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Clayton Homes - scam and cheating!

We decided in 2006 to purchase a new home, July 23rd, 2006 to be exact. We first went to the Clayton homes dealer in Massaponnox Va, only to be insulted by the sales woman. We ended up in Tappahannock. where we saw a model that we liked, asked to be shown the model by the salesman James Lehner. He handed us a key and we showed ourselves the model. we liked what we saw, went back over to the office and started the ball rolling with our $500.00 down. We wanted every option available in the house. We were told that once all permits etc were obtained it would take 8 to 12 weeks before the house was ready to move into. Fantastic hey?

James Lehner told us that Clayton Homes would take of everything, financing, contractors, permits etc. Come to find out three weeks down the line, we had to sell our current house before they would finance the new one. we sold our house, no problem. Then I was informed that I had to obtain the permits etc, because Clayton homes didn't purchase the land that the house was to be put on. I obtain all the necessary permits.

In March 2007 the work was to begin on our house, The land was cleared, we were charged extra for the removal of the debris. Sections of the house were delivered to our property, and left to sit in the weather elements. I had complained about the water that had accumulated in the insulation under the kitchen section of the house, to no avail. Prior to erecting the house the contractor (Gino) employed to erect the house complained about how the land was cleared, and said he was not putting a house up on it. The contractor who cleared the land, came and back filled the land. He did not have an engineer on hand to test soil to make sure it was suitable for putting the house on. we had to have engineers come back out, at our expense, to test the soil. Resulting in a 9 week delay.

Once the house was under construction it was hard to get the contractors hired by clayton homes to come to work. All in all it took 10 months to get our house erected. All the while we were paying for an apartment, storage, paying on the construction loan, gas to drive back and forth from the construction site. Then we find that things we had ordered for the house had not been installed, i.e. tray ceiling in dining room, carpet in the wrong places.

When we discussed this with the salesman, he basically said 'We didn't pay for the extras, so don't worry about it.' we had gaping big holes in walls, a leaking shower stall, a tub that can't be used.The ceiling caved in in two places from water damage. A stairwell that was out of rack.I could go on forever as to the shoddiness of this house. We have walls that have never seen a paint brush, walls that bow out, trim with huge gaps, a septic system that breaks down every 2 months, that no one wants to take responsibility for. Water damage. Siding that was put on backwards. All in all, I am miserable with this house, it can't be sold like it is. we basically paid $180,000 for a dump and Clayton Homes does as little as possible to fix things in a timely manner, if they bother to at all.

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The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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J Lirot
Rye, US
Mar 03, 2024 9:59 am EST

Really are happy with our experience with Clayton Homes and their employee Bryon Sinclaire. He was extremely helpful and pleasant to work with.

Bullhead, US
Feb 10, 2024 5:56 pm EST
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Bought my Clayton Home in 2022. Nothing but problem after problem. Now my roof is starting to leak. I’m so done. My life’s savings tied up in a house that has one problem after another.

Tammy Mcclanahan
, US
Oct 11, 2023 8:00 pm EDT
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2014 double wide. We purchased the home with the better option for shingles. Have filed 2 claims with homeowners insurance for wind damage. Both times they ask don't u have a warranty on the roof? The roof is not even 10 years old with soft spots under the shingles and half the roof needing replacement shingles. Very disappointed in my purchase.

Wanda Westfield
Laurens, US
Jul 03, 2023 5:47 pm EDT
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Water coming into home from roof and windows/ water runs down frame ,appears to have no overhang to assist water away from home.

Dave Wayne Jarvis
, US
Oct 22, 2018 1:39 am EDT

What I found when we decided to renovate our shower! Thank you CLAYTON HOMES.
We have had problems with this shower every since we bought the home (New) NOW I KNOW WHY! Even those of you out there that know nothing about plumbing can see how WRONG this is. My 5 year old grandbaby even said " That not look right PawPaw. "

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Castr, US
Jun 24, 2013 3:25 pm EDT

Our house is less than 6 yrs old and falling apart. I am highly unhappy. Did anyone get a lawyer involved in their issues? Also we had a ton of issues with Vanderbilt and had to get an attorney involved years ago as they made huge mistakes on land transfer issues as they tried to take 15ac more land towards down payment that we originally agreed. This has been a nightmare! :(

Kemp, US
Apr 20, 2011 11:41 pm EDT

My wife and I just bought a Clayton Home from Clayton Homes of Mabank. One day after hooking the septic and water up. My wife found a leak in the spare bedroom. It took Clayton 3 days to send someone out to look at it. The floor was soaked. It was all because of a loose connection to the second bathroom. That was one day, the very next day they hooked up the A/C unit and then left without checking to see if it worked. Just yesterday I found that underneath my kitchen sink a puddle of water standing. The pipes were leaking. It has made the wood underneath the sink swell. When they moved the house onto the property the movers hit a pole and tore a hole into the side of the house and they just want to replace the vinyle siding. Also, the paneling has come out of the wall and they still have not come out to replace it.

Sean Mc
Hix, US
Oct 10, 2010 11:15 am EDT
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We bought a Clayton Double Wide in 2006, the dealer was a complete [censor]. the only good thing at the dealer was the service manager . he was excellent went out of his way to make sure it was right the first time.. of course I had the advantage to be onsite when installed, and hoked up .. as well as for the septic system.. I was able to thwart several issues by being on site during setup .. the only real issues we have had where by the subs that did the driveway and the decks.. they were complete idiots If I had not been there, and knew as much or more than they did it would have really been a mess.
As far as Vanderbuilt goes .. no real issues there either other than we did get some run around due to the manager at the dealer.. we did or home work looked at every brand around . and talked to many dealers . the dealer and the service staff means alot.
The home its self is very energy efficient, and we knew that we would be upgrading cabinets within 10 yrs, and changing flooring ( carpet and vinyl )etc .. but the house its self has had zero issues.. but then again it was setup correctly and I am more than able to fix or upgrade my self since the warranty has expired now .
Clayton owns about every brand out there now days .. the name remains the same but Clayton has bought out fleetwood and most other competitors. So even though it dosent say Clayton it still may be built by them.

Manufactured housing is cheap compared to a stick built new house .. but if you do the research and get lots of references of past customers to speak with abut their experience .. good dealers will have no issue with giving you people past and present to talk with.. no matter if its a stick built or manufactured home.. I personally would have no prob with buying another Clayton home.

If you have any questions about my experiences feel free to contact me Sean at I'm in Chattanooga, TN

Louisiana Developer
New Orleans, US
Jul 07, 2010 1:40 pm EDT

I am a Local Louisiana Developer, I can agree with the answere your question with a question statement. I have been leaving messages for Neil G regarding an upcoming housing development in Louisiana, and have yet to get a response to our first convo and litereature we sent over. Then today 7/7/2010 I call his office and his associat was rude, and told us that we need to hear from Neil. This development has the potential to grow to upwards of 2000 homes over the next 12 months.

I guess if this is how Clayton Homes handles its clients...small and large everyone should take another look... Try Louisiana System Built far so good

Houston, US
Jun 16, 2010 3:20 pm EDT
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If you knew all this stuff, or if you felt like that, why did you even start the process of buying the home? If all of you feel this way, then don't you think you should do something about it and quit complaining. I AM NOT DOWNING ANYBODY, BUT IT SOUNDS LIKE YALL ARE NOT HAPPY WITH THE PRESENT SITUATION. cOMING FROM AND ARCHITECT THE CUSTOMERS PRIORITY COMES FIRST.

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