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Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc. / Bad auto loan

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Consumer Portfolio Services, Inc. -

I purchased a 2006 Dodge Truck in late 2006 from a Missouri dealership. I was put at 18% interest with a $530 payment. My finance company is CPS. I was told to come back in 6 months to refinance my vehicle which i have recently done. I am still awaiting an answer. I am running short between pay periods this month and i paid half now and the other half is coming in a week. I am 15 days late from my original payment and they have called me to say i was on the repo list. I thought 90 days was typical on a repo not 15. My wife and i have both talked to these people and they are very rude. I need some help to get away from this company!!! I am getting ready to go fight for my country again and i dont have time to be harassed by some company who makes a killing off of my payments on interest anyway and i am making an effort to pay them before the next pay period. I guess if all else fails i have the soldiers and sailors civil relief act. Please send advice!

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  • Gw
      14th of Nov, 2007
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    I totally agree with the gentlemen about CPS (Consumer Portfolio Services)

    What a rip off! I guess when you are trying to get into a new car you don't really do a follow up on the company that you are being finance with but the services their really suck as far as the Customer Services department. As far as the high interest rate and oh my goodness... they ask that you call when you are not able to make your payment on time but who would want to when they are so rude when you do call. They don't make it comfortable at all for you to call and talk to them about what's going on with your payments.

    Yesterday I called to ask to speak with a manager and the representative there wouldn't even let me speak to a manager nor would she even give me her first name. I don't know what they have noted on my account and I really don't feel secure with this company, even if I made my payments on time. They just don't seem like a company with any integrity.

    I have a brand new car and the interest rates are terrible, along with bad customer services and it seems as if I am stuck. I wish my credit was good enough to have someone refinance my car. CPS is a company I just don't want to deal with and I really hope anyone who is listening that the next time you go out to purchase a new car, please make sure you are not financed with CPS (Consumer Portfolio Services)... a bad company to deal with!

  • Nr
      19th of Mar, 2008
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    I totally agree with both these comments. CPS is the absolute worst company I have ever dealt with. I know there has to be some law out there to protect consumers from their harrassment. I am definitely in the process of looking for one.

    I have asked them repeatedly not to contact my job. They say they wont but still do time and time again. I worked in a corporate position for a very large corporation whose employee base exceeds 100, 000 and I deal with very confidential information daily. I have tried to explain to them that these calls can be detrimental to my position and my job. But they keep calling. Its getting so bad that I am considering seeking legal advice.

    Today I received 2 messages that they called and left. The emails were sent to me by my supervisor and read:

    I assume this message was left by your car finance company. They said you lied about the arrangements you made with them on friday and they will be picking up your car.

    This may not be a big deal to most but I dont want messages like this left on the general answering machine at work. for anyone to read.

    If anyone who reads this has an answer, please send it to me at I have got to get away from these people. I am about to tell them to just come get the car.

  • Sh
      28th of Mar, 2008
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    If debtors made their payments on time as they promised to do, collectors would not call them or their families, work or anyone.

    Unfortunately, most people with bad credit are liars.

    A contract to buy a car on time payments is a "Promissary Note" that the debtor signs "promising" to pay a set amount by a set date. If the debtor does not do what they "Promised" on the "Promissary Note" and if they do not call the company to make other arrangements, then the company is forced to call the customer. If customers did what they "promised" to do they would have no contact from a collector.

    The only reason collectors keep calling losers is because they continue to break their promises.

    Pay your bills on time and quit telling lies!

  • St
      5th of Apr, 2008
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    I just recently co signed a loan for my girl friend and at the time it was a fast and prompt service. About 4 days after we had given the down payment and sealed the deal CPS started calling my work wanting to know if I were married and how much I made a year. My Boss explained to me that they were very very rude and hell a payment was not even due. They continued to call him at home and work wanting to know stuff that was not even of a matter. They also were calling my girlfriend and her work and being just as rude. Im unsure of this compay because I have not been late and have no intentions on being late on the payments. But I would say for sure they could use some serios attention in the customer service dept.

