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10:37 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Clayton Homes Salesman Rude & Unprofessional

Today on 4/29/2023, my fiancé and I had an appointment with Ali at the Clayton Homes location in Brookshire, TX.

After showing us 1 home, Ali asked us to wait a few minutes while he got the keys to show us another home.

We left after waiting 30 minutes and seeing Ali showing another couple homes.

In our opinion, this was very rude and unprofessional

Desired outcome: We feel Ali should be fired

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11:12 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Clayton Homes Shingles are damaged and completely coming off from any strong wind, and the shingles are ruined, cracked beond repair

Professional roofing company has said the shingles are not put on the right way, In way of no moisture paper on wood of roof and The shingles are staples to hold down the shingles, And that is not correct, we have connected insurance company and they say it is a manufactured issue and that would be Clayton home's, So I need a specialist out here ASAP please? My a frame of my house is being ruined from bad shingles!

Desired outcome: Help pay for complete shingles!!

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4:15 pm EDT

Clayton Homes Roofing and doors

I bought a home from Clayton homes in 2017 started having problems with front and back door. Then leaking from the back door called clayton homes they said I had a extended warranty and gave me the number to call they came our denied my claim. This year I have leaking in my bedroom wall because the shingles wasn't put on right, they also denied that claim, now I have mold in my bedroom wall and a hole in my floor at my neck door. Just recently found out the extended warranty is through the same company my home owners insurance is through so they filed the claim under my home owners insurance I stead of my extended warranty

Desired outcome: My front and back door fixed and mold removal

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5:38 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Clayton Homes Structure failure and warranty fraud

Bought my new home 5 May 2022 with an extended 5-year home warranty. This is what I have personally learned about the Clayton shuffle over the last 7 months of requesting repair to my energy efficient smart home. First your warranty is through an insurance company that they recommend for your home insurance. So, when your request warranty work for issues they do not place it as a warranty request but as a homeowners insurance claim. When you try to call a warranty adjuster to get your home inspected for warranty work, you get your homeowners insurance company because it is the same number. The only repair I have received in all my emails, phone calls and letters, was a faulty light switch, which was done by the sales office who stated they are responsible for repairs but have no budget for it or knowledge to complete any task, so they call contractors. 7 months and today I may get a door handle that will fit, and I can get in and out of my home.

Next, I learned when you file a better business complaint it is immediately closed when Clayton Home submits a response. Even if their response is we could not get ahold of you, which is BS because I have talked with the company 39 times in 7 months. (Something shady with the BBB and Clayton Homes here). Yes, they both are in Tennesse!

Energy efficient smart home is what these homes are sold as, but when every window in your home is bowed out and there is a 1/8-inch gap on both sides between the window and frame allowing air to blow in, NOT ENERGY EFFICIENT! (Energy bills continue to skyrocket and the dirt is insane)

Nails under the vinyl flooring are starting to come up causing dimples throughout the floor. Also, to note the center runner between the two sections has popped up 3 inches several time and is no longer stapled to the floor. Lastly the trim in the whole house has begun to separate from the walls.

Desired outcome: Repairs

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Christine ky
East Bernstadt, US
Mar 03, 2023 11:19 pm EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

I bought a new mobile home from Clayton's in London KY in April of 2012. Upon purchase they told me that the roof and shingles had a 40 year warranty on it. The wind blew some of my shingles loose. I called Clayton's. They referred me to their builders who told me in fact they only replace the first year. They referred me to the shingle company who said yes it's a 40 year warranty but they only replace shingles from wind damage the first 5 years. My roof is leaking inside my living room now. Because Clayton's won't honor their warranty and is give me the run around.

12:06 pm EST

Clayton Homes New home warranty issues ignored for 3 years

Hello Everyone!

Well here we are again, so far with hot water leaks located under the tub and shower in master bath, that continues to leak, building molds of all different colors, rotten sub floors and structural issues. And the leaks located so far are still leaking, as are the other unlocated leaks repeatedly reported by the homeowner!

It's been 3 years and Jeffrey Morrison does not know what to do? Does he not know how to do his job? Why does he lie? How can you approve or disapprove required repairs without seeing the job site? When will he approve the $60,000.00 plus work to be done? What is he waiting for? Does he understand the repair amount is growing each day as he drags his feet? Does he understand the dollar amount to do the repairs is nearly half of what we paid for this house? What's to happen when the doctor tells the homeowners to vacate the home due to mold illnesses? Where will we go? Does anyone care about their customers? Does anyone care our utility costs continue to increase? Does anyone care we paid for a whole house, not half a house? Does anyone care about their reputation?

