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I was the bbq cook for Beldon primary schools fundraiser. The 200+sausages were a descrace, upon them touchdown on the bbq we experienced splitting which exposed the grey matter inside. I struggle to call it beef as I have not experienced any thing similar in my fourty four years on my this planet. The insides of the sausages was full of fat and muscle with the above mentioned (grey matter). As I was only a helper I continued to cook the sausages with revolsion. The more that the sausages split and burst the more repulsed I was by the SMELL . As a sausage eater and lover I have NOT seen or smelt anything like it.. After the CHILDREN received them I watched one after another take a bite, screw up their face in revolsion and then proceed to the bin to spit it out and throw the rest away... This is the one time that we try and make money for a cause and it isn't helped if the kids won't come back again to eat. I am appalled that you try and call them beef sausages. I did not buy them but was assured that straight after purchase they were stored correctly overnight and considering a max temperature of only 18 degrees, the ten minutes to the fridge seems likely to be irelivant . I can only say that I have requested for them never to purchased again. What a discrace.. Not happy..

Aug 19, 2016
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  •   Aug 19, 2016

    44 years on this earth and you never managed to learn how to spell.

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