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Comcast Internet Phone & Cable Tv / account

1 IL, United States

I will try to make this brief: I have been a loyal comcast subscriber since february 2007. I have never been late on a payment, I have direct payments made through american express, my payments have never been late. For the past week, I have been getting calls on a daily basis from a collection agency called credit management [protected], I spoke with one of the collection agency's representatives, the woman told me that I had an overdue bill from comcast for over $400.00, she said that my account was closed this past march, she also stated that I have not yet returned any equipment to comcast and did I plan on doing so. I calmly asked the woman, how could I have a past-due bill when I have automatic payments made through my american express and how could my account be closed when I now currently have comcast phone, internet and cable television? She answered - "sir, I am calling to collect a debt that you owe comcast, do you plan on paying this debt?" I then said that I would get my american express statement and for her to please wait on the line, it took me less than 30 seconds to get the bill, when I got back to the phone and said hello, she had already hung up on me. Imagine, a collection agency hanging up on a call, I thought it was usually the other way around. To make a long story short; after numerous calls to comcast, speaking to overseas reps (Comcast keeps assuring me that my account is current and I have never had a late payment or failed to pay) , I still keep getting the collection calls. I am left with no choice but to march down to the local comcast payment center tomorrow and cancel my subscription, call the better business bureau, maybe even contact a lawyer to sue comcast and the collection agency, but definitely I will cancel comcast and hook all the televisions in my house to the antenna on my roof, get a different phone service and internet service. Any one know a good company that I can go with, or have they become obsolete? Phil from the hill

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