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ComEd / [redacted]

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Consumers are getting ripped-off by one-and-only residential power company in Illinois, by BIG BULLY - ComEd. ComEd demanding that customers over-pay, collecting hundreds of dollars above-and-beyond their bill (electrical usage). Stop ComEd's Unfair Business Act by filing a complaint with the ICC - Illinois Commerce Commission. Stop ComEd from turning your lights off - by filing a complaint to the ICC.

Here I go again, protesting against a messed up problem that affects millions of consumers…

After eight years of being a consumer of ComEd's, our power was turned off (Prior to this hardship my family is going through, I had always paid my bills on time - I was a good payer). I rushed to pay my bill the day they shut my power off. On the next day, my power was turned back on. My bill was in excess of $1000, because I was facing foreclosure on my home, and I was giving most of my money to the mortgage company, to get us in good-standing, so we can have our loan reinstated. And we succeeded - our load was modified and reinstated a couple weeks ago. After paying the ComEd bill that was over $1000, a couple weeks later, I received a letter from ComEd, demanding that I pay them three down-payment's, because since my power had been shut off (let me remind you, just one time in eight years), I was no longer considered a good customer, but rather a high-risk customer; not even taking into consideration that the same day my power was shut-off, I paid in excess of $1000, the entire past due amount.

A month later, they shut off my power again (that was last month), because I was late to pay my bill; but more importantly, I was late sending them their new requirement of the down-payment. I admit that times are difficult for my family. We struggle to pay our bills on-time. Literally, we are living week-to-week.

Late last year and early this year, my husband and I lost two businesses. We have built our lives earning a six-figure income. For the first time in my life, I am collecting unemployment benefits. My husband now labors, and makes less than half of what he earned in his professional career. Between my husband’s income and my unemployment checks, we gross about $50, 000 annually (that figure doesn’t even reflect taxes and medical benefit deductions). We are a family of five, and we don't qualify for welfare - It just doesn't add up.

Getting back to the subject of ComEd, when they turned my electricity off last month, the very same day I paid the bill PLUS the first installment of the required $108.33 down-payment, so that they would turn my electricity back on. And the following day, my power was on again. Twice they turned my power off; and twice did hundreds of dollars worth of food spoil in my fridge and freezer.

My current bill had not been paid on-time either. We are still trying to recover from putting all are money out to the mortgage company and the $1000 to ComEd. My electricity was scheduled to be turned off yesterday. I called ComEd few days prior, and I disputed the down-payment. I explained that I felt it was unfair to expect more money than my bill, and told them I would gladly pay them only my bill amount, and would do so that day (during the phone conversation). But they would not budge. They already had over a $100 of mine just setting in an account that I could not touch or use. These days, I just don’t have an extra $325 (total of three down-payments) to be setting in ComEd’s bank account. I had explained to ComEd... "That’s my money, which could pay my car note, my auto insurance, or even food for the family for a couple weeks".

This time, I paid only my bill portion (even though they still have an extra $108 of mine), and I also filed a complaint with the ICC - Illinois Commerce Commission. And to my surprise, since I filed the complaint against ComEd to the ICC, regarding the demand of the down payments as a condition I have to meet in order to have electricity come to house; ComEd cannot turn my electricity off while a complaint is open. I found that out from ComEd after I paid my only bill portion using my on-line banking. She (ComEd Rep.) was very rude when I called to let her know I only paid the bill-portion, and inquired if they were still going to turn my power off the next day. She would not answer any of my questions, only provided comments with a rude tone, that because I filed a complaint with the ICC, that my electricity would remain 'ON', until the dispute was settled.

There are no other residential power companies in Illinois to choose from, so ComEd has zero competition. Why should I or anyone else have give to give to ComEd $325 extra, to sit in a bank account of theirs? I think it is an unfair practice. I imagine that if ComEd did have competition, they would design a competitive plan, with competitive rates, and offer economical solutions to those that are facing hardships, in order to keep their clients, as well as keep us satisfied - Don't you think? The phone companies, wireless and LAN lines; the cable and dish companies; and internet companies all compete for our business. And some do a good job - by providing to us options to choose from; some customize their services to fit our budgets; and some offer really good customer service, treating us with respect and valuing us as customers. Even other industries, like lenders and insurance companies, provide us various options, as well as grace periods. But since our choices are limited to either, ComEd or candles, we are powerless - no pun intended. They tell us to jump; we ask "How high?" They tell us to bend-over, and we do. We have to, or they will turn off our electricity. And we have to OVER-PAY them, or they turn off our electricity. No grace period; no alternatives that are reasonable; no power!

