Costa Coffeepoor service, rude staff, points not added

E-mailed previously and completely ignored by Costa. Will try to summarise. Ordered medium latte and 2 chocolate baby cinnos. Was given a latte and while waiting for the baby cinnos I took a sip and realised it had syrup in it. As I had already waited about 5 mins for the rest of my order and we were at the cinema and running late for the film I just decided to keep it. Still waiting with my children a Costa staff member kept mentioning her head over in my direction to another colleague basically saying what was I waiting for. I thought this was extremely rude and unprofessional. After several other minutes the colleague came to ask what I was waiting for. I stated the rest of my order. The rude girl then said 'thats not your latte then' I said no this ones got syrup in it. She took it off me and put it to one side. After another lengthy time I got my latte and my children's cinnos. The drink I had sipped out of she then gave to someone else even thou I'd drank out of it!! My children's baby cinnos were boiling hot!! When we've had them before they are normally just aired so my 3 year old son burnt his lip. I thought the manner of the girl was very rude I had to wait a long time for no reason. My order had obviously been forgotten I don't know why as it wasn't busy and there was no one in front of me. When I got home and looked at my receipt my points had not been added to my Costa card. Had a really bad experience and I fail to see why. I visited the Tunstall Costa a few days before which was busy at lunchtime and the staff were efficient and polite and helpful. This happened at the festival park odean cinema branch on 12th May.

May 28, 2018

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