Costco Wholesale Corporationcustomer service

T Nov 23, 2017

While finishing up our shopping for Thanksgivings a co worker and I decided to stop by Costco to pick up pies for dessert. She is also a Costco member. We shared a shopping cart and we went to the self checkout line. The Costco representatives helping customers in the line was very rude and unprofessional to us. She told us "no game playing here" there is no not line crossing here! There was no line crossing taking place we were playing separately not together. She went to her own separate registers. We were both standing in line at the same time. Why would we have to pay on the same register? These are separate transactions. She gave us a very evil look and when back to talk to the other Costco associate who was also rude when I had a difficult time scanning my pie as there is no hand scanner and you have to almost turn your pie upside down to scan it. I asked for her name to report her and she said do you want me to get a manager and she brought over an assistant manager. We explain the situation to her and she agree that the behavior was inappropriate. But I honestly do not think anything was done about it. I wanted to put this is writing and talk to higher ranking manager. We are paying members and we should be treated as valued customer just like everyone else.

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