What ComEd is doing... it is unfair; it is not fair at all; it is a RIPP-OFF. They should be ashamed of themselves, by taking advantage of the poor, and even more so, because we are in a recessed economy. I've think I’ve been a pretty good customer of ComEd’s for almost a decade. Never in my life-time, have I been through a recessed economy like this. It's not just me, but millions of people (and businesses) are struggling - some already lost the battle; some live day-to-day; others live week-to-week; and most are living paycheck-to-paycheck. I am not the only person that is being demanded by ComEd, to pay more than I owe. ComEd is ripping us off!!! In times like these, we should be helping one another, not making a bad situation worse. Things will get better, in time. But, I don’t think we’ll see better-days anytime soon.

I am very curious, and would like to know how much money ComEd has collected, above and beyond, what their customer’s actual bills were.

They have the nerve to take advantage of...
1) having no other competition; and
2) forcing people to give them more money then what they owe - otherwise they will turn their electricity off.

Each time I called ComEd to dispute the down-payment (as well as pay my bill), they would referred me to an outside source - a utility assistance programs designed to help people through a hardship - L. E. A. P. (Low Income Energy Assistance Program) is the program I was referred to in Will County. Of course I called them, but L. E. A. P. has not been, nor will not be accepting applications for months, because of depleted government funds. And this funding problem that L. E. A. P. is experiencing, should be expected - As the economy continues to tank, more and more people are in need of help, and looking for resources to help them through their hardship. Not only is ComEd wrong, but the government should step-up, and provide the additional funds, to the programs that are designed to temporarily assist low-income families.

Furthermore, the day (first event) that ComEd turned off my power; they had the nerve to...
1) tell me that it could take several months before L. E. A. P. could provide assistance. That tells me that they already knew that the government program was lacking funds, and it really wasn’t an option for me at the time. And...
2) charge me a convenience fee while paying my $1000+ bill over the phone. There was absolutely no convenience provided to me. They could only process one payment per day. And my debit card would only allow me to spend up to $500 per use. So, I had to pay a convenience charge on the phone, and another at an authorized agent where I physically had to drive to, in order to process my payment.

I disputed the convenience charges, because I disagree that a convenience was not provided to me. I was told that a supervisor would call me to discuss within 72 hours - but I never received that call. My husband also talked to ComEd last week, regarding the shut-off notice, and again they said they would call back within 72 hours. Yet again, ComEd failed to call back.

Every customer of ComEd’s should know where to file a complaint against utility companies. If anyone else is being RIPPED OFF BY COMED, they should know that they can file a complaint with the ICC. (Every state has a government agency that handles complaints regarding utility companies). Filing the complaint stopped ComEd from being allowed to shut my power off (temporarily), and hopefully, it will stop them from unfair collection of money that is not due to them.

Surprisingly, a ComEd representative actually called me back because I had made an official complaint with the ICC - Wow! Illinois consumers can file a complaint online, by phone or mail with the ICC. Contact information and the on-line complaint form for the ICC is located on their website:

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  • Ma
      11th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    moved in to new house, still trying to get used to these bigger bills and we are hanidcap.
    com ed is extorting money, 690.00! from us because we have been late a couple times! 690.00!!!1
    r they crazy!
    they said it is an average of what we spend?!!!
    so i pay you so much that you will charge me a higher seposit??????????????
    shouldnt it be lower since you already making a mint on us?????????????
    im am totally livid!!!
    this is a monopoly and they should be investigated for extorsion!!!
    i am furious and will continue to agrue with these criminals!
    maybe even higher a lawyer!
    ive just been ROBBED!!!

