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Costco / organic whole milk contains fish oil

United States Review updated:
I have been purchasing Organic milk from Costco from last 3 years. Last week i brought oragnic milk and i also conusmed some of the cartons, without knowing the milk has a fish oil.

How come an Organic milk has ingredients like FISH OIL.

When you say ORGANIC means it is pure and should not contain any additives or preservatives. The product did mentioned omega-3, but there are natural omega-3 found and we dont suspect the milk can have fish oil in it.

The product is called ORGANIC WHOLE MILK, if you add Fish Oil, the name should be something else. This is misguiding the people.

We are a vegetarian and consumed the milk without knowing it has a fish content. I would like to request you and mark these product appropriately and i also want my money back for these products.

Costco should change the name of this product, ORGANIC WHOLE MILK should be just milk and should not contain fish oil.


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  17th of Jun, 2010
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I too have not liked this. If we wish to get omega-3 we can do so separately. Why add it in milk?
  21st of Aug, 2010
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Waa waa...suck an organic egg veg head!
  20th of Sep, 2010
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So this milk is not Organic and pure Vegetarian. why Cosco is selling as Organic Milk!! I believe there is legal and misleading info...
  30th of Oct, 2010
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You should always read the labels of the food/drink you buy. This is on you.
  16th of Nov, 2011
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  28th of Nov, 2011
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I agree to change the name
  28th of Nov, 2011
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I agree please change the name or let us know from where the omega 3 is coming
  26th of Feb, 2012
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My nephew has a fish allergy and became very ill after consumption. It was NOT made clear at all that they added the fish oil. There should absolutely be a warning label when formulations are changed. For those who say, "You should always read the labels of the food/drink you buy. This is on you", you are correct, but if someone has been eating or drinking a particular food for a long time, they go on the assumption that all is status quo. It is a consumer safety issue when the public is not notified. It's not hard for Costco to put up a warning sign. On a different note, I'm disgusted by some of the above comments..."Waa waa...suck an organic egg ved head"...I only hope the fool who wrote that has to endure what my 19 month old nephew did. Idiot.
  11th of Sep, 2012
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I agree with that they should display clearly the source. I bought only once then I never bought organic whole milk in Costco when I learned DHA source is fish. I buy Horizon whole milk with DHA for my baby. I am not a vegetarian, but I don't like the fact that adding sea food or meat based things in milk. I sent an email to Costco about not displaying anything about the DHA source on outer box which we see when we buy it. I got the acknowledgement email but don't know wha happened after that. I never cared to check. I buy only 1% organic milk which is also costly if you compare with store brands of Krogar, Publix, Walmart and etc. in fact, Kroger and Publix has two cow ratings in organic milk category, but no ratings to Costco as they don't share the data and source of milk. We have to just go with brand, but hiding full information on organic whole milk does not live up to it's brand.
  11th of Sep, 2012
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Organic foods are foods that are produced using methods that do not involve modern synthetic inputs such as synthetic pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Organic foods are also not processed using irradiation, industrial solvents, or chemical food additives. Google the USDA definition of organic.
  11th of Sep, 2012
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All units!! All units!! Converge on Brenda. She is really the Madconsumer. GO GET HER!!!
  13th of Sep, 2012
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Completely agree, would love to buy that milk except for the fish oil, Fish Oil has mercury and PCBs unless it is rigorously tested which I doubt is being done. We can get omega-3 from other sources.

Costco really has a lot of legal liability here if it turns out there is any contamination at all. It is very misleading to sell Organic milk with inorganic components.
  23rd of Dec, 2012
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We bought and consumed one of the 3 cartons in the Costco pack, before discovering the ingredients label. What was sold as "milk" is indeed fish-oil-milk. Quite deceptive.
  24th of Dec, 2012
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Fish oil is organic .
  5th of May, 2013
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I do not know about this "fish oil" in this particular brand, but for Horizon it seems it is actually algae oil, which is vegetarian and perfectly fine for anyone with a fish allergy. Nevertheless, the product should say it bigger and explain where it is coming from. It would make more sense if it read, organic milk with DHA added from "____" source, on the front.
  7th of Jun, 2013
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I am a strict vegetarian and have been using this organic milk for past 2-3 years. But only yesterday I noticed the whole milk carton said Fish Oil as an ingredient in the milk. I was very shocked. I totally agree they should change the name of the milk. How can a milk be just milk if you add fish oil. It should be clearly printed in the front in bold letters that it contains Fish Oil. I am not just vegetarian by choice but by religion too. I could not sleep yesterday night thinking how many times I might have consumed this Milk with Fish oil during my religious fasts. I am really hurt by this. I am always very careful when by stuffs and always look whats in it but never ever have thought that I should look the ingredients of milk and that too milk that Costco claims to be organic milk. When you pick a box of milk that says Organic Whole Milk, it should only contain Organic Whole Milk. This is very painful for me.
  5th of Dec, 2013
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Fish oil in milk taste awful. Why Costco? Why do that to my milk? I paid twelve bucks for fishmilk that I cannot even bring myself to drink it's so nasty. I want my money back!
  5th of Aug, 2017
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@Annaclaireo You cannot taste the fish oil that has been added to the milk. However, I would prefer to have my milk without the addition of the fish oil.
  5th of Dec, 2013
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I want my money back. I paid $12 for fishmilk so gross it's not fit to drink. Seriously who came up with this idea? Who on earth woke up one day and said "ya know I think fishmilk is a good idea." It isn't. I want my money back seriously.
  9th of Dec, 2013
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Buy almond milk instead. It is lower in fat and better for you and cows are not exploited.
  15th of Jan, 2014
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My niece started to have an anaphylatic reaction after the first sip of milk. Fish oil does not belong in milk. There is no excuse for this. We read the labels on everything new, but never thought to question something we have always known to be safe.

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