I invite anyone from the list above to stand up for the homeowner, who has been lied to, who has been ripped off, who continues to pay a mortgage, property taxes, insurance and utility bills on half a house.

Desired outcome: We are seeking a refund or all repairs to be completed by the homeowner's choice of contractor ASAP

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12:59 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Clayton Homes New home purchase problems

Bought a new Clayton home in Carlsbad, NM on 05/04/2022 with an extended 5-year home protection plan. During my time living here, I have made several requests through the Carlsbad Clayton Home office for repairs that need to be done to the home. I am a disabled veteran and I have very limited funds and this home was to be my retirement home, but the issues with the house have continued to mount and I cannot afford to hire outside contractors to fix them, especially in this town and their prices.

Home issues:
First - when I moved in, the home made a loud noise in the center of the house. After this noise, my for door is no longer square and I have once been locked out of my house and once locked in my home. The front lock stopped working and the door handle broke and would not release so I could open the door. The door has light coming through at the top, and the glass door does also show it is not square.

Second - the windows no longer close correctly. When you shut them, one side latches easy, where the other side you have to push hard down on to get it to latch.

Third - I have roof insulation continues showing up in my vents in several rooms. After removing it, I end up with more in the vent a few days later.

Fourth - On the outside of the home, the lower edging is beginning to pull away from the house.

Fifth - The light switch in the center of the home has shorted out and is no longer working correctly with the fan switch. The first switch will turn on the fan, but the second switch will not turn on the lights unless the fan switch is on. Both also work intermittently.

Sixth - The center runner, covering the two sections, continues to pop up. Nails are coming up under the flooring or the house.

Last - my A/C was checked and repaired due to malfunctions and the furnace door was supposed to be replaced due to bad air flow and was not. Also, my electric bill has been almost doubling the cost in the last four months. I do not use anything except for the TV and my computer. My average bill has been 239 a month and my daughter's home built in the 60s which is larger has been 100 dollars lower. For a smart home, not, sure what has caused this, but my bill was much lower the first 3 months than now.

Sorry for the extensive list, but this is my retirement home and I need things fixed, please. I have continued to be ignored and messages not answered or returned. Thank you!

Richard Bernin - 4211 Balsa Street, Carlsbad, NM 88220


Put in a ticket with Clayton on 1/5/2023. We have opened case #2112246 on your behalf and are inquiring on this concern on your behalf. We ask that you allow 24-48 business hours for your case to be reviewed, and someone from the home center will be in touch with you as soon as a response is available. We appreciate your patience regarding this matter! Still no response.

Desired outcome: A response and repairs done.

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Update by rbernin
Feb 28, 2023 5:40 pm EST

Dismissed and never resolved.

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5:49 pm EST

Clayton Homes The priority set on the delivery of my home

This is the second time I have tried this venue, first time yielded no response, after this time I am going to begin a relentless attack on any blog or site affiliated to Clayton homes. I am disgusted with the way Oakwood Homes of Wilmington, NC has set priorities on the sale and placement of my home. It seems the holidays and their vacation times have put the process on hold till they get back around to it. If there was going to be such a lack of enthusiasm then why even be open the month of December and January. I am running out of time and a extension of my lease at my apartment is going to cost me $100.00 a day prorated, the house has been set since December 12th 2022, Pender County told me in person the first permits were not even applied for till January 9th 2023, thats 3 weeks after the house was delivered onto the lot, now its January 24th and we are still doing inspections?

Desired outcome: I would like to be contacted by a regional manager [protected]

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6:18 am EST

Clayton Homes My 2015 mobile home leaking on the back walls

On the back wall has ceiling has brown stains along the edge of the wall in result of leaking water from the roof it appears that it rains and water leaks comes off the edge are the shingles and it's pushes back under the shingles and behind the first 2x4 and drains down onto the ceiling down the walls in one room to the floor of the master bedroom. I've got black mold over one window from heavy water leak also I have a leak it comes out of the center of the oven hood and leaks onto the oven. I've had a leak prior to this file on my insurance and that late has been repaired I haven't had any more problems out yet but now i'm having this problem and I just have noticed it this year

Desired outcome: I would like it all to be completely fixed properly to specs from other mobile homes that does not have this problem I feel that front wall and the roof will also eventually have this problem cause it's a poor design..

