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Compass Bank / nsf fees / bad customer service

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I have had a checking account with Compass Bank in Arizona for 6 years. I am here to tell everyone DO NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH COMPASS. A couple months ago I ordered a replacement debit card for my husband. Instead, Compass canceled my debit card and reported it as stolen. It took 4 visits in person to the branch office on 7th St and Union Hills. Hours on the phone with bank card customer service. 2 weeks later I finally got my card replaced. But not before being stranded 70 miles from home with no cash and no access to my checking account. I did not get so much as an apology.
Recently they charged me $1200 in nsf fees. It started out as an overdraft of a few dollars and by the time they were done it was a huge mess. Again tried to use their customer service. Again no satisfaction.

Compass has some of the highest banking fees in the country. They also make a habit of delaying posting deposits but put the debits through immediately. Then hit you with numerous fees and before you have a chance to make an additional deposit (because you get the notice 10 days later from Birmingham Alabama) you have fees on top of fees. I am trying to close my account now. They are charging me $7 per day and all that is left on it are the last nsf fees I am refusing to pay. There are plenty of banks out there looking for your business. Leave Compass as fast as you can.

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  • Mi
      8th of Jul, 2007
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    Just like thousands of others, I have been ripped off by my bank over the couple last years in NSF fees. I'm tired of this, and am looking for support from the community to help put an end to this "legal scam".

    I have the domain and I'm looking for help from the community. I need help with:

    - Building this site so we can get people to register and sign a petition (with email verification)
    - Course of action: Who do we go to? Local congressman? Federal level?
    - Spread the word
    - Conduct an online survey and collect information on how much fees has the average unsuspecting consumer paid over the last month, year.

    I know that we live in a capitalist country. But I also know that we live in a democracy. The highest power in this country is people.


  • Ne
      16th of Oct, 2007
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    I opened some "free" accounts for my teenagers. I expected them to overdraw at some point. I expected some fees. I figured that if they did, they should pay the price and learn a lesson.

    I did not expect to find a company as predatory as Compass Bank.

    When my son overdrew his account on a Monday. On Wednesday they finally mailed a notice of the overdraft. I did not get said mailing until the end of the day on Friday. So I went to the bank on Saturday with CASH, only to learn that

    1. the cash deposit would not post until midnight Monday, so any further action over the weekend or on Monday would hit as overdrafts. In other words more $38.00 fees.

    2. Once an account is overdrawn for a week, they charge a $38.00 fee PLUS $7.00 per day.

    Because my daughter had once worked for Compass, she was able to hook me up with someone who would make the cash deposit post on Saturday. Without an inside tip, my son would have been out many more dollars.

    My daughter, likewise, overdrew her account. We did get to the bank in time with cash to avoid the whole overdrawn for a week problem. But a bank official looked at her screen and said she was $251.00 in the hole, but nothing else was due to come in, so her advice was to wait until the next day and deposit the correct amount. We deposited $300.00 in cash.

    Guess what? Overnight another item showed up for some $20.00, but because it was posted for the previous day, it was debited from the account, which drew another $38.00 fee, before the $300.00 was credited.

    I had a bank official explain what she should do directly to my daughter, but then I told my daughter what they would really do to her. For example, the banker told her that they "may" place a hold on any check we deposited, even if it was from a local bank to stop the overdraft hemorrhage. I told my daughter that they absolutely WOULD place a hold on any check we deposited because it is the Compass Bank policy to do so. Again, having a daughter who told me the inside scoop was valuable.

    Anyhow, when we went to close the accounts a week later, I actually had the branch manager, I think his name is Michael Daley, at the Compass Bank at 7347 FEDERAL BLVD in Westminster, Colorado, come out, insist that I come to his office, and try to argue with me that I didn't know what I was talking about. I told him at least 3 times that I had no interest in arguing, that I simply wanted to close my account and leave. He insisted on "trying to educate me with facts". He finally quit trying to argue with me when I told him that I didn't trust him because he was only spouting the company line as he had been taught to do. Even then, as we were walking out, he said something very sophomoric about me "making him laugh" for not wanting to listen to him.

    ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS CLOSE MY ACCOUNT, AND HE WANTED TO DRAW ME INTO AN ARGUMENT! I left with my jaw on the ground over how unprofessional and childish they acted.

    My 16 year old daughter could not believe it either.

    TMy advice: Do not to business with Compass. They are predatory and seem to be interested in padding their bottom line with fees.

    Oh, yeah, they also charged a $1.50 fee to use their ATM to check a balance on an account at their bank.

