Comerica Bankthey are idiots!


I went to Comerica Bank to purchase a money order for $90. I layed the cash on the counter and was told that I could not just purchase a money order with U.S.

Currency. I had to withdraw the money from my account and then purchase the money order. The manager told me that they were complying with homeland security rules and that the teller could go to jail for not complying.
I went to the local Krogers store and purchased the money order for 41 cents and nobody went to jail. Imagine that.
Turns out, that is NOT a homeland security rule. It is a bank rule. While you may commend their effort to watch money travel, they are lying to me and treating me substandard as to the terrorists wishes. I expressed my dis-like of having to select ENGLISH or SPANISH when I go to the ATM. They told me they purchased the ATM's in California and it was because of the large mexican population. There is braille on the drive up ATM. They told me it was for the handicapped. I asked how many blind people have driven up and used the service or complained it wasn't there.
They could have just told me that the money order procedure was bank policy but they (the manager) told me it was the law.
Banks look at your account balance and treat you accordingly. They lie and assume your too stupid to figure out their actions.
One time I wanted to pay my mortgage so I signed the back of my pay check and had to add about $200 cash to it. The teller who has seen me for years and years asked for my identification. I asked if she thought I was forging that pay check and chipping in $200 cash to pay the mortgage of someone else? There are rules and there are idiots. Comerica has both.


  • Bu
    Buubies Mar 05, 2007

    It is a federal law A-HOLE!!! Dont ### at comerica, ### at the federal reserves. Do your homework next time!

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  • Ja
    J A May 07, 2008

    Actually, it's a US Patriot Act rule. Cashiers checks and money orders from banks are covered under the rule. Those items purchased as a corner store, gas station, or grocery store are not covered because they are not insured in the same manner. So no, the bank was not incorrect, you are. Purchasing a cashiers check or money order from one of these locations is dangerous, as they are not guaranteed funds, which is what a bank provides. As a consumer you must do your homework.

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  • Cc
    CC Oct 15, 2008

    We have our company payroll through Comerica Bank. The account has been established over 25 years. Over the 25 years, the company never bounced a payroll check... We even pay our payroll taxes electronically as well

    Anyway, I went to make a payroll deposit for about 20, 000... The teller told me since the check was over $5000 that they are going to have to place a "Hold" on the check. The balance of the funds would be available in 10 business days. Doing the accounting for the company for over 13 years, I knew that there was more than double amount of the actual deposit. The Company also has several investment accounts there as well. The check written to our payroll account is from our general checking account and it's from another local bank. I know for a fact that the check cleared in two business days.

    I did speak to one of the branch managers about the matter.. Explained to them that we were a LONG term customer and that we had other accounts.. I asked if there is any way the Company could be waived from the "Hold" period? He simply told me NO. That they were having problems with counterfeit checks and that the liability was high.

    Now, It makes me wonder... Is Comerica having a "Run on the Bank"? Why would they hold our funds for 10 business days? Perhaps to retain Assets? I don't really know, but I don't think that is a way to treat a LONG term customer.

    Switched to another bank... Things are moving beautifully

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  • Ro
    robali12 Jan 31, 2009

    Actually it is the law, any check over 10, 000 does not matter WHO you are is on hold. Check the patriot act people and stop whinning.

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  • Mb
    Mbusiness Sep 30, 2009

    I bank with Chase bBank, have done so for 10 years now. About 4 weeks ago I provided a service for an Auto Dealership out of Dallas, texas. I deposited the check they wrote out for services in my bankthe next business day(Monday). I paid my Staff, those that performed the service that day. I was alarmed to find out Thursday, 4 Business Days later, the amount was withdrawn from my account and I am now out what one would pay cash for a 2009 Toyota Camry!!!
    I called Comerica as my bank explained was my only recourse to find out what happened other than knowing check was not honored.
    I called Comerica, they said they could only say the account from which the check was written was an active account.
    I can understand if a check was paid out to a personal party from a personal account, however who can in good conscience a bank allow their clients to cancel a Payroll check and give as much as 10 days to do so. I understand my bank is happy to inform the check holder if a check I paid from my Business Account is valid or has cleared. Tjis is the only way to do business. The Comerica way truly encourages a Company to SCREW a person/company to whom they owe money.

