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avoid scott tutwiler!

If you are a business customer of Compass Bank and you call their Business Client Services line I warn you to...

compass is stealing money from the poor

I am disgusted and at a total loss. My mother-in-law, father-in-law, and their three grandchildren are being beaten down by Compass. They are missionaries in Mexico. They receive very limited funds to carry out their mission and maintain their living situation. Recently they went to an atm to pull out $500 to use as they needed for food and other living costs. The atm told them it could not dispense money at that time. To their horror they later found out the bank had debited the amount despite them not receiving any money at all. They contacted the bank, and as of now no one has come to the location to confirm the problem and on top of that they have charged them over $250 in overdraft fees. I know that since the location is in Mexico it may be difficult to do this, but they are CHARGING them while this is going on. These good people are being trampled on and kicked in the face by this heartless company. As I said they have very little money to begin with. This has thrown them into a very dangerous situation. Compass will not raise a finger to help them and is willing placing them in irreversible debt. My husband and I are sending them everything we can, but I have no idea what to do. I fear my family is sitting in a foreign country with little to now money and possibly running out of time. They will not recover from this is Compass keeps charging them to death. I need help and I have no idea where to go.

  • Hr
    H. Roberta Arrigo Jan 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am having a similar situation with my mother whose social security check is being eaten up by OD fees from this bank. Hasn't anyone thought about writing to the State of Alabama Banking Department or to the Alabama State Attorney General's Office. ( Their address is: PO Box 4600, Montgomery, AL 36103). The Chairman and CEO of Compass Bank is Mr. D. Paul Jones, Jr., Compass Bank, PO Box 10566, Birmingham, AL 35296. If this bank has branches in other states this becomes an interstate commerce issue and you should berihng this to the attention of the US State Attorney General's Office in Washington DC. Send him a detailed history and copies of all documents. Make sure you keep detailed copies of everything you send out and when you send mail make sure you send it priority mail with a delivery confirmation. It will cost you a little more but the security of knowing your stuff got there is worth it. Compass Bank will not pick up any mail that is certified/return receipt requested because that leaves a paper trail as someone has to sign for it!! Enough complaints and someone will do something!! The problem is that poor people don't know how to use the system to their advantage. Good luck!!

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  • Su
    Susan Denton Oct 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Thank you so much for the address. I will write today. I was with this bank for one year. This was the worst business relationship I have ever experienced. They do not credit deposits for days. They take money out with a credit card authorization that hasn't even posted. I spoke to Carrie at corporate and she was extrememly hostile and defensive. I stood in line one day and all of the people in front of me complained. I am in Florida and there are numerous Better Business Bureau complaints against them.

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  • Sh
    Shane Denton Oct 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Compass Bank Regulator:
    The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta
    Public Affairs Office
    Pierce Nelson 404-498-8748
    Jean Tate 404-498-8035

    Please call or write this number if you have complaints about Compass Bank. They simply cannot get away with these practices. They are outside of the norm of other bank practices.

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poor service!

We worked about couple hours every day just to get the mailing address to mail a payment for our home equity line of credit. Can't find proper details incur online account. Cant find a statement for our home line of credit or an address where we can mail check for the payment. Calling customer services for more than 45 online holding for a person to answer, but no luck. this is the case for a long time. The work customer service I had ever had in the US.

I think this is causing so much inconvenience as we work all day and try to take care of our personal stuff after work; and Compass bank is making it impossible for us. Can't get a person to give us the address to mail a check.

  • Ro
    Robert T Murphy Jan 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Compass bank HAS VERY POOR SERVICE and needs to go out of business,... I will NEVER EVER,... Deal with this BANK of Bandits again. And the next car we have to get a loan threw Compass bank we are parking the Car and walking out.

    A person who just paid off a LOAN should not have to go threw what we went threw,..they sucked the joy of paying a 4 year loan right out the window by losing the TITLE of the car and before then,.. Lost Money that was trasfered to one bank to Theirs (Which I am still wondering how that could of happend. I AM SPREADING the word that COMPASS BANK is a POOR SERVICE,..bank and is not a PEOPLE Bank as they claim. Another problem is that they don't seem to have Managers of this Bank of Bandits who are ready to handle PEOPLE'S Complants or Frustrations.

