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Consumers Energy / Put unpaid sons gas bill on mine

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About seven months ago, consumers energy gas company started billing an unpaid gas bill-my sons-to my account. My gas bill is always paid, but they issue a shut-off notice to me every time they do this. They've got all the proper information to make this stop, but they won't stop. He hasn't paid it, which doesn't have anything to do with me-but they keep putting his bill on mine, trying to make me pay it. Like I said, this has been going on for months now. Short of getting a lawyer, what can I do about this? I'm trying to get ahold of channel 7's action news to help, but it seems impossible to get in touch with them, and I'm at my wits end. If I had any extra money, I would pay the damn thing just to make them leave me alone, but I have no job, it's affecting our relationship and my girlfriend's health, and we barely make it on my girlfriend's ssd income. But this situation shouldn't exist in the first place. I NEED HELP, SOMEONE PLEASE MAKE THESE IDIOTS AT CONSUMERS ENERGY STOP HARASSING ME!!!


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  29th of Oct, 2008
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Consumer Energy Mi - install delay
consumers energy
27197 campau lane
harrison twp
United States
Phone: 586 596 7077

I have been trying to get my gas turned on in my new residence for 2 weeks first they told me there was an investigatin because meter was romoved because of last tenet. I finally got them to turn it on for me, or so I thought. They told me they could not reach me at my number and the next date was a week away, fine it was set to install10 28 08 between 4pm and 8 . I wajted in cold house till 9I called company several times from my cell only to be put on hold for 15 min at a time they told me to wait because they would be comming. I went home got up at 630 emailed them then I called they said they woud be there bet 9 and 4 again I waited I called and they said supervisor would call me still nothing. they said they could call till 9 pm after last night I know they go on emergency only calls. I still dont have a clue to when their going to do this I have a heart cond, and copd I have to move but I cant move into a cold house please please help thank you Lynn Carter
  4th of Dec, 2008
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Consumers Energy - non-payment of Real Estate lease
7989 Arnold Rd.
Fair Haven
United States
Phone: 810-765-5773

You have failed to pay for the lease of the "underground pool" that, you say, extends into our property. We believe it's been about 4 years sense Consumers Energy has paid
  28th of Oct, 2010
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Thats exactly what they are hoping you will do.. just pay it to avoid the hassle. Consumers energy is less than professional and that is putting it nicely.

Keep trying to contact the news station and dont give up. I'm going to start a group to begin taking action against consumers energy. Its time they are exposed. I'm having the bills for the past year looked over carefully by an attorney, and my son is dealing with an issue right now where they put someone elses bill in his name to make him pay the other persons debt which is about 3000.00.

It's time for citizens to stand together and lets get to the bottom of the BS this company is trying to pull on people.

Fight back! Are you ready?
  7th of Nov, 2010
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I'm in the same boat, they refuse to turn service on at my home because of my ex girlfriends unpaid bill. About a week after calling for service i received a bill in the mail IN MY NAME for what she owes. They transferred her old account into my name and she apparently gets off scott free while i'm on the hook for $1100 for something i never used or had.I've never had service with consumers energy before so how do i end up owing for somebody elses bill?

