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I purchased a Samsung washer and dryer from Conns on 6/25/16, and the Dryer stopped working on 7/1/16. I called the Conns Tech out, and he came on 7/2/16 when he looked at the dryer he stated that the electronic boards in it had burned out and will need to be replaced, and could take a week to receive the parts. what also concerned me was the Technician told use that they haven't been train the these models yet, doesn't sound very promising. I wasn't happy with what I heard so I ended up returning to the store to explain my situation. once I got there I asked for the store manager, but instead they sent me the sales guy that sold me the stuff. I explained to him what was going on the dryer, and that I wanted to switch it out in stead of waiting for repairs from a Tech that may not know what is going on with the drying himself. the sales guy walks over to his manager and explained my situation, the store manager sent him back over to me to say that they were not able to do a switch out because It wasn't working, it is store policy. What Pissed me off more is the Manager did not want to acknowledge me himself to take care of the situation which is a part of being a store manager. I had to literally had to walk up to him and make him take care of my issue. this store has poor customer service and is in need of customer service training. and the store policy sucks because the customer has to suffer for being sold a faulty product. when Conns should be handing this with Samsung. I regret my purchase from this place and I will never buy anything else from this place nor will I advise anyone to shop here. the only reason I even came to this store is because my Husbands friend is sales guy at the store. I should have went to Lowes were customer service is awesome and prices are lower. once this machine is fixed I will be returning both washer and dryer I have had it!

Jul 04, 2016
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      Oct 20, 2016

    Had my washer not even 24 hours and almost sounds identical to my issue...3 weeks later still no exchange. Tech has been out 3 times. First, came to look at it needed two parts, second time to replace the those parts and also stated that it needs another part. They are still going back and forth with me about an exchange. The repairman has been nice.

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