    THIS BANK IS THE WORST BANK I HAVE EVER CAME ACROSS AND THOSE WHO WORK IN IT,..are so untrained and really need to find other jobs. A monkey can answer phones!! WE want someone who can help us Pay off loans and speedy service and Knows what is going on.

    Robert T Murphy

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  • Ch
    Charlie Aug 20, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Totally Agree!!!

    This bank is operating like it's 1995 - they will not recognize a cash deposit on the day that its made but will post cleared checks on a previous days basis. They are in buisness to charge fees thats it !!...Mark my word this bank will not be around much longer. Customer service reps are untrained and very unproffesional. I am a big believer in Wells Fargo - I'm going back...

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unauthorized billing!

I had two checking accounts with Compass. I called the 800 number and asked them to link them together. The lady was new and ended up very to call me back and then saying them were linked together. Meaning if money wasn't in 1 account it would pull from the other. Now I find out that that is not even possbile with Compass. I had purchases totaling around $70 and was charged $304 in NSF FEES alone not including purchase. I talked to the Regional Corporate Office and they only offered to credit back three. My direct deposit was $326 and left virtually nothing. I am a single parent on welfare and working trying to survive. Compass has poor customer and rude employees. I ADVISE EVERYBODY NOT TO OPEN A ACCOUNT WITH COMPASS. THEY ARE TAKING ADVANTAGE OF THEIR CUSTOMERS AND PRACTICING UNFAIR BANKING PRACTICES. BANKS SHOULD NOT BE ABLE TO CHARGE UNFAIR FEES. I DO NOT HAVE OVERDRAFT PROTECTION OF MY ACCOUNT THEREFORE THE CHARGES SHOULD NOT BE ALLOWED BUT THEY ALLOW THEM BECAUSE THEY KNOW THEY CAN CHARGE THESE FEES.

nsf fees / bad customer service

I have had a checking account with Compass Bank in Arizona for 6 years. I am here to tell everyone DO NOT OPEN AN ACCOUNT WITH COMPASS. A couple months ago I ordered a replacement debit card for my husband. Instead, Compass canceled my debit card and reported it as stolen. It took 4 visits in person to the branch office on 7th St and Union Hills. Hours on the phone with bank card customer service. 2 weeks later I finally got my card replaced. But not before being stranded 70 miles from home with no cash and no access to my checking account. I did not get so much as an apology.
Recently they charged me $1200 in nsf fees. It started out as an overdraft of a few dollars and by the time they were done it was a huge mess. Again tried to use their customer service. Again no satisfaction.

Compass has some of the highest banking fees in the country. They also make a habit of delaying posting deposits but put the debits through immediately. Then hit you with numerous fees and before you have a chance to make an additional deposit (because you get the notice 10 days later from Birmingham Alabama) you have fees on top of fees. I am trying to close my account now. They are charging me $7 per day and all that is left on it are the last nsf fees I am refusing to pay. There are plenty of banks out there looking for your business. Leave Compass as fast as you can.

  • Mi
    Mike Dallas Jul 08, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    Just like thousands of others, I have been ripped off by my bank over the couple last years in NSF fees. I'm tired of this, and am looking for support from the community to help put an end to this "legal scam".

    I have the domain www.stopbankfees.com and I'm looking for help from the community. I need help with:

    - Building this site so we can get people to register and sign a petition (with email verification)
    - Course of action: Who do we go to? Local congressman? Federal level?
    - Spread the word
    - Conduct an online survey and collect information on how much fees has the average unsuspecting consumer paid over the last month, year.

    I know that we live in a capitalist country. But I also know that we live in a democracy. The highest power in this country is people.

    [email protected]

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  • Ne
    Neil Oct 16, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I opened some "free" accounts for my teenagers. I expected them to overdraw at some point. I expected some fees. I figured that if they did, they should pay the price and learn a lesson.

    I did not expect to find a company as predatory as Compass Bank.

    When my son overdrew his account on a Monday. On Wednesday they finally mailed a notice of the overdraft. I did not get said mailing until the end of the day on Friday. So I went to the bank on Saturday with CASH, only to learn that

    1. the cash deposit would not post until midnight Monday, so any further action over the weekend or on Monday would hit as overdrafts. In other words more $38.00 fees.

    2. Once an account is overdrawn for a week, they charge a $38.00 fee PLUS $7.00 per day.

    Because my daughter had once worked for Compass, she was able to hook me up with someone who would make the cash deposit post on Saturday. Without an inside tip, my son would have been out many more dollars.

