Con Edison / unethical behavior of con ed employee

12.2.2016 @ 11:25pm roughly right in front of 98 bayard st.
vehicle NY plate 66603ME stopped in the middle of the street; no signals, no hazards turned on; just parked in the middle of the street.
there was no way to get around the vehicle as there were CITI bikes parked to the right hand side and the road was too narrow on the left (i would have to drive on the side walk). I polietly waited there roughly 5mins, there was no motions in the vehicle; cars behind were honking. An african american employee comes out of the driver side and puts his hand in my face and yells "BACK UP BACK UP; I want to park there!!" He was pointing at the left side of the st but the entire block was literally free! He could have easily continued driving UP the block or even could have started to park right next to him. but instead he had to come up to me, in the middle of the night and put his hand in my face! this is seriously rediculious!
I understand that he might be there for a job, but to hold up traffic and then to come out in a threatening manner and put his hands in my face to tell me to move just so he could park in a spot was truely uncalled for.
I have a photo of the block at the time this incident happened, and it clearly shows there were no cars next to him or in his vicinity. he could have pulled over like a normal person and waited for traffic to pass.

Dec 02, 2016

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