Coles Supermarkets / dianella store perth

Whoever manages this store needs to be spoken to!! Shelves empty and disheveled. Very little or NO trolleys in trolley bay. Shelves empty and haven't been restocked. Everytime I go there they run out of stock!! I've never been to a Coles like this one. It's disgusting!! For godsake get someone in there that gives a dam!!
It looks more like a jumble sale!!
Bought apples that were all brown on the inside. Unripe rock melon. Strawberries going off. It's sickening!!
You have an opposition at the other end of the centre being Woolworths and I'll shopping there in future. At least they know how to stock a shelf and merchandise!!
Don't know how they get away with this?!!! Obviously profits are THAT good??! Not for long!!

Mar 27, 2017

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