    My daughter, likewise, overdrew her account. We did get to the bank in time with cash to avoid the whole overdrawn for a week problem. But a bank official looked at her screen and said she was $251.00 in the hole, but nothing else was due to come in, so her advice was to wait until the next day and deposit the correct amount. We deposited $300.00 in cash.

    Guess what? Overnight another item showed up for some $20.00, but because it was posted for the previous day, it was debited from the account, which drew another $38.00 fee, before the $300.00 was credited.

    I had a bank official explain what she should do directly to my daughter, but then I told my daughter what they would really do to her. For example, the banker told her that they "may" place a hold on any check we deposited, even if it was from a local bank to stop the overdraft hemorrhage. I told my daughter that they absolutely WOULD place a hold on any check we deposited because it is the Compass Bank policy to do so. Again, having a daughter who told me the inside scoop was valuable.

    Anyhow, when we went to close the accounts a week later, I actually had the branch manager, I think his name is Michael Daley, at the Compass Bank at 7347 FEDERAL BLVD in Westminster, Colorado, come out, insist that I come to his office, and try to argue with me that I didn't know what I was talking about. I told him at least 3 times that I had no interest in arguing, that I simply wanted to close my account and leave. He insisted on "trying to educate me with facts". He finally quit trying to argue with me when I told him that I didn't trust him because he was only spouting the company line as he had been taught to do. Even then, as we were walking out, he said something very sophomoric about me "making him laugh" for not wanting to listen to him.

    ALL I WANTED TO DO WAS CLOSE MY ACCOUNT, AND HE WANTED TO DRAW ME INTO AN ARGUMENT! I left with my jaw on the ground over how unprofessional and childish they acted.

    My 16 year old daughter could not believe it either.

    TMy advice: Do not to business with Compass. They are predatory and seem to be interested in padding their bottom line with fees.

    Oh, yeah, they also charged a $1.50 fee to use their ATM to check a balance on an account at their bank.

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  • Li
    Lisa May 13, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    They are predatory indeed. They change the chronological order of deposits & withdrawals in order to create fraudulent reasons to charge their customers NSF fees, then refuse to show the actual documentation of said deposits & withdrawals. Their tactics are absolutely disgusting & if I were an employee of this deplorable institution, I would be embarrassed & feel like I had sold my soul to the devil. I cannot believe employees can defend the conduct of this company. I am closing my account immediately. I would never recommend this bank to anyone, including my worst enemy, EVER!

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  • Se
    Sean A. Murphy May 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I was drawn to open an account with compass bank because of their advertising and purported 6.5% interest on a checking account. It sounds like they are actually a bunch of money grubbing A--holes and I will avoid like the plague. Thanks for posting your experience.

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  • Do
    Donna Lewallen Jun 26, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am fighting Compass right now about NSF fees. I actually had something that was unauthorized to go through my bank. So I called them & of course they told me I would have to file a dispute, etc. I was charged $38/NSF fees even BEFORE the item went through. Then, they put the larger item (disputed $69.90), BEFORE they put the &7.95 one through. So I incurred THREE NSFs. A few months ago, I incurred an NSF fee because they took out a check BEFORE they credited my deposit. I called to get them to reverse the charges but they refused. I read an article on msn a few days ago but can't find it again. It talked about this very thing & I believe it said that there is a bill that is trying to be passed against this very thing. The larger check/ debit goes through first PURPOSELY because banks are making MILLIONS of dollars a year on this. If we report these banks to the Federal Trade Commission, it may help. You can do that on-line. BTW, I am closing this account. I've already opened a new one with Bank Trust. So far, they seem much better. I talked to them first to see if they used such tactics & they said no.

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  • Ja
    Jackie Jul 24, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had same problem with Compass bank and their predatory tactics. There were multiple unauthorized charges on my account by two institutions and by the time i noticed a week later (when i walked in to the bank to make a deposit) i was already $800 in the hole in compass NSF 38.00 fees tacked on top of the UNAUTHORIZED charges. My Debit card was never declined despite being 800 in the hole so naturally i never knew anything was wrong. IT TOOK SPEAKING TO THREE DIFFERENT COMPASS BANKS TO FINALLY CLOSE MY DEBIT CARD.
    They refused to shut down my account until everything was paid up despite my account fraudelently being tapped into. Meanwhile the fees just kept adding up because COMPASS ALSO REFUSED TO FREEZE MY ACCOUNT. The only way to avoid the continued HEMORRAGE was to pay about $950 to bring my account out of the negative balance and immediately shut it down.