  • No
      24th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I understand what you're going through Maddbe. I'm in a similar situation too. Me and my husband lost our job 7 months ago and my family is going through a very hardship . Struggling to find jobs in the suburb of Chicago is very difficult. When I first moved into my house November of '08, for the first 3 months they estimated my electricity bills to less than $20 a month and guess what? The fourth month my bill came up to $1400. WTF! I called ComEd so many times and they keep on saying the same thing to me that the meter frozed and so that $1400 is the actually reading for those 3 months. I don't get how they finally get the actually reading after all those months. I've calculated those 3 month bills for my usage, it didn't even add up to the meter outside my house. So they ripped me off by 1000 kwh. My house fits my family well and the manufactured company that I bought my house from, installed energy savings windows and doors, so as u can see it's an all energy savings home and all the utilities are all electric too. I've manage to pay as much as I can and 3 months ago ComEd came and turned off my electricity. I've begged them to let me pay half of the bill first and they can't even do that after I've told them about my hardships. I had to sacrafice my mortgage payment for whatever I owe to get it turned back on.

    It's really unfair to people like us that lives on unemployment checks to checks. I used to be a good customer of ComEd for the past 4 years. I guess it's too much to ask for a break from them when we really need help at a time like this. I'm actually looking for other electricity service providers, but came across none in my area. I've been ripped off also and am really sick of being a customer of ComEd.

  • De
      30th of Sep, 2009
    0 Votes

    I know how you feel, COM ED has been OVER CHARGING me for YEARS!!! and now that the ICC is involved, they refuse to call me back. I know I am entitled to a refund and change rate for eletricity, but again.. COM ED REFUSES to call me back!!

  • Bl
      5th of Oct, 2009
    -1 Votes

    I am pissed off too. ComEd has been a huge giant in the Notthren Illinois area for eons now. Just as the author stated they charge us astronomical rates, the highest in the country for the most part. No competition has turned this giant into a electrical monster. They just turned my daughters service off for the total amount of $315.00! They refused to work out anything with her that didn't include a deposit of which she can't afford with employment hours being cut, she's one of the lucky to have a job at all. My grandchildren both are on nebuelizers for severe asthma, the doctor submitted the medical reports along with my daughter filing a complaint with ICC and yet just today these crooks disconnected her service.

    I understand that the giant is now hurting with the rest of us due to the economic down turn, hell last I heard, which was recent they lost a total of 17, 000.00 customers due to hard working folks who never had to go through a recession before and now facing hardships are loosing their homes that they worked hard for. But I'd like to know where the hell is all that money that ComEd has been collecting prior to their kingdom falling with the rest of us??? I am sorry they can't afford to give their selves a new boat or a high annual raise or whatever they have been doing with all that money they took in.

    I pray God show them the same kindness they have shown Northern Illinois hard working residents for so many years. I am in just tell me what we have to do to fight against them!

  • No
      16th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    i had a simialar experience with comed... they are ridiculous!!! i hope some other companies do come out in the area, i will change in a heart beat!!! i think if there would be different companies, comed wouldnt have any customers!!! COMED IS A RIP OFF, and the government should really do something about this!!! soooo many people complain, but yet, they do nothing. it takes 72 hours for a rep to call you back (if they call you back, they never do) and talk to you!!! WHAT?!!?!?!?! that is ridiculous!!! and they take service from anyone!!! i had a situation about my ss# being stolen and they said they neeed to "investigate" until they turn my power on (i moved to a new apartment) ... then i found out that my ss# was used and a rep opened up a line for someone using MY ss# when i was 13 years old!!! RIDICULOUS! i am considering legal action against them. something has to be done with this company.


  • De
      23rd of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    Everyone needs to know what a crook COM ED is!! they have been overcharging me for years and say they dont owe me a refund, but I found a lawsuit that COM ED is filing against a man who bypassed their meter andCOM ED is seeking restitution. I WANT MY RESTITUTION TOO!! But I cant find a lawyer willing to take on my case for my ICC complaint. COM ED needs to be stopped!!
    I have written to numerous newspapers and TV news stations, but NO ONE wants to listen. I even wrote my representavtive (no response, SURPRISE, SURPRISE). If everyone who has been screwed by COM ED, needs to file a FORMAL complaint with the ICC. Maybe if they get enough FORMAL complaints, something will be done.
    COM ED is a bunch of theifing, lying hypocrates!! It's not ok for people to use electricity and not pay for it, BUT it is ok for COM ED to overcharge you!!!