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11:42 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Clayton Homes Anniversary, 76

I bought this home be told it was a new home but this home when it was delivered to me it was not what I expected the walls are bent in the wall outlet is broken our door doesn’t close Al the way our floor you can tell it’s got holes in it and it just been cover up the walls has things hung over it wan the sink doesn’t want to hold up I have tried getting someone out here to look a this house but I have not seen or heard from anybody I paid cash for this home and I don’t think this place is worth anything I want someone to come out and see what I paid for

Desired outcome: New home or fix this one

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Update by Phillip jarvis
Jan 19, 2023 11:47 pm EST

I bought a 2022 home it’s junk and I’m not going to pay out my money for a home that’s not worth it I was lied to about it

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8:34 pm EST

Clayton Homes Oakwood Homes of Wilmington NC handling of transaction and set up

I know this is nothing but a venting site, I feel sure I will never be contacted till I refer this incident to my attorney and begin the process of sorting out why it has taken so long to get moved into my home. The loan was closed on December the 28th and I am still not able to move into the house, its now January 17th. I will be running the risk of paying additional rent at my apartment even after buying out my lease which cost over 3000.00 to do. I was told repeatedly not to worry about the first payment date being set until I get moved into a fully inspected house, well that wasn't true, First payment date was set and is closing in rapidly, yet maybe having to pay both additional rent and a mortgage payment at the same time. With what I am reading here on this forum this may have turned into the worst mistake I have ever made. I feel certain the loan was closed only to secure the check for Oakwood, with little regard toward when I could occupy the home.

Desired outcome: I want to be contacted by a regional manager before the end of the day 01/17/23

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3:06 pm EST

Clayton Homes The new home we purchased

We moved into our new construction home back in 2020 (The Breeze ll), a four bedroom 2 bath modular home. From the day we moved in we noticed a smell coming from the kitchen area, we were told by Teresa at the Lancaster Clayton Homes SC location we built with that it was a normal smell with a new well. As soon as we moved in, we almost immediately started having a mice problem (we set numerous traps throughout the home that we continue to deal with to this day), to the point we had to get an exterminator to come out and assist with the problem. When he went under the house to set traps, he let us know we have raw sewage under the house, a pool of it at that. The insulation was soaking wet and parts of it were falling out onto the groud. In addition our AC duct was also on the ground and not hooked up. We notified Clayton homes, as well as got a 3rd party inspector to come out and do an inspection on the house to see what else was incorrectly installed or not up to code (the inspection was sent to Clayton homes). It was shocking when we got our inspection report back, we were mortified. We have electrical code violations everywhere throughout the home, as well as the home not being set up properly. Also had my insurance company send a representee out to further document these issues. Months of going back and forth with Andrea trying to have these issues resolved, numerous times having workers show up without consent, to getting a call from our lawn care company notifying us that Clayton workers were tearing out the underbelly of our house and placing a drain pipe that was never installed in the first place. Putting a bandaid over all the destruction they caused due to the improper set up of the home. They refused To do anything further from us since they had now "fixed" the main issue of this home, completely disregarding everything else in the inspection we had done, as well as all the damages we were left with from stoves, to holes in the floor, etc from the mice. I got an email from the insurance company stating they will not fix any damages to the home due to the unprofessional build done by Clayton. We told Clayton at this point, we just wanted the house to be replaced. The resolution they came up with was a check for 300$ and a window replacement (which we did not take). The house has dead mice and mice feces throughout, holes in the floors also from the mice, in the air ducts, as well as in the walls under every cabinet throughout the home. We have 3 children that are all under the age of 3. Living with mice is a huge health hazard. Clayton homes of Lancaster also would not get us in touch with anyone higher up that was a decision maker or someone who could elevate our concerns. We can't sell the house it will miserably fail any inspection done by any 3rd party. Not to mention, morally, we would never put another family in this situation. We also would have to disclose all this information to anyone who was interested in this home. We are stuck with a mortgage on a house that is not safe for our family. We have tried numerous times to get a fair outcome for our family and Clayton with no success. At this point, we want the house to be paid off so we can move on. This site would not let me upload the full inspection report from the 3rd party as well as the insurance claim that was denied. I can send these to anyone who needs to see them in their entirety. Also to add, we went umder our house this afternoon, and they replaced absolutely nothing, they only placed a pipe that was missing since the property was built We will attach pictures below.