    I never heard of a bank not being able to at least FREEZE an account if there are unauthorized charges, but Compass claimed that banks dont freeze accounts. Further, their so called "investigative team" at compass's 1800 # were rude and one of the managers simply said that compass is not in the business of "policeing accounts" therefore they don't cancel or decline debit cards when the account goes into the negative balance. Had i not walked into the bank within that one week my account could have gone several thousand into the hole within a matter of two-three weeks since Compass doesn't decline debit cards. Therefore, no way of knowing if your account is fraudelently being used, until of course you either walk into the bank or get the statement in the mail.

    They have one hell of a racket going on. I am shocked that the FBI or other Federal authorities havent looked into these abuses.

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  • Ha
    Hatebanks Jun 16, 2009

    Same here. Compass charges exhorbitant fees. They purposely time deposits and withdrawals in order to create an "appearance" of being overdrawn.

    The entire world wide banking industry basis all account activity on the "posting" date of a debit, either electronic or check. Compass actually arbitrarily uses either the date of the transaction, or the posting date. They also "pre post" checks.

    For example, if you have a 100 dollar balance, and use your debit card to buy gas for 50 dollars, the gas charge may not show up for 3 or 4 days...it's post date. Say you buy the gas, go grocery shopping, pay some bills etc, your cleared balance at the end of the day is 49.00. So you deposit 75.00. The next day you have a positive balance with both the deposit and the gas charge pending. Another day goes by, and both the charges clear. What does compass do? Well, since you originally made the gas charge before the deposit cleared, even though they were on the SAME DAY...they charge a 38.00 NSF. Of course, you don't know this, and you happilly use your card...and Compass then maximizes their fees by ordering the times they clear. I've paid over a thousand dollars in fees because of a .35 cent balancing mistake.

    I personally don't understand how it is legal for Compass to arbitrarily use the origination date or the posting date in order to deliberately generate fees.

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extremely rude and racist teller!

RACIST TELLER: The service at the Promenade Compass Bank is bad enough usually, but the teller we had today is the rudest, most unprofessional bank employee we've ever dealt with. Not only did she give us a problem about a deposit (we've been banking there for six years and never had an overdraft!) - served up with plenty of attitude - but it was very clear that she was behaving this way toward us because we were white (she's African-American). Her voice, her manner and her responses ("I'm not being rude to you, but if you think that it ain't my fault") all indicated a deep problem with non-African-American customers. Why is this woman being allowed to work with the public? Please send this comment to anyone you know who banks. The branch telephone number is [protected]... feel free to call and let the Branch Manager (Scott) know how you feel about being waited on by someone who hates races other than her own. Thank you.

can't wait to close my account!

I will be closing my account with Compass Bank shortly and can't wait! Why?

1. NSF fees are the highest--$38.00 a day!!! Compass Bank refuses to deposit your hard-earned money first. They prefer to debit all purchases NOW, then wait 3-4 days to finally credit your paycheck. By then, it's way too late!
2. They don't have "real-time banking". Like I said, I've always had to wait 3 days for any purchases to show up on Compass' Online Banking Website.
3. Unfortunately, I found out that Compass is VERY limited branch-wise...they're only like in 5 states. Imagine visiting a state that doesn't have one... major ATM fees! Since then, I've been going to grocery stores like Wal-Mart, paying for groceries and then getting extra money via checkout.
4. Free ATM's? Please, I don't know of many people who keep all of their receipts and mail them back to the bank. Who has time???
5. Since they rip-off lots of people through high NSF fees, I would seem to think that my Compass branch would look "palatial" on the outside. It doesn't. My branch building is OLD with paint peeling all over the outside and no car drive-up ATM. The inside is worse because they have lots of smelly, empty rooms with bland beige paint.

On the flip side, my NEW bank has:

1. TONS of branches nationwide--especially when I go to visit my parents. No more worrying.
2. Real-time banking on everything! I LOVE that!
3. Knowledgeable and professional employees
4. A nice, clean business-casual building inside and out. Nothing too "stuffy".
5. Drive-through ATM's.

Choose banks carefully... or else it WILL cost you sooner than later.