  • Ge
      10th of May, 2010
    0 Votes

    Thank you for this information. I will attempt to use this today! My husband has suffered for years with his illness. In 2009 he had to go on medical disability from work cutting our income in half. In 2007 I had lost my job, but found another in 2008 we were struggling but making it. Until, we were hit with a hospital law suite because our HMO refused to pay for his kidney transplant, because his doctor forgot to send in a referral on time. We were hit with a $113, 000 law suite, on top of our other debits. Com ED could careless about its consumers. This year, our bill was very well maintain until March, when we were informed that our current bill of $176.00 was going up to $482.00. All they could tell me was that I used more electricity then anticipated. Please!!! we walked through our house in the dark, and cold (gas). Everyone has competition why not Nicor, and ComED!

  • Th
      5th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    My wife and I had to go through the unpleasant ordeal of bankruptcy. Recently the courts approved the bankruptcy and discharged all listed debts.

    Lo and behold, CoN-Ed aka ComEd sent a bill for $180.00 security deposit and previous debts. We explained over the phone that the previous debts were discharged in the bankruptcy and the law prohibited them from charging a security deposit in this situation. They said if we didn't pay our service would immediately be disconnected. We went to the local currency exchange and paid the ransom.

    Went we got home we penned a letter stating the facts of law. They called and said they made a mistake and would credit our account. I am now reviewing the law because it states they should be liable for damages when they retaliate against a bankruptcy filing. Anyone has a lawyer or helpful info please drop a "dime" on CoN-Ed to me at

  • An
      11th of Aug, 2010
    +1 Votes

    I am having issues with com ed, I get a bill for 150.00 then I get a bill for 1500.00 that is just for my home I have a shed which is on a separate meter and that bill is usually around 60.00 and the bill for that was 600.00. The power is now turned off in the shed even though I have called repeatedly, tried to get a hold of one of their Managers which they are too gutless to answer their phones. I have called the ICC, Attorney General and Cub and none can help on this matter, they are crooks they need to be stopped, a few months ago there was a article in the local newspaper about people complaining on Com Ed estimating their bills for months and then taking a actual reading and have outrageous bills. Someone has to do something to stop this.

  • Bu
      30th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    I received a disconnect notice form ComEd to pay balance ($494.40) in full by August 20, 2010. I called & spoke with a representative requesting an extension until August 25, 2010 when I would receive my social security. She said no and the only person who may be able to help would be a supervisor; I asked to speak with one. I was told she would have to make the request and a Supervisor would call me the next dayl I never received the call. The next day another rep called and he demanded that I pay the outstanding balance by the next day August 17, 2010 or my service would be interrupted. I explained that I had a letter from ComEd in my hands while speaking that stated the balance would have to be paid by August 20, 2010. He then very rudely repeated himself stating the payment in full is to be paid by August 17, 2010. I hung- up and called ComEd back and got another rep and explained what had just happened, she pulled up my account and told me that the payment in full is to be made before or by August 20, 2010. When asked why did I receive the call from this rude male person she stated "that he just made a mistake". Tonight August 30, 2010 I received a call from this same rude person asking for me by name. I asked him why was he calling me and that I have no outstanding balance, he then stated "oh I do see that you don't". I told him he was harrassing me, that he's been rude and that I was filing a complaint against ComEd. Thanks to "[redacted]" that I was able to do just that.

