[Resolved] Costco / an employee at silverdale, wa location

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So today I went to the Costco in Silverdale, WA. My husband and I picked up a bottle of wine and when we got to the registered we both pulled our IDs out. The employee there said they only needed my husband's because he is the one that's a member. Well, right when he was about to swipe his card I handed him my card to pay for our items. AFTER the transaction the employee pulls me aside and says "Dont do that next time because he could lose his job" Excuse me what? So you guys saw me give him the card, went through with the transaction, and then wait until that point to tell me not to do it again?? If you knew he was gonna lose his job over it you should say something beforehand. Like "Oh Im sorry he has to pay" Not try to reprimand me like I purposely did something illegal or was trying to get him in trouble. I DIDNT KNOW!

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Nov 18, 2016

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