  • Vi
    Vince Hart Jun 23, 2009

    Compass Bank
    Cullman, Alabama
    Today I attempted to withdrawl money from my account and get two money orders for a Passport. I was told that they do not have money orders but can provide me with a Cashiers Check that would cost six dollars. I then told them that I was a customer and was suppose to get free checking etc... They checked my account and told me that the type of account I had does not provide this service. I then asked to close my account. They told me that I could not close until two pending transactions cleared. I understood and went to K mart and got two money orders for 69cents. I then returned to withdrawl all my money except for the money needed to clear the pending transactions. I have banked with Compass for several years. I always questioned certain charges etc... I now have come to the realization that they have been taking me for a ride! This is only my opinion.! Once these pending transactions clear I WILL CLOSE MY ACCOUNT!!!

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  • Cr
    crestquest Apr 07, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I love the title of this post!!! I feel the same way. BBVA Compass bank is a master of deception!!! Stay away from them. WORST BANK EVER!!


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estate of late father

My father died over 6 years ago. Compass Bank would not change the address of record on his bank account even though he had requested it prior to his death. He was living with my husband and I at the time of his death. We had forgotten about the account over the years. It only contained a little over $1,000. Recently, while going through some old papers, we found an old bank statement on the account. We took a certified letter from the probate judge along with a death certificate to the bank. The letter told them to release the funds to me. They said they would send it to their legal department and let me know when I could have the funds. That was on 4/20/07. As of 4/24/07, still no word. They never return my calls. I have to go to the bank everyday on my lunch hour to check on the status. The other banks at which my father had small accounts were very courteous, efficient and released the funds to me the day I presented them with the letter from the judge. I would recommend that no one have any type of account with Compass and they are the most inefficient financial institution I have ever had the misfortune to have any dealings with.

  • Me
    Meagan Murdock May 22, 2018
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Compass bank has been the worse financial institute that I have worked, My Fathers passed. I went into a branch sat with the branch manager directly she took, the death certificate and Will that showed I was the executor of his estate copied it and call her probate department. You would think branch manager would have flagged all his accounts that he's deceased and my name as executor. I have sold my Father's home and provided information to escrow to payoff the equity line attached to the property. Compass bank will not speak to me, said I have to go to a branch to provide documentation I ALREADY DID and now I am 10 hours away from a branch.
    I received a letter that compass bank did a loan advance on the equity line and put it in his checking account (which I closed) to pay themselves, so how is this even possible!!! Checking account closed and equityline was paid off from escrow company!!! No one will help me to figure this out!!! DO NOT EVER WORK WITH THIS COMPANY!!!
    Seems they lie to peoples faces as well.. Is the accounts really closed??? No one will tell me

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illegal calls

I have a Compass Credit card that ive been paying on for years. Ive paid down considerably a few times, but now im overlimit and the interest reflects that. I am currently 90 days past due on my payment, for the usual reasons.. trying to make ends meet and that is my lowest priority when its feeding my child or being current with those lovely folks. I also, until recently banked with compass. This was mistake number one. as soon as i am even 30 days past due, they look into my bank records and start calling people ive paid through that account, or have been paid by. I run a small business, and having my accounts contacted because of my debt is needless to say, very embarrassing. I am not one to duck out of a debt. I always pay these people, its just the last thing in a pile of actual current bills that id like to keep above water with. So this woman from the collections department, it seems did research for my name on google or something, found the myspace page for my band and started calling my bandmates to get to me! shocking, no? I know this is very illegal. I called and left her a rather heated message today after hearing that she called my mother in law to try to get to me. I know that its these peoples jobs to get paid, but i cant imagine feeling alright about creating so much extra stress in peoples lives, which in effect has the opposite result they are after it seems. I should be working now, but im so upset over this string of harassing phone calls i needed to find a way to deal with this woman. In my message i told her it was both ineffective and likely damaging to Compass to deal with people this way. I know that they have to call me every 5 days when i am past due, but really, calling people that are friends or family or business associates is far too much! I am hoping that my message will have some effect on the depths this woman will go to to try to embarrass me into paying my bill, which is about $3,000. seems that ol' Julie Camp would have much bigger fish to fry than me. the hours she spends researching my life is pretty insane.
Any advice, other than better foresight?