  • Kg
      3rd of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    I currently have two complaints with the ICC, one from last month that was never resolved and a new one I had to file yesterday. We moved into our home 8/09 and settled in with ComEd, not having a problem paying the bill monthly. In January, since we had been there for several months, I signed us up for the budget plan so I would have no surprises on my bill each month. I was estimated $140 monthly, which was a little more than what we had been paying, but I assumed so because of the summer months. February bill came, and it was $450. I called to see what happened and if necessary make payment arrangements and the very nice lady said that my meter must have been misread. She advised me not to set up an arrangement until the investigation had been concluded. I paid my $140 agreed upon amount and continued on. My March bill came... $858, with a past due of $450. I called again, confused as to why my investigation hadn't been concluded yet. I was told my case was still open and to not make payment arrangements again. I paid the $140 I agreed to. I did not receive a bill in April, I paid my $140. I did not receive a bill in May, I paid my $140. I received a Final Notice Prior to Disconnection in June sighting a $1500 bill, of which $1250 was due immediately. I flipped! I called ComEd again, trying to make sense of what had happened and was told that I had refused to pay my bill since February and the entire amount past due was now necessary to keep my account open. I explained to them what I was told and they informed me that they had no record of our phone conversations. I got them to agree to taking $950 for the time being so that I could keep my electricity on, but I needed to discuss the matter with my husband and contact my mortgage company to make arrangement for the funds. When I called back the next day with the money ready, they had no record of our agreement and demanded the entire amount due. I couldn't pay it (who could???). They also could not explain why my bill was so high. I asked to speak to a supervisor (begged to speak to a supervisor) and was put on a call list. When I did not get a call 4 days later, I called again and was put on the call list again. In the meantime, I'm giving myself ulcers wondering if I'll bring my family of 6 home to a dark house on a daily basis. You would not believe the little moment of relief I felt every day when the garage door opened. Again, no call back from the supervisor. It had been three weeks of me contacting them every day with no response from them. Frustrated and worried sick I googled like hell and found out about my rights with the ICC. I filed a complaint online, siting everything that happened, naming names and giving amounts and dates and extensions. Within 24 hours ComEd calls and leaves a message stating that they received my complaint with the ICC and that it is being investigated. I received a letter from the ICC saying that ComEd had stated that we had resolved the issue and will be moving forward without any further need for legal interjection. I paid my $140. August 26, 2010 I get another Final Notice... wtf? I call and after a 45 minute wait I talk to a man named Danon at x2775. He tells me that I need to pay a deposit in order to keep my electricity turned on... $450. I tell him I cannot afford that I have an open ICC complaint. He puts me on hold for over 10 minutes, then comes back and says the lowest they will take is $360. I told him I need to discuss it with my husband and collect the funds. I called back on Monday, 8/30 and sat on hold for over 30 minutes (my entire lunch break) before I had to hang up. I called again on Tuesday, 8/31 and again sat on hold for over 30 minutes before having to hang up. My husband called yesterday 9/2 and spoke to someone entirely different who said there is no way they can accept a lower amount than the $450, and that they have no record of such an agreement being made by Danon. They would research the tapes and he would be reprimanded, but there was no agreeing to the $360. I was forced again to complain to the ICC yesterday in the hopes that they'll make ComEd pull their heads out of the [censor] and do the right thing. I did a little more research and found that according to Illinois State Law, they have to request the deposit in writing and that amount cannot exceed more than 1/6th of my estimated annual bill. They also have to allow that amount to be broken into three payments, of which the first is due within 12 days of the written request. I never received a request... and they wouldn't allow me to break up the payment, or give me the twelve days to pull the money together. They are in direct violation of the law... hopefully the ICC can fix this.

  • Ki
      10th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    My husband and I have been struggling also sence i was laid off from my job our bill was over $400.00 they sent me a shut off requesting we pay them $280.00 so i managed to pay it so our electric wouldn't get shut off not only have they already chagred us a fee of 150.00 we just recived another notice that we are being charged an addtional fee of $65.00 plus just yesterday we yet recived another shut off notice yesterday Sept 9th 2010 for $179.00 other wise they woould shut our electric off on Sept.13th 2010 and this was due on August 25th 2010
    now i want to know how they can get away with this they are getting rich off all of us poor people and someone needs to put a stop to this so i agree with everyone who has a complaint with comed. I am going to contact ICC and file a complaint. And when you call them they are nasty to you and they won't work with you so it's time we all take action against Comed.

  • Lg
      24th of Sep, 2010
    0 Votes

    Com-ed is gauging money from consumers. I only owe 132 dollars and I just received a shut off. The shut off came 2 days before the date of the shut off, but since the date on the bill was a full 8 days earlier they refused to give me more time. There is no way it took 8 days for the notice to reach me. I am struggling to recover from a flood which ruined 2 rooms of carpeting and furniture but they don't seem to care, even though a power surge took out the sum pump. They also want to charge me a deposit after they already have a deposit of 125 dollars from me . They are very rude and since they are the only game in town I guess they think they can treat their customers like crap.

