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I called on January 28th 2015 to have my cable service transferred to my new house on January 31st and the representative offered me a security system package and told me when I get to the new house the cable would be working because it has a hot spot and allows my service to be transmitted through the boxes in which I already have. When we moved into the house the cable didn't work, so I called comcast again and the representative told me that the first rep. Placed the order incorrectly and I will have to wait for 1 week when the tech comes out to my home to connect the security to the house. It was a nightmare when the tech came out he stated I needed to have the Internet service too which was not on my order. So the tech was trying to reschedule my entire services and I told him to just hook up the cable. I called the next business day to comcast and they billed me for the security services in which I didn't have. So another rep got on the line to take off the security charges and disconnected my entire system, so I was without service again and he transferred me to tech support which they could not get the service back on. I was hot! Comcast is A NIGHTMARE AND OVER CHARGES THE CUSTOMERS! They never got me a supervisor on the line and never offered any credit for all their inconvenience. I am going to check on AT&T.

Feb 09, 2015
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  •   Feb 18, 2015

    This is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE! I was SO discussed with your experience, I hope you don't mind, I shared this on my Twitter. This is the kind of crap my friends and I are tired of dealing with SO WE DID SOMETHING ABOUT IT.. AND I MEAN WE DID SOMETHING BIG! You know I post this stuff hereally because the editors will give me the boot, but if you want to join our cause against these guys *Our REVOLUTION* Juse shoot me an email: [protected]

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