We usually pay are bill online. This last month when we went to pay our bill we entered the bank information and the website cam back with an error and told us to try later. The next day we went back onlin and made a "successful" payment. A few days later we should two charges from Comcast on our bank statement. We contacted Comcast and they told us they were unable to reverse the direct deposit payment. Finding this unexceptable we got online and "chatted" with an analyst. He told us he could make a credit or bank card. After a week with no credit to out card I got online and "chatted" with another analyst. She informed me that it would take 10-15 days for this credit to show because the finance department had to confirm that they received the money. So now it has been two weeks since this error occurred and we probably won't receive a credit for another two weeks. By this time are next bill will be due.


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