Comcast Communicationsrefund

Terminated my agreement with Comcast on May 12th and turned in all my equipment. On May the 18th Comcast hit my auto account for advance payment of $181.57. I was promised a refund within 4 weeks. Later was questioned about a modem which they already had received. Received a messsage 3 weeks ago with apology stating a refund check would go in the mail immediately. Following week a rep at Comcast told me he would contact someone in the accounting dept. and get me a check in the mail right away. The 3rd week beyond their 4 week deadline I spoke with a supervisor in the Sarasota office who assured me he would get me a check by contacting Atlanta speeding up the process and call me back. I never did receive a callback from him. Now today I'm told that a check was sent out June 25th but had to be cancelled because I never received it. Today I was told they would re-issue a check and I would have it in two weeks. I've been 8 weeks already on a 4 week refund which shouldn't have been deducted from my account in the first place. If the check arrives in two weeks as promised and I have my doubts it will I will have been at the least 10 weeks waiting on a refund check. Counter clerk where I turned in the equipment told me that if I stopped payment Comcast would fine me $50.00 so maybe I can get a $50.00 fine placed on Comcast for their late payment.

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