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Comerica bank rip-off over draft fees

they charge my account $370.00 with fees, for maount of $ 68.00 all under $5.See Top 10 Worst Companies in Richardson, TX00 ATM charge
i was chcking the online it shows positive when i went to the bank for deposit, they * Comerica bank "
charge my account $ 370.00 woth of crapp fees, so someone please tell me is this capitalism law if so what the
what ### do i need to be here for
rip_ off all banks Comerica bank on the top of them

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  • Ji
      Dec 30, 2009

    I was hit with a large amount of NSF fees as well. It is probably greed, but not related to capitalism, since we are seeing the same greed with our Democratic congress and with the TARP funds. For capitalism, we have a choice of moving our money to another bank or credit union (which I will be doing)!

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  • Sa
      Jan 12, 2010

    same thing..they charged my account over 300.00 in "NSF" because of 0.29 cents under and just jept overdrafting my account for overdrafting..freaking rediculous so i have to wait to pay all of my bills and on top of that because i dont have the money to pay the bank back their bullcrap fees, they charge me 6.00 a day in "continous OD fees" wonder our economy is crashing

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  • Ro
      Jul 08, 2010

    Comerica has hit with 10 NSF Fees, I put a check for approx $700.00 in the atm on July 3, the check was not cleared in my checking account until July 7 so, the only put $100.00 in to my checking account then each atm charge bounced after
    At $33.00 per check, I have been banking with them for over 20 years, with no NSF activity; you would think they would give me a break, since the money was there in my account

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  • Ni
      Jul 28, 2010

    I hate Comerica Bank. I never had a problem with them until the new law that will not allow them to charge any overdraft fees. They began to hold my direct deposits so they hope to get any transaction in and charge me overdraft fees. I went and talk to the manage and they just did not want to help me. They charged me more than 900.00 in fees so I stop using their account, yet they continue to charge me continuous fees.


    They are rude and steal your money.
    If you complain they just look for ways to not return you any money. They do not do business in a right matter and look for ways to take your money. If you do not check your account frequently they charge you whatever they find and if you call complaining they told you it is your problem you did not checked before...


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  • Sa
      Oct 20, 2010

    My company has been banking with Comerica for several years now. We have never had problems on their end with our account until recently. They have been allowing us to overdraft and charging us for it even though we have overdraft protection! When we have tried contacting them about it they tell us that they cannot refund they money and do not know why or how it is happening. Whats the point of overdraft protection if it does not work? And how can a bank tell me that they DO NOT HAVE ANSWERS? I thought you were never supposed to tell a customer that? I don't know... interesting.

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  • Bo
      Jul 09, 2011

    I have paid over $3000.00 last year in overdraft fees! I run my business account through comerica and they have constantly charged overdraft fees to my account, $37 per item adds up quickly. 10-12 in one night. When I look online at my account it shows that i have positive money in there, so when i use that money for gas, pops ect... then they hit me with 3 overdraft fees that night for those items. The thing is that although my account shows a positive balance they DO NOT show you the overdraft fees that will post from the night before, so they make you think your o.k., only to find out that they have hit you again for using your money! Then they want you to set up overdraft protection VIA credit card or savings accounts. But they dont tell you that the money put on your credit card is actully a cash advance which they charge you 30% untill the ENTIRE balance of your credit card is paid off in full! Another way they set up savings account overdraft protection, but if you only have $5.00 in there they will transfer the $5 bucks and charge you $12 for doing this only to charge you another $37 because it still wasn't enough to cover the item that came through! Enough is Enough how can they get away with this. They SHOULD BE WORKING WITH US to prevent this, but instead they make things worse. I feel like im working my butt off only to pay my bank! $370 in 1 night is some people paycheck for the entire week. It's not fair. most banks work like this, but how can we the consumer change this?

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  • Ti
      Apr 05, 2012

    I couldn't agree more! If I mentioned what I paid last year in overdraft fees to Comerica Bank I doubt even you would believe me! I'm so sick of these blood suckers. How is this legal? Oh, wait, who am I kidding, it's legal because they're a bank, and in this country banks get away with fraud and perpetuate it as if it were their core business model! Please let me know if you tried to get it back, and if so, any luck?

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  • Sh
      Jun 20, 2014

    comerica bank should not be in business and should not be trusted. They do not carry great security over your accounts. I gotten $350.00 stolen out of my account, and caught on the same day it was stolen and filed it stolen...had to wait 5 days before filing a dispute. It took over a month of investigation..last month i was awarded back my money. And now they are trying to get the money back saying overdrawn claiming the money wad only temporary. They said that they could not find anything in the im suppose to be okay with that? No money was stolen..and because they did not do their jobs thoroughly I refuse to be that victim and let them take money from me.

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