  • J
      6th of Apr, 2008
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    I let the deal take care of my financing on my new car and I seriously regret letting them do that because I got stuck with CPS. The financing manager said something about he was trying to work with them more...I don't know why because they are some of the rudest and most hateful people I've ever talked to. I had a question about my account, so I called them. By the end of our conversation I felt like I was a criminal for asking, not to mention I felt as though I was bothering the "Lady" (gotta keep the language clean here I guess) on the other end of the phone. I've gone to my bank and have an application in to refinance my car with them and then I"m going to send an email to the CEO of CPS to let him know how rude his people are. It was a nightmare after I drove this car off the dealers' lot. Those people called a minimum of 3 times a day wanting to check on this information or that bit of information. I called the dealer back and told him what I thought of those idiots!! I told the dealer that I would be back to purchase another car but he WOULD NOT be taking care of the financing!

  • Ms
      25th of Apr, 2008
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    I can you give a cease contact letter from the FTC ..Email me @ That will prevent them from ever contacting and anyone you know again..God bless

  • Da
      29th of May, 2008
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    These people are absolutely AWFUL. They started charging 8 dollars to pay online..and ten over the phone..or vie versa..and if you mail your payments in they "dont get them" I started putting priority mail tracking numbers on them. And they STILL said they didnt receive them. Even though I had physical proof they SIGNED for the delivery. So I started photographing and videoing myself putting my checks in the envelopes...UNREAL..Im considering filing a suit...I really believe they are simply attempting to make it so people have to pay them the extra 8-10 dollars. Would love to hear from others

  • La
      17th of Jun, 2008
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    I agree with most your responses. CPS is AWFUL!!! I purchased my car with them October of last year and for the first few months my payments were in on time with no problem, but my boyfriend lost his job and we had some financial difficulties for a little while. So I called CPS to let them know what was happening and made arrangements to pay them at the end of the month and they told me that my car is going to be repossed and they made me feel like I was a crminal that stole from the president of the United States or something. They were so rude to me and when I tried to explain to them the situation they did not want to listen and they kept harrasing me, and then when I finally made the payment they told me that next time something happens just call them, but I will NEVER call those people again. why tell me to call if all you are going to do is put me down and threaten to take my car away from me. CPS IS A RIPPOFF AND I WISH I NEVER GOT INVOLVED WITH THEM. JUST BECAUSE YOU HAVE CREDIT HICCUPS DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU HAVE TO BE TREATED LESS THAN A HUMAN BEING. I DESERVE RESPECT AND IF THIS COMPANY WANTS TO TREAT ME LIKE THIS THEN I WILL DO ALL I CAN TO MOVE ON TO SOMEONE ELSE. NO ONE DESERVES TO BE TREATED LIKE CRAP!!!

  • Tr
      19th of Sep, 2008
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    consumer portfolio - threats.fharrasments.lying
    consumer portifolio services
    United States
    Phone: 1800-9790847

    they have taken money out my account without my permissiont.they have called my job harrassing the secretary they called my daughter job lying saying it's afamily emergency.also called my mother that lives in a different state lying to her. harrassing people at my job saying unproffessional remarks.also calling my neighbor which i don't have home number telling my business which i do know we have a privacey act law which they have violated that too which i still have the proof i have asked them not to call my job they contiue to do so . so they were transfered to the public safety office which can be verified. ending very angry consumer fed up with your company.

  • Rh
      8th of Nov, 2008
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    I totally agree with the others consumers who have financed an auto with CPS. They are terrible. They are alwyas threatening me constantly, and they don't want to talk to you. I had one guy go off on me, because it was time for him to go home. I was almost in tears, but they don't care. I am trying my best to get away from this company. Never again, and I will never recommend them to any one. If there is any one out there who may know what we can do, please email me soon. They want to repo my vehicle on Monday at 10:00 a.m.

