Coricraft / bad quality and service

East London, ZA
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We bought a full leather lounge suit from Coricract Hemingways Mall in East London. It was already damaged on the day of delivery and the cushions needed corifill. The driver in charge of delivery took photos of the damage. So did we and reported it the same day. A month later we realized the scotchguard is not up to standard. We reported it.
Finally, over a year later. it was collected on a rusted open trailer with the promise of being repaired, cleaned, scotch guarded and corifilled.
We received it back and what a mess! It has been stuffed completely and is so badly repaired it is shocking! All the stitching has been done by hand and what a bad job! I have been in tears over this!! Some cushions have been over-stuffed and others not at all. It is unusable and an absolute embarrassment when having people over. I feel sick just looking at it. Now they want to collect it again and have it inspected in CP which will apparently take another 8 weeks!!! I do not trust you guys and I want my money back!!


Nov 02, 2016

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