Costco Business Center HawthorneGas station

This morning I decided to fill my tank at the Hawthorne Business Center. There are three one way lanes to choose from. There were three trucks getting gas at the last station and one truck was parked at an angle that blocked the flow of traffic. All three trucks blocked the flow of traffic but the truck at the far end had a wide lane and could have allowed the flow of traffic if he was parked correctly. So I drove around to the front and parked at a gas dispenser I n front of one of the trucks. A lady attendant came over and told me I needed to turn around and face the opposite direction. I told her I couldn't get through because of the trucks and that Is why I had parked that way. She told me again I needed to move.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Hawthorne, CA I understood because I was facing the opposite direction and I was proceeding to turn around when I noticed she was standing there watching me move. She did not go over the truck driver and tell him to move because HE was blocking the flow of traffic. SHE only told me to move. She continued to stand there watching me and said NOTHING to the truck driver who was blocking traffic. She called over to another man- a supervisor I assume who was standing by the truck driver blocking traffic and having a friendly conversation ( not about moving) and explained why I had parked there. He just threw up his hands in an "Oh well" gesture. I'm upset that I was told to move and NOTHING was said to the truck driver blocking the lanes. They allowed him to fill his tank and block traffic. After I saw that discrimination, I canceled my credit for the gas and I'll never buy gas from Costco again.

Jan 23, 2017

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