Conn'sstore wants to sell me a open box used item for full price

Hello I was approved for $7, 500 yes money credit three days ago. I went to Conn's to make a small purchase for (1) Friedrich 13, 500 BTU Portable Heat/Cool Room Air Conditioner (PH14B) at the Conn's in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. I was only doing it to build credit with your company and maybe in the near future I would purchase a new sofa set. The only PH14B portable air conditioner left in the store was an open box that was pre installed and returned for what ever reasons. I was going to purchase this item but since it's been used I ask the manager what kind of discount can he give me for this item and he said none.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Baton Rouge, LA He wanted to charge me the full price for this item that was used. I feel that it's a ripoff, he could have worked with me on the price for a used item or given me something off the price that was used in someone's home. So now I have second thoughts about dealing with Conn's because of this. So is it right to be charge full price $579.99 plus tax and finance charge for an item with out the box and been pre installed at someones home. So I called the customer service office and they called the baton Rouge, store and the manager lied and said the item was not used. So I guess I will have to do business with Best Buy instead I guess.

Jan 04, 2018

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