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Mozilla Complaints & Reviews

Mozilla / firefox

tom Enel on May 17, 2017
Firefox has updated twice recently and both times deleted all my saved passwords and bookmarks. I searched both times to find out how I retrieve my passwords. But all the information that was on the web and in community help was to no avail. First time that all my passwords were deleted, I...

Mozilla / Email video link will only play audio and not video

Rewa Mirpuri on Apr 14, 2017
Dear Sir, I received an email under gmail account with a video link as follows: http://elinepa.org/2017/03/11/indian-marriage-in-athens/?lang=en It plays with the sound but no display. Other browsers can play well, sound and display both. I can't understand the problem. Firefox is my...

Mozilla / mozilla firefox browser

RicksD23 on Apr 10, 2017
https://support.mozilla.org/1/firefox/52.0.2/WINNT/en-US/security-error Peer’s Certificate issuer is not recognized. HTTP Strict Transport Security: false HTTP Public Key Pinning: false Certificate chain: -----BEGIN...

Mozilla / Firefox

Francis Ip on Apr 8, 2017
The latest design of the drop-down menu is terrible. One needs 3 clicks to reach the hyperlink. The scenario is as follows; First click is for selecting an item from the menu bar. Second click is to select an item within the drop-down menu. Third click is to see the description of an item. The...

Mozilla / Firefox browser

Rocrocroc on Apr 7, 2017
I have noticed recently that my browser search provider has changed for no apparent reason. I understand that you have an agreement with Yahoo to make them the browser of record when you first download the Firefox. I think the Yahoo browser is a lousy product run by a lousy company. I see...

Mozilla Firefox / firefox 52.0.2 (32bit) on windows 7

Donald Chow on Mar 30, 2017
Firefox 52.0.2 (32bit) on Windows 7 freezes and hangs all the time whenever I use it to browse Facebook. Most of the time, I have to go to Task Manager to force close it before I could have it restarted. I've been using Firefox since day one, but enough is enough, I've decided to give up...

Mozilla / papgamez suposedly thank you for participation to a survey today (megaflix) - browser opinion survey

Felay Thi Lan on Mar 26, 2017
Hello I 'be just accepted to participate to a survey with Mozilla Firefox and I was supposedly thanked with a free period for downloading movies with Megafllix. I did not end up with Megaflix movies - but with Papgamez, 5 days free trial for downloading games which I am not interested in, or...

Mozilla / Firefox

Randy Johnston on Mar 21, 2017
I am VERY VERY displeased that you have removed Adobe Acrobat Reader as a plugin. The pdf reader you have included in Firefox is very lame. I tried it when it first came out and found that it would not work for my purposes and had to set up Acrobat again. The site I use most often is the...

Mozilla / Aldaniti International Network LTD pop up

RatGav on Mar 16, 2017
This says it is a research agent ofering big car prize for personal info - but asks for info in increments - meaning once you've given headline contact details it then asks for more detailed personal information which if you are unhappy to provide means you've given half your details away...

Mozilla / Tabs

Prakash Jp on Feb 28, 2017
Sir i am working at Data entry Job at online when i using ten tabs to put demand for my office use but the demand is complete in a tabs but the but the some time following message is coming but other browser is not coming these complaints. The connection was reset The connection to the...

Firefox / Regarding servicing of nuke 29 bicycle

Kuntalsachin on Feb 24, 2017
Given the bicycle for servicing at firefox showroom in jabalpur. Completely destroyed the rear brake. neither has given any receipt nor he has resolved the issue. I'm using Firefox for last 10 years this is the most unprofessional and intolerable behaviour shown by an authorised dealer of...

Mozilla / Firefox is allowing access points for illegal official eavesdropping and hacking of users private data...

Mad Mike on Feb 17, 2017
Firefox is allowing access points for illegal official eavesdropping and hacking of users private data... I am a user of firefox and also, a person very knowledgeable about internet security and computer science. It is clear as day what is going on here and because this security breach i...

Mozilla / Abuse of corporate position and abuse of email privilege

Chas2017 on Feb 1, 2017
I recently received an unbelievably stupid email from Mozilla, specifically Chris Beard. He comes across as someone too misguided to be running a responsible corporation such as Mozilla. Obviously oblivious to political realities, he abused his powers and assumed I had an interest hi...

Mozilla / Firefox web browser

W00die on Dec 13, 2016
This piece of #### browser works worse and worse every day, now its crashing, and freezing up, and wont reload when i close it out - it keeps telling me there is another version running - to close that version out first - - the problem there is no other ####ng version running.. !!! Or the...

Mozilla / Mozilla Firefox

W00die on Nov 28, 2016
MOZILLA FIRE FOX gets crappier and crappier over time 2 yrs or more I got rid of Google because it would crash having 3 or 4 tabs open, now firefox is doing it constantly too - I try to close a tab and all the tabs crash then all of the tabs have to reload after the crash .. I keep getting...

Mozilla / Firefox

eataforeskin on May 9, 2016
brand new hard drives. installed firefox and then installed kaspersky total right behind it. firefox would not let me connect to comcast mail afterward. i'm about to s**t in a box and mail it to mozilla just so they can compare my t**d to their browser. firefox used to be the way to...

Mozilla Firefox / yahoo mail

Connie R. Williamson on Apr 5, 2016
SECURE CONNECTION FAILED is the message I now get every time I try to access my mail on Yahoo. I contacted Yahoo, no solution. I tried to contact FIREFOX, guess what? SECURE CONNECTION FAILED. Has been weeks with no connection...unless i go to another isp...voila i get my mail immediately. MOZILLA...

Mozilla Firefox / Screwed Up My Computer Royally!

jpegs on Mar 15, 2016
Yesterday I got a message in the lower right corner of my screen stating that "Firefox appears to be running slow" (or something like that. It suggested that I Refresh Firefox to solve my problems. So I did. After all, Firefox would do anything that would destroy everything I'd worked...

Mozilla / Firefox

Reviewer57949 on Jan 12, 2016
I deeply resent some arrogant mozilla developer deciding that I must have the navagation bar present at all times and that I cannot customize it off the screen. While I concede that removing items from view complicates browser skill levels needed, it is my preference and ought to be my...

Mozilla Firefox Browser / browser old version and 42.0

Reviewer51494 on Dec 5, 2015
I'm also having the problem w/ excessive pop-ups in spite of having on the pop-up blocker. (I noticed this complaint at least as far back as 2006 on this site. Why are we using this rotten product? I usually use Chrome, but recently have been using FireFox because of particular bookmarks I have there & b/c I do like some of MFF's features. No more.

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