Coricraft Groupservice I received from coricraft clearance centre wynberg

Yesterday( 29/11/2018) I went to the Coricraft Clearance Center Wynberg outlet looking for a couch to buy cash, I was assisted by a lady called Diane I found a couch I like and promised her to come first thing in the morning with my wife to pay and take delivery of the couch because I wanted my wife to also see it. today the 30/11/2018 my wife and I were at the shop before it even opened, we waited outside until they opened. They opened and we went into the shop requested Diane to come assist again, she was still on a call and we went to stand next to the couch we wanted to buy. A gentlemen who is one of the sales men in the shop who was on his cell phone wrote SOLD on a small peace of paper and rudely came to stick it on the couch in-front of us, no greeting, no speaking to us nothing, we could hear he was still negotiating with a client over the phone about the same couch, the client hadn't paid for the couch but he is already sticking sold on it and we are there ready to pay for the couch. We waited at the shop for close to an hour while negotiations were going on with the other client over the phone. We were standing there getting late for work with our money ready to pay and take delivery. Later after Diane also spoke to the other client over the phone she came to tell us we cant have the couch, the other client has first right over it, without paying anything, no deposit nothing. I find this very unfair and the conduct of the stuff very offensive and I expect Coricraft to investigate and give me feedback. +[protected]

Nov 30, 2018

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