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Consumers Energy / Budget and Leaky Meter

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In January I asked to be put on a budget plan I was given a confirmation number for this and my first bill came in at $111.00. I paid the $111.00 then my next months bill was not reflecting the same thing. I called on it right then when I received my bill and was told to give it till next months bill to show the budget plan to go into effect. This went on for three months every month I would call thereafter once again and all I got was from them saying MAM YOU HAVE TO HAVE A ZERO BALANCE! At the time I first made the initial call in January I was on the budget program and was told after the thrid month that my bill was supposed to be $121.00 So I started paying them the $121.00 every month and it still never showed on my bill as being on budget. This has been an ongoing battle with them from Day one! They now since then Have SHUT ME OFF!
They are now telling me that I now owe them a security deposit of $150.00 plus there charge of a reconnect fee I believe of $50.00 for a grand total now of $541.00
Why should I be shut off due to neglegence on there part. I not only paid above and beyond what my bill was for the last few months but Consumers has refused to rectify this

Another issue I have had with consumers is for over 3 years I had complained about a leaky gas meter and they sent people out to look at it and told me it was "NORMAL" Well I had a heating contractor finally come out to my house in January and he told me to call consumers immediatly to report it again saying that a contractor had been out and he also stated that I am paying for this leaking gas. Someone actually had come out that same day from consumers and replaced my meter and he even said I was paying for the leaky gas. So I called consumers once again and was told that I am not paying for the leaking gas and that consumers energy was eating the cost and so I asked them then why are my bills lower now than what they were before the new meter? All I kept getting from them was that I did not pay for the leaky gas and was told by 2 contractors that I infact was paying for it and consumers did absolutley nothing to rectify this problem.
When a customer is told by a company that you are on budget plan and is given a confirmation number, I would expect that to hold up to an agreement. I honored the agreement by paying the $121.00 per month why are they REFUSING to fix this? This is not my fault at all on either issue and now I have 4 kids WITH no hot water, NO DRYER, no stove or heat in any way shape or form because of a clerical error on there behalf. I AM CURIOUS HOW MANY OTHER PEOPLE THIS HAS BEEN HAPPENING TO.
This is not the first time I have been asked to be put on a budget plan and it not been done I have had my service sut off 3 times in the last 2-3 years due to this...

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  • Da
      2nd of Apr, 2009
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    I have also had problems with Consumer's energy. Today I was actually just searching around because some guys came to my house today, door to door knocking, looking to "lower my heating costs". I knew it was a scam already but I played a long. I wanted to get the word out to not let these guys into your home. I think it was called something like extreme energy and they had white shirts on I think. The problem is, they aren't even getting permission from the apartment complexes to sollicit services, in these non soliciting apartments, so the next time anyone else sees them, play along and call the police. Don't give your information to them, especially your social security number. Better yet, refer to the special that was done on 60 minutes that exposed these door to door salesmen. They are theifs and not safe to deal with, not to mention they don't have the authority do these sales at your door.
    Ok back on subject. You were in deed paying for these services. They don't have anyway of "eating these costs". They simply have been billing you for what the meter was reading (including the leaks). What you should do, and what I did, was make a complaint through your local BBB. In my case, I moved from an apartment and had services shut off and restarted in my new place. The people who moved into my old place didn't have them started in their name and I started to get utility bills for the old place. I kept calling and telling them I was not living there and they said that I had to pay since somebody was using the services. AFter getting 4 months worth of utilitiy bills these people racked up on my account, I contacted my BBB and they took care of the situation. However Consumers was not happy and said that I was "lucky" and that most people would have had to just deal with the situation. My advice to you is that you should go through the BBB give them all the information you shared here, along with your confirmation code. Also, I don't think they can turn your services off if you have kids. I think it's illegal for them to do that to you. Thats not okay. You would think that in today's day and age, even if you wern't able to pay your utility bills, but you did in fact pay, that it would be illegal for them to turn your services off while you have children in your house. Screw Consumers. They are a monopoly that is unfairly overcharging us and taking our hard earned money right out of our pockets. I am sincerely sorry this happened to you and I wish you all the luck in the world with this situation.

  • Th
      2nd of May, 2009
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    my bill last year on 5/22/08 came in at724.27$ and now this year on 5/1/09 it came in at 622.13$ and i have this rising suspision that consumers is fraudulently raising prices right aroud tax time to obtain monies for personal gain

  • Dt
      22nd of Jul, 2010
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    Consumers Energy is not allowed to profit on Natural Gas. They are only collecting on what they pay out on the natural gas that is used. They do make some profit on delivery and your customer charge, but those charges are regulated by the MPSC and Consumers, as a business, is limited at how much they can profit on your bill and annually.

  • Dt
      22nd of Jul, 2010
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    Also, if your bill isn't telling you that you were on their Budget Plan, why would you pay what your bill told you to pay? Despite their error, you did make the mistake by not paying for what you were using.

    One last thing, it is actually law in Michigan for you to provide utility services for your children. It is not against the law for any utility to turn your service off. You could actually get yourself in trouble with child services for not providing your child with utilities. Thats the way the law is...and probably should be.

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