Club Pogothreats, stalking, jacking, harress, fake jackpots

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I'm a CLub POGO member and pogo does not go by their terms of service. I've been harressed, table jacked, stalked, and have tried to report the players and pogo does nothing about it. I come on here to have fun. They charge you 39.95. You get no where with them you keep sending reports and they ignore them. Then they suspened players for scrolling but not for jarressment, or stalking, or putting stuff on your comp to totally shut it down. I have sent them reports about this and the ignore them and never get back to you on them. The players that do this never get in trouble.When they do this it's against POGO's Regulations and terms of service. SOmething needs to be done this site is a rip-off and someone needs to stop them. POGO doesn't care about the players they just care about the money and let plyers harress other players and stalk and put stuff on your comp to make it crash. I highly suggest people stay away from here it's a joke

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  • Da
      May 01, 2009

    try contacting John S. Riccitiello…CEO and Director at pogo. if u can't get to him by phone go to his home at 45 Robles Dr, Woodside, CA [protected] or write him a letter. gl to you

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  • Li
      May 15, 2009

    it showed i won the jackpot in mahjong garden on the 12th of may but it never gave it to me. what is wrong dont it pay/ [protected]

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  • Ki
      Oct 28, 2014

    I am a club pogo member 2 accounts, I have a man that stalks me daily on pogo, he now has 5 people that stalk me nonstop when i try to play games, I have reported him daily, pogo does nothing to him, he will enter a game I'm playing call me every filthy name in the book, it will not stop until you ban him. what are you waiting for, him too come and kill me? He has posted my name address, phone number almost daily and lobbies, people have quit playing games because of him, and still you do nothing, I have requested that you remove the screen names of two profiles that spoof my name and when you read these profiles he lists my name address phone number and my sons name he is a minor, , what the hell do i have to do to get pogos attention? for him to kill me, yes he said he would, my screen name is downey962, stacybangs, , the man who stalks me is bospass, robert davidson, , , the screen names that are spoofed are trailerparkdanni, and dannidenial, i want them removed now please, , i can be reached at [protected] [protected]

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