  • Be
      14th of Nov, 2008
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    I agree with everyone, I'm only behind by 30 days. they have called my job, relatives / friends. Not only do they call them they let them know all of busniess when was the last time I paid. One of the collectors told my sister inlaw she's not going to stop calling her phone until I call her, atfer my sister inlaw told her not call her phone because she was too rude to begin with. They're a horrible company to deal with. I don't know where they get their collections practices from but there's is a thing called the FDCPA with is the collections act. Everyone, needs to make a compliant there or just mention it to them when they call they will change their tone and everything. They have also said that they were going to repo my car it's all a lie just so you pay them. All these complaint and no does nothing about this company this company needs something done and trust me I'm going to keep complainting until there is.

  • Lo
      22nd of Jan, 2009
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    This Finance company sucks big time. They have me so upside down on my car that i can't get out of it unless i put 4 or five thousand dollars down just to get my car note respectable. I have had my car appraised by three different companies and they say that it is not worth 23, 400 dollasr that is what i own after financing it at 24, 700 Sixteens months ago they are a rip off and they won't give you a straight answer.

  • Po
      24th of Mar, 2009
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    Shannon Ash had some really harsh remarks about "debtors". Shannon you really should grow up. Just because someone owes money does not make them a liar. Your hard times will come and all the nasty things you said will hit you like a ton of bricks. Bad things happen to good people all the time... that does not make them liars.

    As far as CPS is concerned...they really do suck! Their lending practices are predatory in nature and should be considered for criminal prosecution. The problem is...the government does not like to get in the middle of a business and its dealings with the public where contracts are concerned. Although CPS deals with high risk accounts all the time they unfortunately do not respect their customers. Times are hard for evryone right now and it would be in their best interest to work out problems with their customers rather than threaten them illegally.

    Everyone has the right to be respected. A person calls in good faith to resolve a problem and the company responds with disrespectful violence. This company should be reportded to the Better Business Bureau, the Consumer Fair Credit Agencies, and the Federal Government as a predatory lender. Let's see how rude they are to the goverment.

    As far as the telephone contact, you can send a letter in writing to cease all telephone contact and that they may only contact you by mail. They need a valid way to contact you as it is their right to protect their investment. If they fail to comply within 30 days, you have legal recourse. Make sure you send the letter certified mail or via email so you have proof. You can contact all 3 credit bureaus and file a complaint along with the copy of the letters that you send to them. Your statement may remain on your creidt file regarding the company as well. You can also have all 3 credit reporting agencies do an investigation as to the violation of protected credit laws.

    If you give your vehicle back to the finance company, you will still owe the money and they can sue you for breach of contract (ie attach your wages, income tax returns, put liens on your home and any other personal property that you own). It is in your own best interest to keep your promises to pay and find another fincance company as soon as possible.

    In the future, always read the fine print, do not be pushed into financing that you don't understand even if that means you do not buy a car from that dealer, and remember... for every NO there will be someone who says YES.

    The bottom line is, BUYER BEWARE!!! Hope this helps.

  • Li
      31st of Mar, 2009
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    How bout them processing payments regardless when the check is written? Yep, that's what happened to me... I mailed out my payment with the check date on the day that it was due which is the 2nd of every month. I mailed it out and even though they check was written for 4/2/09 they processed the check on 3/30/09 causing overdraft fees of $145. I called them and their CSR just told me that they process checks regardless of the dates on checks. So I told her, you mean to tell me that you would process any check with any bogus date and she said "Yes"!. Unbelievable! I only have less than $6, 000 to go to get done with this nightmare. And just as others, that they call your place of work they did that to me at one time... for $20. I know my rights so I quickly told them that they are not allowed to call me at my place of work and to handle personal business else where!

    P.S. I did file a BBB report. We'll see the outcome of that!