  • Da
      26th of Sep, 2010
    +1 Votes

    My wife and I have had monthly arguments with COMMUNIST EDISON.. They opened an account in another part of the state, in my name. I disputed it monthly, I would explain the bill to them and get the "Oh, I see, will send out another bill." I would get the bill and they would move the charge but never take it off. I would adjust the payment and write on the bill and check what the difference was. Of course by not paying the full amount they would tack on a late payment. This went on for 18 months..Each month the same thing and a late payment. Finally I was able to have the charges removed ($21.00 connection fee) but they never took off the late payment charges $129.00 total of which i never paid. When we moved they took it out of the security deposit amount.. .When we moved we moved into a repo house. Well, the bill is calculated from the last owner and now my security deposit went from $60.00 to $160.00. Then due to hardship, just like everybody else, we filed bankruptcy and our deposit went up to $240.00. From reading the posts above I just learned that it is illegal to apply the "extra" deposit because of bankruptcy..Thank you for that post, I will be contacting Communist Edison and my lawyer on Monday about that..COMMUNIST Edison is a monopoly (illegal conducting) business in Illinois. They make the rules and have no problems with shutting off your electricity. I now have two payments that I sent via my online bank account each month and in the memo portion of the check I have COMMUNIST EDISON written in there... I suggest everybody start making memo remarks on there checks, if they cash it, they are agreeing to accept what is written.

  • Ba
      28th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    Thankul I found this board. I too have been experiencing outrageous request from ComEd. I owe them $103 and just received a disconnection notice today on October 28th that my service will be cut off if the $103 amount is not paid by November 1st. I will pay it but the amount of time and notice is ridiculous. I am not even a full 30 days behind on my bill. This is ridiculous.

  • Un
      20th of Nov, 2010
    0 Votes

    ok im on a set income and i was behind 500 bux which i paid on the 1st i get a call from them today saying that i need to pay 251 dollars to keep my electricity on, im like wait i just paid you 500 and never got a bill saying that it was late?!? but yes i will be filing with icc i believe because i lived here since august and my first bill was over 400 bux and im like how?!? and i noticed then on the bill it says avg temp was 75 umm how? it was 100 in augs! so anyway thinking my bill would go down it's right now at 250 bux *sighs*

  • Co
      18th of Dec, 2010
    +1 Votes

    ComEd has been increasing my bill slowly all year without any changes in my household but I did not question it. I just paid my bill each month; however, my November 2010 bill was 414.74 which is more than 3 times what it has been in the previous months (almost 6 times what it was last year this time) . I disputed it. They say it is right. My December 2010 bill is 562.94 (still increasing!). They cannot offer any explanation to why my bill would triple, now quadruple within two months time. They basically have the attitude that I just have to pay it. Who can afford electricity of 592.94 a month and still rising? That's rent for some people. Nothing in my house has changed this is ridiculous and they are basically bullying consumers because they have a monopoly on this industry.

  • Co
      20th of Jan, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I agree with everyone Comed are a buck rip offs. What we need is a choice of another energy company. ComEd charges me on month 150 and the next month it sky rockets to 600! I lived in a two bedroom trailer with my ill mother. I try to explain to the greedy a-holes but they said its because of the air condition. I used it twice all the summer, twice! If ComEd had any heart or soul they better wake up before people boycott there company. Greed is deadly sin, one some is going to snap and blow a ComEd building. I would be wrong but I wouldn't show them any pity. BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT! BOYCOTT! How would they like it when they lose all the over priced customer. I leave this great country bcasue of COMED! COMED THE REAL DOWNFALL TO COURTY, GREEDY [censor]S!

  • Tn
      21st of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes

    Right now I'm on the phone for over an hour waiting to talk to a supervisor. 1 phase of my electricity went out over a week ago. They came out and got everything working but my air conditioner well they find the mistake. They said it would take 1 week to find the issue. 8 days later I call to find out the status of my repair and they don't have it in the system. I resubmited it so I could talk to a representative. They said because I just submited my repair today (3 minutes prior) they can not tell me the status on the repair. I said no, the repair was submitted 8 days ago. She told me she couldn't help me. Now I've been on the phone for over an hour and 15 minutes waiting to talk to a supervisor to see when my power will be fixed. I was told the wait would be 45-60 minutes. Please remember this is the middle of June and its hot and humid, and I can't use the air in my house because of a ComEd issue, not because my air doesn't work or I don't have it. ComEd is at fault

  • Co
      6th of Aug, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I have hundreds of hours of experience dealing with ComEd's unprovoked attacks on me, especially financial. They currently attacked me by 1) not applying a payment I sent to them to my account 2) waiting 5 months to bill me, and basing it on a fraudulent starting meter reading, 3) charging me a security deposit based on no reasoning-even when I requested an explanation in writing.

