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I am writing to report credit card fraud commited by a company called Bridgevine, acting as an authorized seller for Comcast cable services. They sold me a package of TV, phone and internet services, then at the end of the call told me they could not service my area (despite telling me they did at the beginning of the call when I directly asked this question). They said that they were going to cancel the order, and I went ahead and ordered services through other companies instead. I subsequently discovered that Bridgevine had gone ahead and processed the credit card charge anyway and mailed a piece of hardware to my house. When I called to complain and demand a refund, they told me to send the hardware back, and provided me with a UPS packing slip to do this. I went ahead and did this, and I have confirmed that they received the package. They refunded me $50, but continue to keep $14.95 of my money to cover their costs of shipping the item--even though they admit that they never should have sent the item in the first place. Still they claim that it was somehow my responsibility to prevent them from sending the order, and that I now have to eat the cost. I don't know what else I could have done. At the end of the phone call I asked the customer service rep if I needed to do anything else to prevent the charge from going through and said no--that the order had been completely cancelled. And when I received the erroeously shipping item in the mail, I reported the error and sent it back to them, after they agreed to refund my money. What more could I possibly have done?

It is ridiculous that I am being treated this way. I have done nothing wrong. All I did was try to set up a new Comcast account in the new town I was moving to. I had already been a long-standing Comcast customer at my previous address. To make matters even worse, I now find out that Comcast does in fact service my area, and I could have had a Comcast account if I had called someone other than Bridgevine to process my order! Comcast lost a loyal, life-long cusomter because of this. BTW, funnily, Bridgevine also tried to blame Comcast for this problem, saying that it is their fault that the installation could not have been completed, and therefore their fault that I got shipped equipment I didn't want that was useless to me.

So Comcast blames Bridgevine, Bridgevine blames Comcast and me. I did everything right, they did everything wrong, and I'm the one getting screwed.

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  •   Jun 18, 2009

    Hello Tracy,

    I'm sorry that you had a bad experience with Bridgevine. I work at Bridgevine and don't like to see unhappy customers. Please email me your confirmation code if you still have it and I'll personally look into this matter and report directly back to you.

    Mark Ballard

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