What they are doing is illegal and they need to be sued. Look up the Michigan Public Service Commission's rules on this matter. Rule 460.107 Rule 7.(1): A utility may request but shall not require anyone other than the applicant to assume responsibility for service Rule 460.120 Rule 20: Autility shall not attempt to recover from any customer any outstanding bills or other charges due upon the account of any other person, unless that customer has entered into a lawful guarantee under another rule.
  16th of Feb, 2011
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The same thing happened to us!! I moved out of my boyfriends house and canceled service in my name they put my bill on his afterwards! It's crap! We weren't married and don't have the same last name! They should not be allowed to do that!
  15th of Mar, 2011
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So what are we all to do? I have had similar issues where they said I was responsible because I used the service too. My boyfriend was supposed to be responsible for this bill not ME!!! It had his name on it so why should I be left with it? They wouldn't let phone companies become a monopoly and look how competitive phone plans and rates are. But none of us have a choice with gas and electric. It is not a want but a neccessity these days. People have died because their service was shut off and they froze to death. How much more needs to happen before someone regulates what these companies can and cant do? Besides that everyone should also know ( I do a lot of research) that Consumers and DTE are publicly traded companies... and we all know what that means... the more they charge us, the more their shareholders make. If there was any issue that needed to be handled by government it should be ou energy and gas services that way we can all stop bending over and taking it!!!
  16th of Apr, 2011
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Consumer's Energy transferred my mother's delinquent account of almost $1800 to my new account at the apartment I am renting. This bill was never in my name. I did not live at the address I only used it for forwarding for about two months during college. When I talk to them on the phone they are very rude and interrupt me and repeat the same things. They do not answer my questions. I ask how they can do this and they say I was over 18 when the bill was acquired so I benefitted from the service and am just as responsible to pay the bill as her. When in fact I didn't benefit from it. I ask how they can let a person run up such a high bill to just pawn it onto someone else. They only say "I don't know the details or arrangements of the account". I ask how long does it say I lived there and why am I supposed to pay for two years of service if I was only at the address for two months and they ignore me. I have always paid my bills on time. I have faxed them multiple documents including leases, taxes, and other pieces of mail showing I did not reside there. I should not have to go through all these hoops in the first place for a bill that is just not mine! I feel that I am being unjustly pursued and harrassed by the complany. I am about to get a lawyer but do not have the money to pay for one. Please any suggestions to help?
  29th of Jan, 2012
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This is currently happening to me, I just looked at my bill and they added $2, 000 to my account, they told me that I needed to prove that i didnt live at that old address. The account they are transferring is not even in my name and I didnt know the person when they acquired the debt, a collection agency for them sent me a letter which stated a rule 24 (2) which when I looked it up had nothing to do with why they were adding someone elses debt to my account. I am so upset and I am seeing reports of this from years back which is making me nervous, has anyone been able to get anything done about this? I am going to try to contact an attorney and also writing the Attorney general, WZZM did a story on this 2 years ago. So irritated by this and there is no way this is legal. I've talked to some others who have said that it happened to them and they paid it. They have ripped people off and I dont know why they've been allowed to get away with it. If someone has information about how to get this resolved please email me or message me. Thank you
  31st of Jan, 2012
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Consumers Energy Company - GAS OFF
Consumers Energy Company Royal Oak MI
Hazel Park
United States

