Costa Coffee / awful staff

Rhyl, Wales, Clwyd, United Kingdom

I was in work my self and sent to check for boxes behind GAME as I am in charge of packing essentials for a online buseiness. I have permission from the store to do so, as I was exiting the ally a female member of you're staff came out the back of costa coffe with a ciggerrette and no manner's. your member of staff then demanded to know what my businesses was down the ally. as I tried to inform your member of staff that it is my job and I have permission from GAME to help my self she then insisted I did not have a job and no permission witch was completely apostureious I feel this kind of attitude I experienced from you're member of staff Is now off-putting for me to purchase your coffee's in the future witch I do rather regularly. i did not get her name as she was not wearing her name badge and did not in anyway in shape or form enjoy being treated like a criminal as she did do. I was left completely affended and appalled by the fact there was no manners and I can not see how you're company had employed this young woman.

I would also like to be informed as of witch actions your company will take on this matter.

Kind Regards

Feb 4, 2015

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