Costco Wholesale Corporationbad customer service

Your 2 female employees, one at check out and Sarah at memership desk had bad attitude towards customers. One at the gate a guest who had a question but not fluent in English repeatly said "sir what is your questions" in a tone by passer like myself can pickup her tone of rudeness and unwilling to help. The other clerk at the membership desk Sarah did display her attitude in a manner that made my visit very unhappy. She was quick to brush us off as I'd we were not important and when we were asking questions with confusion, said this is typical Monday. Referring to our confusion about one of her colleague who said we, who I am the son of membership holder had moved out recently can still go under my mother's plan which I was till recently. Overall, I am disappointed with 2 of your employees attitudes towards customers and they need to either find something else where they don't display their lack of customer orinted business or get a training to work with public in more professional manner.

May 08, 2017

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