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I got a vehicle financed through JD Byryder a little over 3 years ago. I too was told that I could trade in the vehicle for a new one if my payments were on time for a year. All the payments that were made over 1 1/2 years did not bring down the balance. In fact, I owed more than the purchase price. Thank god or the Attorney Generals office. Apparently I wasn't the only one. An investigation was by the State of Iowa for Nebraska and Iowa consumers and the company was closed down. By this time I had secures an auto loan with my credit union. I was told to return the car and put the keys in the drop box--and I did. I called the customer service dept and they tried to get me to keep the vehicle. I notice on my credit report it says account closed and payment in full settled for less. If you are thinking about financing with CNAC-DON' yourself some money, time and frustration.

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  • Ma
      Oct 24, 2008

    I have experienced a similar situation with CNAC. But also, I have experienced employees of CNAC discussing my personal account business with mutual friends. Whatever happened to privacy laws??

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  • Ju
      Jul 17, 2009

    i too, have had very bad experience with cnac/jd byrider. i would like very much to be apart of a class action lawsuit against them. i only owed $900.00 on a ford taurus 2000. i also cosigned for my daughter to purchase a car from them. we went thru upsetting experience on repairs and harrassment phone calls for car note payments. i went to my credit union to pay off my car and they told me they didn't accept third party payments, and repoed my car, and eventually my daughters car was repoed. now my credit is worse and i don't have a car, transportation that my family and i depended on.

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  • Ak
      Jul 23, 2009

    I agree don't go to CNAC I pay 300.00 a month and have been for 2 years and I still owe them over 7, 000.00 I feel like the bal. never goes down. for 2002 ford taurus. they are a rip off.

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  • Ta
      Aug 15, 2011

    Please do not buy a car from these people. The people who you call in to make your payment. They treat you as if you bought the car from them, Very very very disrepectful bunch of people.

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  • Ta
      Aug 15, 2011
    Best Best Advice

    I really hate i bought this car from them. Never again.

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  • Ou
      Jun 13, 2012

    My son unexpectedly lost his job from a company he was employed with for 8 years. He was in a desperate way financially, and unfortunately, he went through this company to purchase a car. I just recently found out today that this is the company he has his loan with. I have read these customer reviews, and I cannot help but wonder WHY ON EARTH are companies like this allowed to be in business!? Several people have commented that they pay their payments, and the balance NEVER goes down. Why is this!? Thieves go to jail for stealing and this IS a form of stealing. They are crooks! Taking advantage of people that have and are going through hard times is an out and out sin in itself! Obviously, the owner of this company has no morals and he is piece of garbage who hires people who are in that same category. Another words, they are not a reputable or of good standing. Our government needs to investigate them and put them, and any other company that operates in this manner out of business!!

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  • Ho
      Jun 20, 2013

    I willingly returned my vehicle after loosing my job. Always paid my car note on time. They were belligerent and unwilling to work with me. Since returning the vehicle, they are constantly checking my credit. I have inquiries from this company every other month. Their goal is to keep me from buying a new vehicle. How do I stop them from all these inquiries? Anyone??

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  • Qu
      Dec 12, 2014

    J.DByrider is a crock of 2 ### ive had my 2006 buick rendevous a litter over a yr now my balance has gone down but this piece of ### ### car is always back at the shop for repairs at least twice a month. I traded in my old car for something reliable and to be honest my old car ran much better. I am asking anyone who's readimg this (DO NOT PURCHASE A CAR FROM J.DBYRIDER)😖

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  • Jd
      Feb 22, 2015

    I bought a 2003 Chev Impala. When I drove up to start looking for a car, they brought me a car one by one, not letting me see all the cars for me to choose, like they were hiding them or something. Ive never had a car lot do things that way. Soon after, problems started happening w/the car. I had the car picked up as it was undriveable, already, went to their crappy repair shop who didn't fix the problems right. I couldn't get to work because of it, lost my job. The only good thing was, Lawanda at the Merrillville location, my old rep, worked w/me very well while I had no income. I called my new rep letting her know I got a new job. When I started working again, then the company becomes unreasonable. My new rep put me on hold. A "floor supervisor", Orlando or something, came on the phone, gave me THE worst cs! He was extremely rude, demanded ALL owed paid in full, THAT DAY! I told him I cant do that, I don't have a payck yet. He didn't care. NOW theyre giving me a hard time? Really? Lawanda helped me more when I had no income. The guy threatened me saying, "if 'I' don't get 'MY' money by end of day, the car will be repoed". I couldn't believe he treated a CUSTOMER that way. Needless to say, hes no longer w/the company. They repoed the care soon after. Arent they supposed to HELP you IMPROVE your credit, not make it worse?? Great job! On top of all this, the towing co they work with DRAGGED the car down the street the WRONG way. Calls are coming in about my balance, which I was overpaying anyway for the piece of crap they sold me. I just laugh at them and hang up. They even bother my references about my balance. I now blocked their calls. I would not advise anyone to go here, ever! Stay away from this company, JD Byrider/CNAC!