The other issue is the constant overdraft fees due to the way Compass processes their clients debits and credits. Funny how no matter what time you make a deposit, if you had a debit that day, that clears first. These people have made so much money off me, because of the less than honest way they process transactions. In fact, I can pretty much guarantee that if i hadn't been charged overdraft fees because of their interesting methods, i probably wouldn't be so far behind on my credit card! I switched to Chase because they seem to apply credits and debits straight away.. so far no issues whatsoever with them.. and maybe that will help me get back on top, not having those 2 or 3 $36 overdraft fees every month.. when i think how much they have gained on me... its enough to make me want to give up on finance all together... but ill power on, and once my business is thriving, even somewhat, ill make it clear to them that they lost a customer with their below board methods. Until then, im trying to figure out a way to pay off this debt without ever dealing with this woman...

  • Ch
    Christine Jul 15, 2007
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    I am a collections agent for a major company and I was also a Bank Operations Specialist for 10years with a major national bank. Laws are the same. You need to file a complaint with AZ Dept of Financial Institutions ph#602-255-4421 and the State of AZ Attorney Generals office. They have violated big time GLBA, FTCPA and the Truth in Savings Act. It is against the federal laws for any creditor to disclose or suggest that anyone of there consumers is in debt, has credit problems, or owes money. It is ok for them to 'skip trace' a consumer to find valid contact info, but to search out the extremes as they did is overboard, considering you did provide them with valid info.

    Contact the agency I referred you to, banks like Compass thrive on the aspect that people will just 'give up'. DO NOT. It will not cost you a penny to file and you may dispute ALL concerns-if they find your dispute valid Compass may have to reimburse all charges, remove all negative credit reporting, and possibly have to 'eat the debt' on your credit card for 3rd party disclosure and violation of your privacy.

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  • Je
    Jennifer Apr 29, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I am having the same problem with Julie Camp. Is there anything that can be done?

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  • Am
    Amy Jun 21, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Here's how my day started today. I woke up and looked at my bank, here's what I saw:

    Date Debit/Credit Amount Balance
    06/19/2008 DEPOSIT $100.00 $98.58
    06/19/2008 DEBIT FOR CHECKCARD $8.37 $-1.42
    06/19/2008 DEBIT FOR CHECKCARD $17.98 $6.95
    06/19/2008 DEBIT FOR CHECKCARD $20.49 $24.93
    06/19/2008 DEBIT FOR CHECKCARD $65.29 $45.42
    06/18/2008 CHECK CLEARED XXXX $30.00 $110.71

    As you can see, I started the day with over a hundred dollars. And Compass does what they ALWAYS do, let's take money first and then apply the deposit. I had one purchase that caused me to go over my limit. I was over by $1.42. So, you would think, one NSF fee, right? NOPE I received NSF fees for the entire day's transactions. Fun right? NOPE it get's better. So, I received an email alert as to these new NSF fees while I was in my car driving home. So, I pulled into the bank to discuss this matter. I normally don't bank at the Lone Tree Branch, but decided to today just because it was convenient.

    I was told that I was charged the NSF fees because there wasn't money in there. Really, how could I start the day with 110 in the bank, I had 111 in debits clear, and now I'm being charged four NSF fees. So, how could this be. The manager (DON) refused to speak to me or explain how this could be. But did inform me that I would incur an additional 4 tonight because now I'm over drawn b/c of NSF fees. I said no. That's not gonna work. I had money in the bank. I will accept 1 NSF fee, but that was it! I asked for his boss's name and phone number. When I did, the manager became even worse. He did however, go and get the number for me. When he came back, he said, leave or I will call the police. Really, call the police why? Because I asked for your boss's name and number. Let me know how that works for you. I tried to make a deposit to cover the fees. But he would not allow me to make a deposit.

    So, I left, and called their 800 number. Talked to a manager there who told me to go to another branch and make the deposit and I would NOT receive fees again tonight. But still couldn't explain to me how I'm being charged for having money in the bank.

    So, I proceeded to another branch across town to make there stupid 1PM cut off time for today's business. Here's where the even bigger surprise comes in the manager at the other bank CLOSED MY ACCOUNT without my knowledge. I didn't authorize this and asked how this could be. Compass has a policy that ANY employee can close ANY account at ANY time if they want to. Here's the even bigger kicker, they have 10 days to inform you that THEY closed your account. WHAT. OK, I spent the morning at the Motor Vehicle, and Vital Records, and wrote checks for these and now my account is closed without my knowledge and you are going to return these checks and charge me. How can this even be true. How can they do this without ANY notice? If I didn't go into the 2nd branch, I would have no idea. My paycheck would try to go in next week, I would pay my bills, and have NO knowledge that this was even going on.