  • Ni
      13th of Apr, 2009
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    I have done some research on CPS a few minutes ago and came across this page and was completely in AGREEMENT with everyones complaints. I had not so good credit to purchase a car on my own, so my brother took out a 2006 Ford Focus in 2007 for me. The loan is his name and I have paid on this car for the past two years. The beginning of this year I was laid off my job but continued to make 2 more payments. I have not made my March payment and have tried to contact them in regards to work something out. I have received at least 115 phone calls from the 15th of March to this day. I am as others are in the world going through extremely hard financial difficulties and am struggling to make arrangements with this lender, because the loan is in my brothers name they will not HELP me or even talk to me about the account. THIS AFTER MONTH AFTER MONTH OF SPEAKING WITH A CERTAIN INDIVDUAL WHO I KNOW ON A FIRST NAME BASIS, THIS WOMAN KNOWS THE PAYMENT IS COMING FROM ME wil not help me nor speak to me because I am not the person on the loan. HUH???? They wont help me make payment arrangements but yet they are quick TO TAKE MY MONEY. I never went passed a week after my date of the payment and within a day late they would call my brothers place of employment leaving disrespectful messages and leaving them with his supervisor. UNBELIEVABLE. I immediately called them and TOLD THEM He could get fired due to there harrassing phone calls. They said they would note it on the account and not do it anymore. They continued to do so. After going through the paperwork from the dealership and reading everything I did about this company. I heard the doorbell ring, it was FEDERAL EXPRESS. with a letter from CPS, (which the sender on the envelope states CPS MERCURY FINANCE????? telling me (well my brother) that I am delinquent on my account and I need to contact them to pay the UNPAID BALANCE IN FULL. And MY NAME IS ON REPO LIST.
    I have half of the payment I owe and they refuse to take it, its all or nothing. I am this close to tell them to come and take the DAMN car. I have paid over $10, 000 on it and it kills me to lose it. I would rather take the loss to avoid dealing with this company ever again... THE ONLY THING IS THAT THE ACCOUNT IS IN MY BROTHERS NAME. CAn someone please tell me what will happen??? SInce this company will not talk to me??? AND my brother is missing in action. What will happen to the loan? Im sure his credit score will drop. I just dont want them to put a wage assignment on him?? CAN SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME???? SINCE THIS LENDER WONT.. THANKS

  • Do
      15th of Apr, 2009
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    I had the pleasure of dealing with CPS over a year ago and you all are right the people who work for them are heartless! I was put on their repo list because of a late payment of $125. I tried to reason with them in order to make payment arrangements to no avail! I in turn email the BBB about their phone tactics and late charges. The out come was GREAT!!! They called me (CPS) removed the late fees and was able to resume regular payments on my vehicle. I still have a little over a year to pay these suckers and when I do to HELL with them!. All of you folks out there that are looking for a vehicle please do not finance it through CONSUMER PORTFOLIO SERVICES!!!And For those of you that are having problems with CPS please, please contact THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU!!!

  • Ju
      17th of Apr, 2009
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    I absolutely agree with everyone... I want to shout it out to the world.
    By the grace of God in Heaven I am finally free of these guys or so I think. I haven't had any problems with them calling me.. but had PLENTY of problems with their HORRIBLE customer service. The first 3 months of the loan, I sent the payments in myself, but was wondering why I never heard from them. I called them repeatedly and was told by various customer service staff that I "didn't have a loan with them". I had to go to my dealer (shady dealership) to get my account number, call them back only to find out that they had the wrong social security number attached to my loan. (Which means all that positive payment history wasn't getting reported). Put in the fact they make you pay 8 bucks for an online payment, even more over the phone.

    No matter what number I call of the twelve dozen different ones they have it is never the right number, I am always directed to some other number, which is never the right number (they don't transfer you, just give you a whole other 1 800 number), so generally if I had any questions or issues, I had to call on average 3 or 4 different numbers before actually getting the right group of people to talk to. When I talked to them they were less than friendly, acted as if they didn't care, and were incredibly slow to rectify issues. (It took them another two months to record my correct social) I have had several times when I called and just got outright hung up on.

    I agree with the user about them "not getting" checks, and trying to force you to use their 8 and 10 dollar services. I got calls on more than one occasion about my late payment for a check I had already sent and had shown it cashed. I have had to fight with them to get them to correct their records and late charges for payments they cashed but didn't post to my account.