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  • Ra
    Randy D Oct 29, 2011

    Is Comerica Bank in trouble?
    Fox News says yes at this link:
    This is why I believe they took $200.00 from my daughters account and said it from what she owed on an account that she closed in1998.
    When my daughter asked for proof the bank said they can take money and not give proof. My daughter open the current account in 2000 and I'm sure if she owed money from an old account they wouldn't have let her open a new account 2 years after she supposedly closed an old account that she owed money on. The account she opened in 2000 is the only account she has personally had. The fact that Comerica will not give any evidence, not even an account number from the old account they said she had. The only thing they supplied is the bank contract. She even asked for a copy of her signature on the new contract and they would not supply that. She spoke with an attorney and he said the bank can only go back 6 years and the fact that they will not provide and evidence is very shady I believe that Comerica is in financial trouble and they are looking for every way to take money from it's customers as possible.
    Because it says in the contract they supplied that they can take money from your account and not supply proof would scare the heck out of me. If I had an account with Comerica Bank I would take the money out right away.

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  • La
    lawjustice Nov 16, 2011

    The SAME EXACT thing happen to me 3 days ago. Out of nowhere, someone took 220 dollars out of my account. Come to find out it was due to an allegedly old account I opened in 1999. I argued that I didn't even open an account as I was attending Grad school in a completely different state. Similarly, they could not supply me with evidence that I even had an account.

    I was so angry that they were giving me the run around on the phone and at the branch that I started complaining in front of other customers. Then I was threatened that security would come and escort me out.

    Even if I did have an account with them sooo long ago, the statute of limitations clearly states that debts cannot be collected that are older than ( the average is 7years) as it varies state to state. In addition, throughout the 12 years I never received one letter, one phone call, or any notice from collections that I owed money to this corrupt bank. And! I was still able to open a joint account in 2007 with them. I believe they are completely fabricating this account in order to make money and they should not be able to get away with it.

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  • Si
    Sierra22Tx Aug 06, 2012

    Banked at Sterling Bank for over 10 years. Then Comerica takes them over!! I have been depositing my wifes payroll checks into my account by her signing them over to me on the back. We have done this for 10 years at Sterling after presenting a signed notorized affadavit from my wife to Sterling stating that this is how we want to deposit her payroll check. This is due to her ex-husbands actions on their joint account while they were married and subsequently getting divorced. A Houston PolicE Officer that was more or less a crook. To protect her funds we chose to bank in this manner and Sterling had no problems with it with the exception noted on the account with the affadavit. Comerica has honered this agreement also...UNTIL THIS PAST WEEK!! They would not accept the check..PERIOD!! I advised them of the notation on the account and they said they had no such information noted on my account. A so called mgr said they would not accept the deposit. Explained to her that my regular teller Marti knows me and my wife and there should be no problem...her response..."Well, Im Marti's boss and she is not here today and we will not accept the deposit." Went to another branch in Humble TX and had no problem with the deposit except there was now a notation on the accout to not accept any checks from my named wife without identification, THEY ACTUALLY NAMED MY WIFE!! Let me explain that the teller and the manager were Black and I think it is due to the area that the bank is in that they now treat their white customers differently as my normal teller Marti is white also. And this is an account with a $7000 plus balance and the same payroll check in the exact same amount has been deposited with no problem in the past. Will not be banking with this company after this week. You dont need my business and like I said while walking out...YOUR NOT THE ONLY BANK IN HUMBLE TX AND I WILL NOT BE TREATED AS SUCH.

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  • Si
    Sierra22Tx Aug 06, 2012

    Follow up. Called the phone number that I found on line for complaints to the Comerica home office. Guess what...answering machine that wanted me to leave a message and they would call me back. LOL are you kidding me!!! Have chosen to bank at Citizens Bank right down the street from Comerica. Guess what...Nice Lobby, nice warm people and no condescending blacks treating my like I'm not wanted like at Comerica. Denise welcomed me and made me feel at home. Went by the Humble Comerica and advised them that I would be closing my account and asked would it be a problem. No problem and no extra fees and we will write you a check for your $6100 balance. I said no I want cash...No problem said Kelly Whatley do you want it in pennies? she asked...No...just a lot of $100 bills. Nice lady that she is... Called the Kenswick Comerica and asked to speak to a Bank President or Vice President..."We don't have one but we have a bank manager and she is not here at the moment can I take a message. Guess if I closed my account at that location they would not have enough cash to give me, I am not going to step foot in that Rude and Racist Branch ever again. We will see if they charge me $5 and then considered my account overdrawn after I close it but Kelly Whatley showed me a closing bank slip that closes an account for good. We will see. Really looking forward to banking with Citizens Bank On FM 1960 W out of Humble TX. Oh and they said that they are getting numerous new accounts that are leaving Comerica after they took over Sterling Bank. Hopefully in the future all of the Comerica employees will be looking for a new job!!!

