Costcotelevision return policy

We were refurbishing a house and took advantage of a great price on Samsung 42" TVs at Costco. We bought two. The first one was used immediately and was fine. We did not try the 2nd until 3 months later and found it non-functional. Costco now has a service come out to "fix" the TVs and they took a few weeks to come out and said the screen was cracked. Costco now says we cracked the screen. We never used the TV, it still has the protective layer on the screen.
1. I don't like being called a liar. My business partner watched me take the TV out of the package and we were very gentle with it. We've NEVER filed a claim with Costco.
2. I'll never ever buy a TV from Costco again. That is terrible service from an organization that used to be ethical.
3. I buy a lot of TVs for houses I am flipping. I'll buy at Walmart from now on.

This is Case #7459252 and I am William J Caudle

Apr 14, 2016

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