    I was niave at the time when the dealer got me into a vehicle when others wanted more down and such. Had I known I was going to be paying a 20.9% interest rate and all that entailed I probably would have rode a bike to work for a little while. 2 years later and I was still 5K upside down in the loan, never missing or being late with a payment however my credit being much better, my income being great, and joining a great credit union I thought I would be rid of these guys. I find the car I want, the dealer is willing to work with me on the trade, my credit union is good to go with everything. The dealer and I call the pay off line (after going through 3 different numbers again) and get the 10 day pay off information. The lady at the time cheerfully says a number (9, 033), the dealer rights out a check, sends it off. We finalize everything and I am doing great.. 3x the car, for the same payment, with bigger loan and a nice 6.9% APR.
    Cut to a month later, I get a letter from CPS saying that there was still 68 dollars or so left on my account, and they would not release the title until it is paid.

    Another 4 numbers later, I get the pay off people. (All previous 3 numbers had no idea where this 68 dollars was coming from). Pay off people tell me that my dealer was short... I explain to them I heard the 10 day pay off, the dealer had the check to them within ten days.. and the lady proceeds to tell me that my dealer, the salesman, and myself all must have heard the pay off person wrong.. that we were short 68 dollars and some change. I ask if I can just pay it over the phone... nope. They won't take pay off amounts less than 2, 000 over the phone and even if they made an exception it is a 10 dollar charge. My dealer has been kind enough to send a check to them for that now...

    But it just goes to show you, even after you think you have these blood sucking vultures of the auto loan industry paid off, they will find a way to eek out a few more drops from you.

    Lesson learned though, they served their purpose and reported my payments to the credit bureau which helped me establish better credit, good enough to finally attempt to get rid of these guys.

    But if you ever hear of someone going to be financed through them, or you are on hard times and bad credit, and a dealer is able to put you into a car when all other dealers can't. Make sure that dealer isn't using CPS, because aside from the insane interest rate, they treat you like hell, when you can actually get them on the phone.

    There are plenty other blood suckers out there that are happy to stick you with a 18+% loans, but they at least treat you like a customer.

    Trust me, it is far better to go through a credit union for a 5K car, then to go through CPS for a 10 to 15K car. If times are hard, get a beater until they aren't because dealing with absolute criminals like Consumer Portfolio Services aren't worth it. If their interest rate and customer service weren't horrible enough, they make it a pain in the butt to pay them off as well.

  • To
      18th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    i have a loan with them and i admit i have fallen on terrible times and my payments are not on time. They are very heartless people. Today i challenged the person in their legal department to give me until the 22 after failed attempts at borrowing the money for my payment. I asked her if she attended church and was she a Christian and we went back and forth about how i was a liar and i inadvertenly gave her my pastor name and church number and she called them. I am so broken up by this because they have went too far. Connie at least that is who she says she is even told me to call my human resource dept to check in for some other benefits that may help me mentally because she says I have problems. Right now I am so broken up by this, I cannot think straight. I need this car because I use it for work and I know I wont be in this financial mess forever but what gives. I do not know what to do.

  • Fa
      3rd of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am sooooooooooooooo scared after reading all of these!!! I was with a company called Peak 5 and they sold my loan to this company. I just found out because I have been calling and trying to make payments to Peak 5 over the phone and through there website but I could not get them. Finally I thought about calling the BBC and they said I was through one of two different company's. The first company does not have any record and that leaves me with this company!! GOD I am sooo nervouse. I just tried calling the 877-761-3111 number but got no answer!! Now what do I do?

  • Da
      13th of Aug, 2009
    0 Votes

    There is not much protection on the consumer when it comes to people having a hard time with their bills, you can contact bbb (better business ) and anyone else, people like this, with wealth and limited compassion for the common American do'nt give a whoot about your problems, They are in it strictly for the profit, they use the laws that we have given power to our senators who vote on the legistration and allow these crooks to perpetrait on the innoccent, things like this has gone on since man created money. Well there is probaly one are two things you can do, one is try to traid the car in and save some lost of cash, hire a lawyer (good luck on finding an honest one) contact the attourney generals office, at lease they will write you back, and keep on telling everyone you know about these characters who are useing the system for profit with no morals are respect toward you and I.

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