Costco Wholesale Corporationcostco citi visa

S Mar 08, 2017

I have had the credit card for a few months now and have made some large payments so i could use the card on other purchase to get credit. However because i made these payment to quickly they have put a float on the payments. A float lasting 7 days, all the while they have taken the money out of my bank account. They say it is for safety reasons seems criminal to me. They also say they dont know my habits yet and it likely wont happen again. Well there right because once that goes through i am done. The visa customer service rep said only way to lift the float is to have the visa rep and my bank on the phone at the same time. A super inconvenience to a me trying to booking my anniversary trip. I can see a hold for a day or two but seven give me a break costco.

This needs to be resolved for others as for me my costco visa card is probably going to be canceled. I just want my money to post. I dont take it well when my hard earned money is taken from me and not put where i want it to go. As for now my money hangs out in cyberspace as a sit here. I joined the costco visa card because costco has always provided good services. I guess i was wrong because i have never had this happen with any other visa card provider.

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