    I decided to respond ComEd with counter attacks because 1) ComEd ripped me off these 3 different ways and so far have gotten away with all 3; 2) I've already invested hundreds of hours and that is too much to give up with no return; and
    3) They're going to start "Smart Meters" soon which will hurt me and you. Smart Meters are an invasion of privacy. They plan to monitor and control the amount of electricity you use. This is an Orwellian nightmare. Here's the kicker: YOU ARE NOW PAYING FOR THE SMART METERS EVEN THOUGH THEY HAVE MAY NOT EVEN INSTALLED THEM YET IN YOUR AREA (check your bill). How can they get away with it? Where ELSE you gonna go (laughing like Jabba the Hutt)?

    Now this monopoly must be taught a lesson. Follow my lead and let's crush this monopoly.
    Read closely: DO NOT COMPLAIN TO THE ICC. It's a joke. It sounds official, but my research tells me it's just a bureaucratic organization that shuffles papers around and from what I've experienced did not get me security deposit back from ComEd. The story is that ComEd charged me a security deposit by burying parts of it in over 3 bills, did not use it when I later did not pay a bill, then held it for a long time after service ended with ComEd. DO NOT PAY THE SECURITY DEPOSIT- Just pay the electrical service charges.

    ComEd has in a round about way paid off the ICC for favoritism in complaints, mediation and lawsuits. The Joint Committee on Administrative Rules is an organization that reviews administrative rules of the ICC and other state agencies. They give recommendations to rule makers telling them "good" or "bad". They do other things like restate rules simply for the public.

    The co-chair of JCAR, Maggie Crotty got a political campaign donation from ComEd in 2008-a small one, but then all donations were small due to the depression. So ComEd pays people that will logically ultimately have the ICC write rules to go in favor of ComEd's.

    DO NOT COMPLAIN ABOUT COMED TO THE ICC- It's a waste of time. If you want money back, or other justice,
    Complain to C.U.B. (CITIZEN'S UTILITY BOARD)
    Write to or set up an interview with the news media to facilitate your complaint
    File a complaint in court if you have the money
    For a last resort or just to get ideas complain to the public through fliers or Internet message boards

    If you COMPLAIN TO THE BBB, FOLLOW THROUGH, FOLLOW THROUGH, FOLLOW THROUGH. Here's why: The BBB requires several steps, and you must go through all to get a result.

    The Northern Illinois BBB logged about 100 electric companies operating in their district. At the Northern IL BBB website, a chart shows where ComEd falls as far as how many complaints they got: There's only 1 electric company that got 100+ complaints within 36 months, and they show ComEd is the only electric company out of over 100 companies that falls into this category. All others got 25 or less complaints.

    With all these complaints, one would think ComEd would have a low rating with the BBB: WRONG. ComEd has an "A" rating on a report-card like A through F rating system. This basically means people complain and ComEd fixes the situation or people complain and do not follow through. If you do not follow through the complaint does not affect the company nearly as negatively.
    Do not read this and relax. Print my comment and start the complaint process immediately.

    Other tips:
    A) If you move into a new home, especially one where someone lived before you, WRITE DOWN THE DATE AND METER READING THAT DAY. ComEd uses bogus begin readings to overcharge people.
    B) If dealing with ComEd, start a notebook log of events. Write down dates and meter readings. Write down info about calls to ComEd: when, who, what was said, and other key data. Call ComEd to get meter readings and compare theirs to actual readings.
    C) When starting new service, do everything you can to not give them your social security number. This they can use to affect your credit rating.
    D) START NOW. Turn off the TV. Together we can squeeze these jerks and get our money back. Media or lawyers can email me:

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