Desired outcome: House Pay-Off

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5:40 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Clayton Homes New modular home bought that still is defective

October 2021, we bought a brand new home from sue white in fort smith, arkansas we finally got to move in back in june 2022, we paid cash for this house & it's been 7 months since it was delivered and we just can't seem to get it completed thru sue white.. We have locks that are messed up, a window that won't open up all the way most of all we upgraded our refrigerator paid an additional $800 to get a side by side well it came without an ice maker that was due to a recall. I just can't seem to get sue white to help us out my question is why cant you provide us with a functional refrigerator? I have called frigidaire several times & they can't even seem to send us the correct parts so will it take me to contact legal help due to you putting in a defective product due to a recall! We have o use old fashion ice cube trays to get ice cubes.. The second bathroom came defective & they glued it so we are thinking you are getting top dollar selling a new home like it was a used one?

Not happy at all

Desired outcome: Jim and Nancy VanSeghbroeck

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3:50 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Clayton Homes Complaint

House delivered Aug 30, 2022, moved in Oct 18, 2022. We had numerous issues with contractors coming out here and working inside for just a few hours and would leave. Every time they left it didn't seem like they fixed anything. We would bring it to our salespersons attention and there was always an excuse. This BRAND NEW HOME had holes everywhere, sheet rock exposed, walls buckled, electrical not working, chips in shower, trim with paint all over it, filthy dirty, etc. We ended up telling him that we were just going to get occupancy and finish the work that they did not do so we could move in as we were living in a rv and winter was coming. We have forked so much of our own money out into fixing and repainting this whole entire Inside of the house. Our salesperson sent us a $500 check which did not even cover half of what we put into this home so far. The marriage line in between has already cracked all the way across the home, he told us that that is part of settling and is not covered in warranty. refrigerator has already stopped working the ice maker and water does not work, and the walls have beams bulging out. Other than the fact that the trim in the whole house is still cracked all over (we didnt paint that because we are going to eventually replace because it looks horrible), we still cannot believe we paid cash for this piece of crap home. Not happy what so ever and I tell anyone who will listen! Still have not decided what route we want to take with this issue, but have talked with quite a few people. I wouldn't recommend this company to my worst enemy. We didn't even properly get keys to our own home. We had to email the seller to get number to lock box. Then had to email him to get the lock box off months after we moved in. This whole thing has been a JOKE and they ignore you, they avoid your phone calls, they don't return emails for days on in. And when they do, it's ALWAYS an excuse of some kind. I have videos, pictures, texts and emails documenting everything that has happened for evidence. BEWARE OF CLAYTON!

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10:20 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Clayton Homes Bad workmanship

Braces in the attic have twisted and broke. Center marriage line of home has buckled the floors. Some doors will not open and close correctly. The trim is coming off the walls. Recessed lights are falling out of the ceiling. No venting for bathroom drain. I called the salesperson and was told they could do nothing. I have called the installer, he just puts me off. This has been ongoing for 3 1/2 years. The sales location and installer also installed on property with out the proper septic system and permits.

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1:16 pm EST

Clayton Homes 2021 Clayton mobile home

Closed on the trailer in may of 22. It was set up completely in June of 22 but freedom homes wouldn’t let us have the keys until almost august. We’ve had countless issues, from electrical to water leaks to drafts. I’m concerned the electrical issues will cause a fire but nobody from freedom homes or Clayton mobile homes will even bother to come look at or attempt to repair. Every single light switch and electrical outlet are crooked, every sink and toilet leak. Main breaker trips atleast 4 times a week.

Desired outcome: Full refund

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3:48 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Clayton Homes Home installation

We placed an order for a Freedom Special, order number 225756, from Clayton Homes, Sweetwater, TN on January 27, 2022. The buiulding was completed and delivered to the Sweetwater lot April 2022. Our lot in Blairsville, GA was ready (water, septic, electric, pad) mid-June 2022. The building was delivered to our lot in Blairsville September 2022. It is now December 27, 2022 and we are not in our home.

Desired outcome: I would like the building removed from my lot and a full refund.

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8:10 am EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Clayton Homes Manufactured Home

My Clayton Home, purchased in 2018 is a piece of crap. Even though they have tremendous purchasing power they still install toilets, showers, sinks and faucets by manufacturers nobody has heard of. Exterior doors were installed misaligned and allow ice to form inside in the winter. The "energy efficient" windows are so drafty that I could fly a small kite in any room. The furnace is so noisy, you can not hear someone talking in the same room. The home is made of shoddy materials that shoddily installed.

