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Please if you are thinking about even approaching a Clayton Homes dealership...DON"T. If I had seen this website months ago I would have never thought of dealing with them. Just like a previous commentator on this website, we were being pushed into purchasing a bigger/more expensive home. Their just cause was to state that the mortgage company needed a good investment. The sales person was untruthful in their statements. In the end I lost a good size deposit, due to a technicality. All I heard was double talk.See Top 10 Worst Companies in San Antonio, TXWhile the sales person swore up and down we would not be responsible for the home, since it would not be purchased until every aspect of the mortgage/land appraisal was finalized. Unbeknownst to me, the general manager ordered the home. After months of going around in circles, we decided to withdraw our consideration. We were now required to forfeit our deposit ... due to the home being ordered and completed. They must need the money more than I do. Since, they felt it necessary to weasel their way into having the upper hand.

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  •   Sep 24, 2008

    We purchased a 2001 single wide home in 2000 from Clayton in Belpre Ohio. We noticed this summer that our roof pitch was not right. The roof in the cathedral ceiling of the LR and KT was sagging. We called the home center where purchased and was told by the manager that it was our foundation. We had a contractor come and inspect our home the foundation was great but found out that at both ends of the home the roof was sagging also which is over top of two bedrooms. We was informed by the contractor that if it is not fixed by winter and we get a heavy wet snow we can expect the roof to fall in on our home.

    Contacted Claytons and the plant where it was built spoke to Vince that actually had some help in building it and was told it was condensation build up and not to worry. We have been pushed and pulled around so much that I am ready to hire a lawyer to handle this problem. Anyone with better ideas let me know...

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  •   Oct 14, 2008

    I tried to buy a home at the Clayton Homes Greer SC location this past August. I have a foreclosure from a previous marriage on my credit that can not be removed until 2014. I was told by one of the Clayton reps that all I needed to do was provide the divorce decree stating that I was not held responsible for the debt and if I had property that would be my credit. I provided the divorce decree and bought land, still no home. Rep. stated I did not need to pay off the land we would do a "land/home package".There is also a sign up at the location in Greer that states “Your Land is your Credit”. When I would not purchase the cheaper home that the rep. wanted me to buy I could not get financing then. I spoke with a rep. today that told me that the land had to paid in full before i could use it as collateral. This is false advertisement and very misleading. I will be contacting my local news, news paper & Better Business Bureau.

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  • Mi
      Nov 12, 2008


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  • Cl
      Dec 26, 2008

    Yes i have comment. Thats what roofs are for to stop condesation and water from getting in. You will soon start to see mold and mildew forming. And that is very unhealthy for you and your family. also the insulation is holding moisture as well causing mold to form.

    You have sagging because the second hand materials used as well as it not a very safe roofing system they build as well. 1x2 and 2x2.

    I would recomend calling a local building inspector to check the whole home.
    Too even see if the thing is set right. You could have cracked piers or they
    may not even be setting at the correct frost levels. also you home may be sitting on fill dirt as well.

    But do not let mildew or mold start its hard to get rid of.

    If clayton wont help then contact a lawyer im sure they will.

    You are not the only problem they have had let me tell ya.

    They talk in circle until it comes to them having to compensate you for your troubles. They say they build dreams its more like nightmares.

    good luck ...stick to your guns don't let them get the advantage.

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  • Co
      Feb 03, 2009

    Damien, count your lucky stars and run as fast as you can from those scammers named Clayton Homes. As it stands, you have the land. My advice would be to build a home. It may take a little longer but you will have nothing but problems with Clayton Homes. I wish that someone had given me this advise. I own a Clayton Home that is less than 5 yrs old. The walls are full of mold and the insurance company (owned by Clayton) has now denied my claim-TWICE. The homes are poorly built and the service is terrible. Good luck

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  • Pi
      Apr 25, 2009

    I wish I would have found this site a month ago.
    For real from the start our salesman lied. He called on a Wednsday saying we were completely approved(he checked to make sure our land was clear from leins 1st of course).
    I was like cool he is on top of everything well he told me all we needed to do was come sign the appication and choose our home to get the process started.

    We go that friday less then 48 hours from that call and he showed us 1 home this thing was so small you could have put it in my current home and road a go cart all the way arouns it without touching any walls.

    Well DUMB us asked him to show us another home or 2 and we fell in love from the moment we went in the kitchen grabbed my attention and my husband felt the same. We then started our loan process .2 weeks later we closed and they totally screwed us then.
    His promises weren't in the contract so the lawyer had to add them before we signed then they didnt give us the concrete foundation promised with the silver key package and the idiots almost got us fined because thye moved the home onto our property BEFORE we got the moving permit.

    We live in a older subdivision and we told him we needed 1 week or so to prepare the land (mainily cut 2 trees and replace water and sewer lines)
    He told us not to worry his guys would do it because if we didn't have any connection there they would have had to dug us a whole and put in a septic tank and add water line anyways.
    Well he charged us for this 1, ooo dollars and none of it was done plus we have a huge pile of dirt and grass just setting feet from our home from where they scraped the site the home sets on now.

    OH did I meantion he didnt even order us the right home cause he never asked us the color of siding or shutters.

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  • Lo
      Apr 28, 2009

    Since you bought your home in ohio, you can call the Ohio Manufactured Homes Commission. Their number is [protected] and file a complaint. All manufactured homes have to be inspected by OMHC and if you're having a problem with the roof, they are about the only ones that can help. You have an automatic one year warranty required by OMHC which covers installation, etc. They should be able to help.

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  • Tr
      Feb 24, 2010

    I bought a fleetwood from clayton homes in 2007. Since then i have called them several times about the divider because it is coming loose from ceiling. My house is sinking because they did not pour piers deep enough. My house also has not passed final inspection from county. all my electrical outlets buzz. I called electrician oug about a mth ago and e looked at them the wires were never connected. I called claytin homes and was told warranty was up.y whole house buzzesbc of the electricity and come to fjnd out it was never signed off on by the fire marahall.

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