the customer to know when they should stay home for the package to arrive. They say it could be any time during the day until 7 pm and if you are not happy come all the way to Delta to pick up the package! Their depot in Delta is three cities away from where I live.

Today stayed home all day, didn't go to work just for them to deliver my package. When the delivery guy finally arrived, he asked me to go downstairs to help him and was offended when I said I have a bad back and if I wanted to pick up a 70 lb package, I wouldn't have ordered it to be delivered to me. He said, well we are not supposed to do this...
Really? Isn't that the job of a delivery man?

So rude! So lazy! Such a terrible service!
I will never ever order anything that's delivered by UPS!

Jan 27, 2017

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