  • Li
      13th of May, 2008
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    They are predatory indeed. They change the chronological order of deposits & withdrawals in order to create fraudulent reasons to charge their customers NSF fees, then refuse to show the actual documentation of said deposits & withdrawals. Their tactics are absolutely disgusting & if I were an employee of this deplorable institution, I would be embarrassed & feel like I had sold my soul to the devil. I cannot believe employees can defend the conduct of this company. I am closing my account immediately. I would never recommend this bank to anyone, including my worst enemy, EVER!

  • Se
      24th of May, 2008
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    I was drawn to open an account with compass bank because of their advertising and purported 6.5% interest on a checking account. It sounds like they are actually a bunch of money grubbing A--holes and I will avoid like the plague. Thanks for posting your experience.

  • Do
      26th of Jun, 2008
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    I am fighting Compass right now about NSF fees. I actually had something that was unauthorized to go through my bank. So I called them & of course they told me I would have to file a dispute, etc. I was charged $38/NSF fees even BEFORE the item went through. Then, they put the larger item (disputed $69.90), BEFORE they put the &7.95 one through. So I incurred THREE NSFs. A few months ago, I incurred an NSF fee because they took out a check BEFORE they credited my deposit. I called to get them to reverse the charges but they refused. I read an article on msn a few days ago but can't find it again. It talked about this very thing & I believe it said that there is a bill that is trying to be passed against this very thing. The larger check/ debit goes through first PURPOSELY because banks are making MILLIONS of dollars a year on this. If we report these banks to the Federal Trade Commission, it may help. You can do that on-line. BTW, I am closing this account. I've already opened a new one with Bank Trust. So far, they seem much better. I talked to them first to see if they used such tactics & they said no.

  • Ja
      24th of Jul, 2008
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    I had same problem with Compass bank and their predatory tactics. There were multiple unauthorized charges on my account by two institutions and by the time i noticed a week later (when i walked in to the bank to make a deposit) i was already $800 in the hole in compass NSF 38.00 fees tacked on top of the UNAUTHORIZED charges. My Debit card was never declined despite being 800 in the hole so naturally i never knew anything was wrong. IT TOOK SPEAKING TO THREE DIFFERENT COMPASS BANKS TO FINALLY CLOSE MY DEBIT CARD.
    They refused to shut down my account until everything was paid up despite my account fraudelently being tapped into. Meanwhile the fees just kept adding up because COMPASS ALSO REFUSED TO FREEZE MY ACCOUNT. The only way to avoid the continued HEMORRAGE was to pay about $950 to bring my account out of the negative balance and immediately shut it down.

    I never heard of a bank not being able to at least FREEZE an account if there are unauthorized charges, but Compass claimed that banks dont freeze accounts. Further, their so called "investigative team" at compass's 1800 # were rude and one of the managers simply said that compass is not in the business of "policeing accounts" therefore they don't cancel or decline debit cards when the account goes into the negative balance. Had i not walked into the bank within that one week my account could have gone several thousand into the hole within a matter of two-three weeks since Compass doesn't decline debit cards. Therefore, no way of knowing if your account is fraudelently being used, until of course you either walk into the bank or get the statement in the mail.

    They have one hell of a racket going on. I am shocked that the FBI or other Federal authorities havent looked into these abuses.

  • Ha
      16th of Jun, 2009
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    Same here. Compass charges exhorbitant fees. They purposely time deposits and withdrawals in order to create an "appearance" of being overdrawn.

    The entire world wide banking industry basis all account activity on the "posting" date of a debit, either electronic or check. Compass actually arbitrarily uses either the date of the transaction, or the posting date. They also "pre post" checks.

    For example, if you have a 100 dollar balance, and use your debit card to buy gas for 50 dollars, the gas charge may not show up for 3 or 4's post date. Say you buy the gas, go grocery shopping, pay some bills etc, your cleared balance at the end of the day is 49.00. So you deposit 75.00. The next day you have a positive balance with both the deposit and the gas charge pending. Another day goes by, and both the charges clear. What does compass do? Well, since you originally made the gas charge before the deposit cleared, even though they were on the SAME DAY...they charge a 38.00 NSF. Of course, you don't know this, and you happilly use your card...and Compass then maximizes their fees by ordering the times they clear. I've paid over a thousand dollars in fees because of a .35 cent balancing mistake.

    I personally don't understand how it is legal for Compass to arbitrarily use the origination date or the posting date in order to deliberately generate fees.

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