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In june 2008, comcast cable offered a free hdtv for new customers who sign up for their triple play service. We switched over to cable (From satellite) to take advantage of the offer. We were told we would receive our tv in three months. We have been calling since september, and we have been given one run around after another. One rep told us that we have to wait 6 months, another told us they could not find us in the system we chose to wait until december (6 months) and have called comcast, in the past week, we have spend several hours on the phone and in person (Avenel offices) and keep getting run arounds. They either tell us we are in the system or they are not aware of such offer. On 12/30, I called for the last time, in which I was put on hold for over one hour!!! We spoke to a rep in sales, called stacy in which she tells us that she reviewed the terms of our service and says the reason why we did not get the tv is because the offer is for new customers who sign up for a one year contract, and we were signed up for a two year contract. We asked to speak to a supervisor in which we spoke to herbert. Herbert then states that the real reason we did not get the tv was because they have records of a couple of late payments on our account. We have just signed up for new service with comcast's comptetitor, verizon and our comcast 'service' will be cancelled shortly. We feel we have been swindled into this and dont want any other customer falling for their bogus offers.In addition to their questionable sales and advertising tactics, their customer service was deplorable and their rep, especially herbert, was insulting to us. Comcast would rather lose us as customers than to own up to their end of the bargain.

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  • Ja
      Feb 19, 2009

    I feel your pain. Similar story: same offer, slightly different nightmarish scenario...

    As mentioned, over the last several months, Comcast has been running an offer: "Free Basic Cable for 12 months if you sign up as a new customer with internet OR phone." Since I signed up for internet in DECEMBER (at $30.95 for 12 months), with the promise from the saleswoman of Free basic cable deal mentioned, it would seem natural to receive a bill of roughly $40, after fees and taxes (and not including the installation/start up fees). Ok, I have been billed over $100 EACH month and January was $160 because I had received 2 bills for a period of less than 15 days. Neither bill had the same total, the same fees, anything.

    I called many times and no one seems to even KNOW about this offer. I have copies of it, have read the fine print, seen the tv spots, the billboards, the whole she-bang... and no one in either billing, retentions, promotions... yes, even the supervisors... no one at Comcast is aware of this particular offer. ??? To be honest, so far, only two of the 15 or 20 (lost count by now) people at Comcast are aware of this: 1. the woman who kindly signed me up for the service in December (of course she knew...); and 2. the woman who refused to admit the offer was applicable even as I read to her from their own ad, constantly hushed me as if she were searching for relevant information, and eventually put me on hold for 15 minutes then disconnected me... tonight (which is why I'm posting now and will be posting elsewhere). The later experience (aside from actually KNOWING about this offer) is familiar. I have been "disconnected" 6 or 7 times... usually after over an hour of explaining the siutuation and listening to them breath and and not speak, give answers that make no sense (during a billing explanation that wouldn't add up, one rep told me that I was being charged $15, then later $10, then $12, then $9 for the cable... in a matter of about 25 minutes!!), they lie and evade. Hell, I feel like I've told this story a billion times!
    Anyway, the point is I have reached the point where I am so completely fed up that I want to know if anyone else is getting this runaround. HOW CAN COMCAST CUSTOMER SERVICE NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS MAJOR NATIONAL OFFER BASED ON MAJOR FCC AND GOVERNMENT REGULATED MANDATES?!?!? For crap's sake, Obama was talking about digital transition a few weeks ago, and we all know that he's got his hands full. This is either false advertising or gross misconduct, but either way, 2 months and several hundred lost (and NOT cheap either) cell phone minutes later, I still have NO ANSWERS. Are there other people out there who have dealt with this? Are you tired of being pushed around by the brazen dishonesty of these over zealous organizations? Reply. Comment. Whatever. Our voices need to be heard.

    As another man on the edge of reason once said, "I feel like I'm takin' crazy pills!"

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