    Thanks for listening

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  • Ex
    exemployee of bank Jan 28, 2009

    I feel compass bank takes advantage of their customers and their employees. They have a manager that tries to dates all the employees and has spread numerous rumors about sleeping with them and the human resources never did anything but promote this manager. Now is this a safe place to work with al the sexual harrasment people get from this manager.

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bogus late fees!

This company piled on bogus late fees to my credit card bill, I tried to work with them on this mistake, even agreeing to pay off the total bill, minus the disputed amount, but they refused.

They continued adding the late fees to the tune of about 300.00. I eventually had to get the Better Business Bureau involved in this dispute, after this, the company resolved the dispute, agreeing to the original disputed amount, but, they had done damage to my credit with mis-information sent to the credit bureaus.

I explained to them, that since they agreed to the settlement of the original amount, they should also do the right thing and correct the damaging information sent to the credit bureaus. The bank's representatives were very nasty and rude through out my six month ordeal with them, they also refused to correct the mis-information sent to the credit bureaus. Cut throat company, very unprofessional, will never get involved with them again.

Compass Bank, Decatur, AL. 35699, Credit Card Division

  • Co
    Compass Fool Apr 07, 2009

    That sucks man.

    Compass Bank, Lafayette CO

    I am having a hell of a time having them to STOP running a check that was run and posted into the recipients account back in 2007. They have done it 3 times with today being the latest incident. Both prior times that have resulted in crediting the money back into my account after alot of back and forth and my time wasted...for their error. Now they say I owe them $1200.

    I am fighting this and spreading the word. Do NOT bank at Compass. I also agree on the lack of professionalism. The CS Mgr acted like I was putting him out.


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crooked business!

Compass bank is trying to repossess my vehicle - stating that it is a third party or "straw" loan which they are stating is illegal. The story... while in between jobs and my other vehicle failing me my mother purchased a 2005 Dodge Dakota in her name - I am driving the vehicle and making the payments. There have been numerous times that they've stated my payment was late because I did not put on the check the state the loan originated out of - hence charging me late fees - but the loan number and account number were both on the check. Thinking this was all resolved, I mailed my September and October 2006 payment into the bank - the bank is stating that they will not accept my payments because the payment is not being made by my mother who is their customer. I asked for the payoff on the loan thinking I could go get it refinanced in my name through another creditor considering the hell they've been putting me through. I have been paying $483.93 for the past 13 months - totaling $6291.09. They are telling me that of the $6291.09 my loan amount has been reduced by less than $2000.00???? Please someone help me do the math here!!! Plus, if you are paying a loan off early then you by law do not owe the full financing charges - they are stating I still have to pay the full amount of what interest would be owed if I paid the loan out vs. paying it off early. Compass bank is telling me I owe for a payoff almost the full amount of the original loan. This makes no sense!!! It Is Illegal!! Now, here I am a single mother, trying to make payments on a vehicle that Compass bank is saying they are going to repossess for non-payment (they have two checks they refuse to cash because my mother's name is not on them but yet they've taken 13 other checks just like the two they have over the past year). Compass bank is stating the only way I can keep the vehicle is by paying the full amount of the loan which again they are trying to say is only $2000.00 less than what I owed originally!!! Can someone please give me some insight here???? Compass Bank is a crooked business. I think it is time someone stands up to the thieves.

  • Mi
    Michael B Aug 13, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Not necessarily "illegal" - better check your state laws.

    In most states, an auto loan can be one WITH penalties for early payoff (all that interest for the life of the loan, even if payed early), or WITHOUT penalties (you do NOT pay interest for the remainder of the loan term).

    The problem is - you argue from a weak position - you are not the account holder. Legally, without your name on the loan, the bank does not have to speak to you at all.

    The one point that you do have in your favor (assuming you have posted the entire story) - is that all payments have been made (regardless of who made them). They cannot repossess a vehicle if payments are up-to-date. That could get them in a HUGE pot of hot water.

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  • Mi
    Michael B Aug 13, 2013
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Not necessarily illegal - you had better check your state's laws.