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  • Sh
      Jun 22, 2015

    Thank the Lord I never bought a car from them. I went with a friend several years ago when she bought a car there, from the Salt Lake City, UT location. I could not believe how horribly rude they were to a brand new paying customer with cash in hand. They acted like entitled [censored]es and didn't let her select the car she wanted, they told her what car she could buy out of the dozens and dozens on their lot. Who does this??? Unfortunately she must've been very desperate but I didn't ask and she didn't volunteer. What a ridiculous way to run a "business"!

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  • Ap
      Aug 28, 2015

    They have been the ABSOLUTE WORST!!! I went to them in hopes of helping rebuild my credit being that's what they advertise. Since I've received my vehicle I've had nothing but problems, whether it's been the vehicle in it's self or the misleading unknowledgeable representatives. My only good experience has been with the manager of the service department and the guy who sold me the car. Everyone else I've dealt with has given me the "run-around" and different stories each time I've called. I requested a due date change being that I had a change in employment. I was told to send in two most recent paycheck stubs and make two on time payments after they received the two stubs. Here it is 2 months and several payments later and I'm still going back and forth with them about it not being switched but they're taking the money out of my account each time I get paid, on the day that I get paid. After being called and harassed about a payment on weeks that I'm no longer paid on and the fact that they're already automatically taking payments out of my account, I had enough. I was being told this person and that person was the owner on my account, so I asked to speak to whomever was in charge. I got manager Anthony Palmer who then goes on to say "Oh I apologize for the misunderstanding but you didn't make your payments on time and we need you to send in two more check stubs so we can send in a due date change". It's really unacceptable and these people really don't care the people they have as customers. Once my car is paid off I will no longer deal with company, and as a current consumer if you want to work with a company that cares about the people they deal with, I'd advice you not choose CNAC. Several people told me not too do it and I didn't listen. Not to mention not even two months in having the car my transmission went completely out and my rotors were bad.

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  • Un
      Nov 03, 2015

    I am having a horrible experience with this company.. From start to present it has been a nightmare!!! issues with payment dates not being flexible to daily interest being added to an already over inflated debt @ a 24.995 interest rate.. Worst fears have came to past... After paying $411.00 per month for a 2006 pt cruiser for 25 months, it was stolen and deemed a total loss. If that wasn't emotional distress enough, now to add insult to injury they say I still owe them $7000... They are insane...Unwavering... And they expect me to make the same note previously stated or they threaten to garnish me...I refuse to continue to be belittled, disrespected by their employees, called a "problem from day one" by the branch manager, told no one else would ever finance me, and to be robbed. I had addressed these previous issues with them numerous times and they blow me off, but do not hesitate to call me a day before my payment is due to ask for my payment. Not to mention the 10 different numbers they have assigned to harass people even after you tell them when you will pay. Ughhhhh...This has to be illegal. I feel like they pray on people in desperate situations and make their lives worse. Kind of like a gift from the devil. No good can come from it. I was for sure with the amount i owed that i had included some sort of gap insurance. They were quick to say it was never offered so what am i paying $24, 000 for if there are no fees for warranties and insurance, the car price was 12, 995... I'm lost and pissed off.

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  • Ev
      Apr 16, 2016

    I bought my car through JD Byrider and the financing is through CNAC. The first year of payments were for interest only. I still owe close to 9, 000 for a car that is only worth 2. Then I came to find out that everything I have been doing to build my credit through them isn't being reported had I known what I was in for I never would've done it. Ugh!!! They are rude and make me feel like they are above anyone. I have over a year paid in and still have over two years to go for a 3 year loan. Can't figure that out but I guess they feel the interest payments deserved a year of its own. I made a big mistake that is not going away anytime soon. I tell my family and friends to never go through this company or JD Byrider. It's not worth the hassle

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  • Vr
      Jul 01, 2016

    I bought a car from JD Byrider back in March. Man I wish I could have seen this back then and did more research on the company. The sales man was nice but the financing company is awful. They are extremely rude and constantly calling the people I put down for references. There has been no reason and it's pretty much gotten to the point of harassment. It's like they are constantly checking up on me and just being down right rude. I will never ever again purchase a car from them or refer anyone to them. I'm way over paying for my vehicle in more ways then one. In fact just last week I had to put 2 new rear tires on it because the treading came off of my rear right tire and the car is starting to make funny noises. I will be taking the car to my own auto shop and not using theres.

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  • Up
      May 30, 2017

    Completely unhappy with the harassing phone calls I am receiving daily 6 or 7 times a day from 2 different numbers. Apparently they can not leave a message but insist on calling my phone at work and at all hours. Same harassing phone calls to family and friends. They do not realize we work during the day and can not answer the phone. I will never do business with them again.

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  • In
      Mar 11, 2019

    The car i purchased was 9K, I have been paying since 2017 and still owe 8K. Total ripoff but had to do it.

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