Thanks to Consumers Energy for billing me 6 thousand dollars on a gas bill for a residential
Home address and now that my gas is off and i have no heat there still billing me, and its 200 dollars now
OK so you redone my bill and my gas is off what now, you don't have respect for human life of a 53 year old female, with COPD, living alone with her dog and house maybe going into foreclose, the days and nights are unbearable, i feel like I'm in a State, of an emergency the DHS don't help cause i have no kids, and Consumers Energy ither,
  7th of Feb, 2012
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Ok has anyone got this resolved...Tee76, you mentioned the law but what happened in your case...did consumers energy actually take it back because I am dealing with the same issue now and obviously they are getting away with it. They actually want me to send them a copy of my mortgage contract to show that I am not my brother and I own the house.
  26th of Jul, 2012
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The same thing is happening to me also, I have not had service in my name since 2008 when i left michigan . When i moved back to michigan i went to get my lights and gas turned on an could not Because they say I owe 3, 000.00 they will not let me make payments and they want the 3, 000.00 plus 300.00 to get service back on in my name . I don't know what to do I only work part time as it is and can't get the lights and gas turned on because of this. Before I left my bill was payed and service was to be turned off! I feel like they are trying to make me pay for gas and lights I did not use. I am afraid they did not turn the lights and gas off when I requested and the people who tented my old address never put the lights and gas in their name and ran my bill up until DTE cut it off for nonpayment! Please anyone if you can help to get this resolved please let me know! Thank you! Sincerely zimmermamamy@ Gmail.com
  9th of Jan, 2013
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MY BOYFRIEND AND I HAVE BEEN TOGETHER 8 YEARS CONSUMERS BILLWAS IN HIS NAME. I found a bigger place and wanted to move and he was going to stay at the old place. i moved and got everything in the new place in my name, then a few weeks later he moved in with me. last week i got a letter from consumers saying i was responsible for his past bill. this week i got my bill and his previous account is added to mine. So they said because he lives with me-his debt is now mine. I want someone to tell me how this is legal? why wouldn't they just sue him for the past due amount? i thought we lived in a country where land of the free. well i guess we are free to get screwed over.
  9th of Jan, 2013
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  3rd of Dec, 2016
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  3rd of Dec, 2016
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@Getuporgiveup Well where I'm living I have to add also never go online regarding information about paying your bills and how they sound so concerned says to call them and want to help keep your utilities on and I willing to work with you that's just like a man telling you how much you be on loves you but is sleeping with your best friend LOL sorry little sarcasm but they're not too friendly on the phone and not reasonable at all with people who have low income it don't MATTER. Thankfully there is energy assistance yes they can help but you have to pay half of what they're asking before they will even help you so I don't know I'm speechless that's all I have to say no not everyone's a bum scammer trying to live with for utility bills people do fall on Hard Times
  2nd of Feb, 2013
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I have a few problems with consumers energy 1 has anyone notices that they almost double your bill with fees? My electric usage this month was 322.00 by the time they added a distribution fee and all of their other fees my bill was 522.00. Who can afford in this day and age to pay for something that they are not actually getting? I have been on a shut off protection plan and some how my past due balance NEVER goes down I will admit very stupidly I have not been paying attention to my bills closely at all!!! I have been on this plan for 3 years I put all of my past bills in a row and I just realized they have been adding money to my past due balance even though my bill is usually at least 200 dollars under my shut off protection amount. Add that up over three years Yeah I am down for a fight with these crooks!!! Let me know if anyone has a plan of action I am totally on board!!! I am contacting them tomorrow hoping they can straighten this out but if not I am definitely hiring a lawyer!!!
  14th of Feb, 2013
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Lets get ahold of the news team or call the news paper lets raise some awareness. Let us all take a stand. Email me and lets get dome answers. If we all work together we could get things done. I'm ready are you? My bill has jumped 3000 dollars because of my boyfriends bill. I will not pay it.
  20th of Feb, 2013
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I'm in the same boat as a bill was transfferd to my Consumers Energy account that is not my responsibility. I filed a complaint to the Michigan Public Service Commission who is the licensing division for Consumers Energy. If you can not file on line then call 1-800-292-9555 or write to MPSC PO Box 30221 Lansing MI 48909. The more people that contact them the more investigations can be done on their billing practices. All bills are connected to a social security number. Unless that is your SS number that debt is not yours family member or not. After a person becomes of age they are responsible for their accumulated debt. attached to their SS number. Consumers Energy is in violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practice Act and complaints need to be filed.
  26th of Feb, 2013
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I filed chapter 13 bankruptcy a few months ago. They cleared out my old debt but after my case was filed and the new account was set they added on a bill that my daughter owes and then gave me a month to pay it. So angry! I have my attorney filing paperwork. I would rather see my attorney get that money before they do. It's a shame because if that were my bill why have they not slapped it on me until now? Now I have to pay more money to fight this? Really unfair! Shame on them. The bill from my daughter was a part of me ex husbands bill also and they claimed they couldn't go back far enough and that she agreed to pay it. She did no such thing. They just took the last names and slapped it to her bill. It is a crime what they are doing!!! Someone should find a way they can be stopped. It is illegal! There should be a way they can be sued! Thanks lw8264
  7th of Mar, 2013
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I am a reporter. Please email tmoreno@mihomepaper.com. I am interested in following these claims.
  14th of Apr, 2013
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Well i finally got consumers to take off the bill that was not mine. So with very much persistence I finally got it taken care of
  25th of Jun, 2013
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These guys have been doing this to me for years. I've paid for several bills that did not belong to me. In addition to that it just seemed like I could not escape them. The more money I gave the more money they tac on. I finally moved out of state and now they just harrass my family back home. These guys are criminals. Good luck with the state by the way. I tried that all they did was made an arrangement to pay and then add previous Tenants bills to mine. (My father owned the rental house and they told me either him or I would have to be responsable so already paying the 1800 I originaly called about I just shut up and paid.) Im back to owing them 4000 now somehow. Ive requested investigations and nothing came of it. Once they know you'll pay be prepaired. Theyll keep coming after you for more.

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