Coricraftpaying for your error

E Nov 15, 2017

I saw a chair at the Ballito branch and ordered two with matching footrests on 28 October 2017. I waited two weeks for it. Coricraft gave me a cell number for a delivery man who delivered it to me yesterday (14/11/2017). It turns out however that the one chair is correct (dark) but the two footstools and second chair is a different colour, texture and fabric. I contacted the manager who tells me to bring the chair back in my car and she will find me another chair. It is NOT my fault that Coricraft sent me the wrong item which i paid for. It is not fair that i must pay another delivery fee for a trip back to the Ballito store with the wrong chair and stools you sent me! This is wrong! This is inconvenient! This is a huge disappointment. I used to love Coricraft! This is now just a huge regret and a nightmare for me! They actually implied that i can swop my new chair for a DEMO chair from one of their other stores!! I'm outraged!

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