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Comcast / service never completed

1 Baltimore, MD, United States

This is informational for people in the Baltimore area.
We moved here on the 15th of July and had scheduled a visit from Comcast to change our internet service from Savannah to Baltimore. We would have switched from Comcast many days ago, but we are not necessarily keen on DSL which is our only other alternative and it is harder to get direct TV in our complex than cable (or so we thought).
Here is my story. The dates are mostly accurate but I might be off on one or two.

July 15th, a service man came and tried to hook everything up. There was something wrong with the cable so he said he would have to call in an outside crew to work on the line out there and it would take 5-10 days. Great. We waited for 10 days.

July 25th, I call Comcast. The person on the phone (who was very nice) said that they saw that something happened with the installation and that further service was required but the order had never been submitted. They were sorry about that and would try to put it through faster.

July 29th, I call Comcast, just to check. Again a very nice person on the phone tells me that they saw I called earlier and that we needed a service call, but the order hadn't gone to the right place. hmm... okay. Well, she would submit it and get it to the right department. They would definitely have someone, likely a supervisor, call me in a couple days to make sure everything was set.

July 31st, call Comcast again. The phone person says they see the order and it HAS been sent down to service but it looks like nothing has happened with it. This is highly unusual, of course. They aren't sure about this so they transfer me over to a supervisor/customer-service liason, Bruce Baker. Bruce is appalled at the amount of time this has taken and wants to get us squared away. He offers us a small credit for our trouble which I accept saying he still needs to get service working again. He sees that it has been sent down to service but that no one has touched it ever and he will look into it. He said he will try to have something in the works by monday, but it might be a little later. He gave me his direct line and said to call him if I didn't hear something by Monday evening.

August 5th-August 11th, I call Bruce's direct line every day at different times of the day but he is never there. I leave messages but he never calls back. You'd think he'd be there at at least one random minute each day. Very odd.

August 13th - Called the regular comcast line to talk to one of the regular phone techs. He is again, appalled at the lack of response. And, though I am very dissatisfied with the service we are getting, the people on the phone are all very nice. It's just some abyss between what they say and things getting done. He suggests that I call the corporate headquarters because obviously something is wrong at the local level.

August 13th again - Call Comcast Corp in PA. Regina Richardson finds it odd that there is such a problem but is glad that I stuck with it long enough to bring it to their attention. She said she would contact them right away and we should see something happening soon. If not, call her back.

August 14th - Receive a call from Eugene Bennett at Comcast, another supervisor/customer liason. He says he has been assigned the case and everything will be taken care of.

August 18th - Call Comcast/Eugene. He says he doesn't have any information for me yet, but he will have something by tomorrow and he will give me a call (Always tomorrow.) The call never comes.

Auguest 20th - Call Comcast/Eugene (twice). He doesn't answer his phone either time and I leave a message the first time. I feel that one message should suffice.

As of today we are 35 days late in our change of service and I have spent over 6 hours on the phone with people from Comcast while NOTHING has gotten done at all. I don't understand how this happens but I wanted other people to know.


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