    Most states allow for two types of auto loans - WITH penalty (usually the interest for the entire loan term when paying off early) or WITHOUT penalty - you pay interest "up-to-date"... so when you pay off the loan (or refinance it), you do not pay the interest for the remaining part of that loan.

    Unfortunately, you are arguing from a weak position - your name is not on the loan. The bank has no obligation to speak to you at all. Indeed, there are some privacy laws that may actually prevent them from LEGALLY telling you ANYTHING about the loan.

    And as far as repossession is concerned - they have no legal grounds so long as the payments are up-to-date. It doesn't matter who the payments are coming from. If they were to repossess the vehicle while payments are current, they would open themselves up to huge liability.

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do not open a business account with compass bank

I opened a business checking account with Compass Bank, Florida on July, 2005 and gladly closed to account on...

compass is driving me to a nervous breakdown everyday

I have run into some financial difficulties have turned compass over too a settlement co. I have asked Jeremy from compass to cease calling me at work or I will lose my job he does not care and calls me everyday. Also breking the rules by calling at 7:30 in the morning I have shut off my phone and cable
And internet, Compass is driving me to a nervous breakdown everyday 3 to 4 times I need someone to help me,i am trying to get back to my feet but compass knock me down. That said they will call me anytime and any place. I have just recently found that I may be bipolar currently undergoing medical treatment for such. Can't explain to Jeramy he is so rude and if I lose my job where I have been for 8 years then I might as well live under a bridge. Help me if you can.

Compass bank - [protected]
Name Jeramy

  • Ch
    Christine Jul 15, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    In accordance to the FTCPA (Fair Debt Collections Practices Act) which is governed by the FTC and is also mandated by ANY crediting agency(ie. banks, merchants, schools, etc... ) no creditor can call any consumer regarding anything (unless specifically told to do so by the consumer) prior to 8am or after 9pm at the consumers time zone. Also, if specific times for contact were provided by the consumer, that is the only time any creditor can call. Further more most states have exact laws on contacting a consumer at work, and the most any state allows is 2 times a week IF THERE ARE NO OTHER VALID CONTACT NUMBERS!!!

    If at any time the consumer and/or the place of employment states do not call-especially if the calls will jeopardize their jobs, the creditor must cease all calls immediately and list as such.
    Contact AZ Dept of Financial Institutions at 602-255-4421 or 800-544-0708 and the AZ State Attorney Generals office to file a formal complaint.

    I am a collections agent for a national collections agency and I was a bank operations specialist for 10 years with a major interstate bank. I too have a plethora of problems with Compass. They will continue to screw people, they practice 'breakage' techniques. This is where they will bounce you between departments to resolve issues, then never come through on promises, illegally charge NSF, OD and service charges because they figure the consumer will become frustrated and 'give up'. Bank rule #1 there is no problems with anything until someone says there is. Please file a complaint-either agency will walk you through the how too's.

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  • Fu
    Fud Oct 04, 2009

    Write a cease and desist letter. Example: This is a cease and desist letter stating that you stop all phone calls to my home and employer.

    Under Federal Debt laws. Buy something to record the phone calls and if they are calling your cell phone get a detailed list of calls that will show calls coming in at different times.

    You can sue them under federal law starting at 500, 000 and up for unethical practices. We are going to sue for unethical practices with another institution. It is ridiculous.

    Document, document, document. Have another employee as a witness or manager listen in to testify for you to prove they are harassing. Make sure you send this letter certified so you will have proof they received your request. They will send a letter back, or should stating all calls made to the numbers you listed will no longer take place.


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    Shocking that for so long COMPASS BANK has gotten away with outrageous banking precedures that line their pockets as they steal daily from their depositors through the process of debits first and then deposits causing overdrafts... HUGE OVERDRAFT FRAUD! Shocking as well is the number of compliants on the internet and this fraudulent practice has not gotten the attention of the Federal Banking Commission. Now that the mortgage fraud has so much light on it, THIS PREDATOR HAS FOUND A NEW WAY TO PREY!!!
    COMPASS BANK debited $5 each month from my savings account for (fees????) each month until the account was empty and then charged fees for an empty account and then charged another overdraft fee for that!
    This bank is a SLOT MACHINE ... putting money in and none comes out!

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  • Mo
    Momey Aug 28, 2018

    They closed my account I can't get my tax refund and my weekly pay check.

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