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I am sending this email to notify you of how disgusting and appalling your service is. I honestly believe you have beautiful products of good quality if only this can be backed up by the service you give. You are honestly lacking when it comes to good customer experience and I will not hesitate to tell anyone that cares to listen to me of your bad service.

I have been dealing with your bad service now for the past two weeks but yesterday and this morning I have reached boiling point limits with your staff. Yesterday I went on line to order some items under your cyber sale, at checkout point I got to the page stating that I should select delivery options when I wanted to choose there were no options. I then called [protected] number on several occasions to get assistance. I started calling this number from 9:30am with no luck. I instead just came through to very rude receptionists who would proceed talking in Sotho whilst I was waiting to be transferred to your on line team, they were actually gossiping about me as the client on the other line and also gossiping about how all these people calling are annoying them. I guess they didn't know I could hearunderstand Sotho.

I never got through to anyone until I decided to call Coricraft Mall of the South as this is the shop that I would normally buy from. A sales person from Mall of the South finally managed to get ahold of Zanele in online who promised to call me back. She did call me but I however missed her call as I was in a meeting. I immediately called back an hour later once my meeting was done and could never get ahold of Zanele. I kept calling like this until at almost 4pm in the afternoon when I eventually got ahold of a Chad Williams who managed to sort out my problem about the delivery options. After my telephone convo with Chad I then received an email from [protected] and [protected] was also copied there this email was quote for the items I wanted to buy and I was told to pay the amount and the delivery charged was correctly removed as I didn't want to pay that as I even said I can collect from Stormill. I subsequently paid and sent the POP to [protected] and [protected] I also communicated all this to Chad and also sent him the POP. I was then informed at around 17:20 pm that there was no longer any stock and also found out this morning of this. I enquired how can this be and was told there was stock in the morning but not when I placed the order.

I was however on the line o on your website since 9:30am and it was not my fault that there was all of a sudden no stock because had I received a response in reasonable time I would have placed an order on time and received the stock. So why am I being penalised for you not answering calls or getting back to clients. I sent Chad an email last night asking all this and in true coricraft style its past 12 midday the following day and he still has not bother to responded.

In addition to all this I also had a query with consultant from Mall of the south the previous week who didn't give correct info regarding delivery dates. I complained to the store and also asked for an email address of her superior who I may complain to and I was given the email address [protected] and I sent an email to this email address and again I still have not received a response. I also sent an online query labelled complaint which has also not been responded to. I can provide this email if required.

I am hoping this email reaches someone who responds. I am hoping my email will be read and I will receive a response to ALL my complaints. It wouldn't even be complaints if someone just responds to customers, what is the point of having a store that is supposed to render a service in return for customers paying but you don't even offer good service.

Nov 29, 2018

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