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  • Ge
    George in Kentucky Aug 27, 2012

    I don't live in Texas but my Daughter had a Direct express debit card issued by them. Her husband died and the children were getting Social Security survivor benefits which went on this card. My Daughter died on June 3 & Comerica locked the account with the June checks. First time that I called them, got a foreigner (probably in India). She said she would send me a form to fill out in order to get the money out of the account. 3 weeks later, no form.
    I called again and got an American who go the forms to me in 2 days. I filled it out and sent a certified death certificate, Executor's and custody papers required by them. Said 4 to 6 weeks to process. Guess what? Its been 6 weeks & nothing. I called today, their phone service is lousy, ran me in circles. Got one person who lost the call. After MORE time, I got a rather dull-sounding lady who told me that I had not sent them the information and it was on "hold". I asked her if I could speak to the person who signed for the certified mail that I sent to them. She gave me a vague answer. Asked to speak to someone in authority, got some foreign sounding guy who would only say that his name was Caesar. He would not tell me if there was anything being done of even if the account ever existed. I asked to speak to the lady that I sent the information to or the one who signed for receiving the packet. He would not acknowledge their existence. Totally stone walled me.
    I called Social Security and another dull-sounding lady told me that they had no control over the bank even though they did send the money to them. From what I have seen in this forum, Comerica might be in trouble because their employees are stealing from these Direct express accounts. I am filing a complaint to my Congressman and to the Treasury Dept. on Comerica. Not sure if that will go anywhere either.
    If you have an account in this bank, close it...NOW! There are lots of honest local banks out there that would appreciate your business.

    George in Kentucky

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  • Ba
    Battlefield May 26, 2013

    If comerica can only go back 8 years to bear burden of proof for signatures to accounting errors, why do they expect you to have receipts from 12 years ago showing you have paid them. Jackals is a kind word for them...

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  • Ba
    Battlefield May 26, 2013

    Comerica banks sucks as it does not protect the customer. They use your money. They continue to make money off you by outlandish fees and charges going back as far as 12 years saying you owe them. Ask them to make a correction on mistakes made by them they claim they can only back 2 months and are otherwise clueless as to what you may be referring to. Only then you to find out how they have they have managed to escape governing regulation loop holes to finance their law suits and their other banking losses.

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  • Ht
    HTRobinson Nov 14, 2013

    DIRECT EXPRESS!!! Yes Social security does have control. The US Government has subcontracted this company and as the Contract is through the Government they are responsible for resolving issues. DO NOT BELIEVE SOCIAL SECURITY. I contacted a New York Lawyer about my husbands direct express account. Comerica and America work well together both are out to rip us off!!!

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  • Qw
    Qwizz Oct 01, 2014

    I have a US Direct Express Debit Card with the Comerica Bank which is where my Social Security checks were direct-deposited. All of a sudden I found out that it was canceled, and done so without my knowledge or authorization. I was unable to use it while doing grocery shopping. I bet that everyone in line was thinking that I don't pay my bills when the cashier announced, "Denied". Very embarrassing. Now I am unable to buy groceries, medications, pay my rent or bills including one upcoming medical bill or make ATM withdrawals with this card. I am at a risk of being evicted for non-payment of rent, and my credit report will suffer. I have NOT requested or otherwise authorized the card cancellation.

    Customer service at this bank is practically non-existent, as all they do is read a script at 40 mph without listening to the other side. No monthly statements are available. No questions answered. My card was NOT compromised and was in a good standing, still good until the next year.

    All the complaints fall on deaf ears. Texas Department of Banking re-routed me back to Comerica Bank lol. BBB asked what resolution I want. I want the bank to be unable to close my card ever again, but alas, it's not happening. So I am back to square one. Comerica Bank is holding my funds hostage, as far as I am concerned.

    To add insult to injury, Comerica Bank grants only one card replacement that is free. As of now, it appears that this one is being used up as I will hopefully receive a new card in some future. If the above scenario happens again, I will be charged for the card replacement. The $$ fee multiplied by a vast number of users = a nice boost to the bank's revenue. Done at the expense of the aging baby boomers now on Social Security.

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  • Co
    Comerica bank unfair Jul 19, 2015

    Closed my account do to inactivity and kept the money that was in there. Told me i would have to take it up with the state. Guess what no records at state concerning seized money's

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