Desired outcome: I would like an apology and extended warranty coverage for free.

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9:30 pm EST

Clayton Homes Service

We have not moved into our mobile home yet. It was manufactured at Lewistown PA . Was delivered on November 11, 2022. Still not able to move in. It was one excuse after lies told to us. Did contact utilities myself to set up. Now heater not working. So won't pass inspection. Been living in RV since September 2022. Christmas is coming and not to mention very cold weather. We are not very happy campers.

Desired outcome: Phone call484 941 2111Robert and Diane Shultz

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12:08 pm EST

Clayton Homes Structural damages

We purchased the manufactured home in 2022, the home was delivered April 11, 2022. The home has had structural issues since it has been delivered. Clayton Homes has done nothing to fix or rectify the issues. Clayton Homes Gonzales has refused to return our phone calls or emails. The home is detaching where the wall and the ceiling connect, the cabinets are falling off the wall, these are just small issues with the home. I have attached just a few of the photos that I have that shows the walls buckling, the ship lack shifting,

Desired outcome: address and properly fix or replace the issues

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12:31 pm EST

Clayton Homes Lack of proper insulation in attic area

My brand new home had to have the roof replaced, many nail heads were exposed and many more were coming thru the shingles. I was paid the cost of materials to do this work myself, that allowed me to put on a metal roof and be sure it was done correctly, while saving Clayton homes lots of money. Luckily we were in a drought or I may have had wet drywall problems as well. While replacing the roof, I discovered that my attic insulation is VERY low, my guess less than half what it should be, some areas it was 2" or less. Also there were piles of trash thrown into my attic space when it was built, maybe had this been insulation instead of trash. Because I put on a metal roof, that Brad Letner with Clayton originally approved of, he says I have tied their hands as far as trying to add insulation! They did finally send a contractor who tore up soffit and facia without any real help with the insulation. Clayton Homes now wants to pay me a small fee for me to insulate it myself and cancel the remaining 7 months of my 12 month warranty! Blue Ridge Homes, where I bout it from, has promised to fix the facia/trim but can't or won't help with the insulation. In addition to the few photos I have from the roof looking in the few areas I could, I have many videos of the attic space showing the lack of insulation by taking out lighting fixtures below and sticking my phone into the attic using selfie stick.

Desired outcome: Either pay me to do the work without cancelling the rest of my warranty or send someone who can do the work at Clayton Homes' expense !!

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Clayton Homes In-depth Review

In summary, Clayton Homes presents a comprehensive option for individuals seeking manufactured or modular homes. With a history of providing homes since 1956, they have established a significant presence in the industry. Their range of products, quality of construction, and customer service are notable, though pricing and value may vary depending on individual circumstances. Customer reviews are mixed, reflecting a diversity of experiences. Energy efficiency and community involvement are additional strengths of the company. The digital experience provided by their website is user-friendly, offering various online tools and resources. When compared to competitors, Clayton Homes holds a strong market position with specific advantages, but as with any large company, there are areas for improvement.

Company Overview

  1. History and Background
  2. Industry Standing and Reputation

Product Range

  1. Types of Homes Offered
  2. Customization Options

Quality and Craftsmanship

  1. Materials Used
  2. Construction Process
  3. Durability and Design

Pricing and Value

  1. Home Costs Comparison
  2. Financing Options
  3. Value for Money

Customer Service

  1. Pre-Purchase Support
  2. Sales Experience
  3. Post-Purchase Assistance

Delivery and Installation

  1. Timeliness of Home Delivery
  2. Installation Process
  3. On-Site Work Quality

Warranty and After-Sales Support

  1. Warranty Coverage Details
  2. Service Responsiveness
  3. Claims and Repairs

Customer Reviews and Testimonials

  1. Positive Feedback
  2. Criticisms and Complaints
  3. Overall Satisfaction Rating

Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

  1. Eco-Friendly Materials and Practices
  2. Energy-Saving Features
  3. Green Certifications

Community Involvement

  1. Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives
  2. Partnerships and Local Engagement

Website and Digital Experience

  1. Ease of Navigation
  2. Online Resources and Tools
  3. Virtual Home Tours

Comparison with Competitors

  1. Market Position
  2. Competitive Advantages and Disadvantages

Final Verdict

  1. Summary of Pros and Cons
  2. Recommendations for Potential Buyers
  3. Overall Rating
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